Revelation of the Nigerian Church and Nation

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                    BY SOLOMON OLA OLONADE


Calvary greeting to the Church of God in Nigeria in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a great privilege for me to share this message that the Lord gave me to the Body of Christ in our nation Nigeria.

Please, the message I am about to share now should be read with the mind of the Holy Spirit and heard with the ear of the Holy Spirit, not to be seen as political point of view. I know the state of the nation at this moment has put many of us in the Christendom into such a confusion that we are not even paying attention to the things of the Spirit. This hinders us from understanding the move of God and knowing why we are experiencing what we are experiencing in this nation at this point in time. I am not a politician. I don’t know anything about politics. I am a missionary, serving the Lord in my mission field, and it pleases the Lord to bring me into His presence to see the situation of our nation Nigeria and how HE has put His ambassador here to give life to Nigeria if they are ready to work with HIM.



It happened on the 06/09/2014, a Saturday morning around 5am after I had finished my personal all night prayer. I decided to rest on my bed before I moved to family morning devotion. Immediately, as I lay on the bed, I entered into a revelation. In the revelation, I saw myself standing beside an express road. I stood on the right side of the express for a very long time and there was no vehicle going or coming, not even one person was seen in that area: It was a very lonely road. After I had been standing for a long time, I noticed a car was coming slowly from my left side. I was watching the car and I asked myself: “who is this fellow driving on a lonely road like this?” When the car finally got to the spot I was standing, it stopped and the man seating beside the driver wound down the glass, looked at me and I looked at him closely to know who he was. I saw that it was President Goodluck Jonathan, our president in Nigeria. He said to me, “Come inside, we are going to somewhere.” I asked him: “Where are we going­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­? He said: “we have somewhere we must go right now. So, come inside with me.” Then I entered into the back seat. Immediately I entered the car, another person entered through the other door and sat beside me. We were now four inside the motor vehicle. We (including the driver) started moving and the man beside me started praying in tongues. He was so busy speaking in tongues that he did not even look at me as I was trying to talk to him to find out who is he was. But, there was no response from him. So I was thinking in my heart: “Why the president would be travelling alone?” And President GOODLUCK JONATHAN answered me. He said at this time he must move alone. I asked: “Did you hear what I am thinking in my heart?” He replied: “I hear everything you are saying in your heart.”

I was trying to look at the driver’s face to see whether I could recognize him, but I could not look at his face; the more I try, the more difficult it was for me to see his face. After we had driven for a long time, we still did not meet any car on the road and no car met us: we were all alone on the wide express road. When we had driven for hours, we finally got to a close on the express. At this close, we met two buildings that were beside each other. At the center of the road there was only a narrow way between the buildings which it could only contain a person to walk through at a time. We then parked at the middle of the road.

The man beside me was still busy speaking in tongues and he never said anything; he did not talk to anybody, but kept praying in tongues. Then President Goodluck Jonathan said we should all come down from the car. After we all came down, he said we had to carry the car because we were on the narrow road we had to pass: we could not take another road. So, we all carried the car in the four corners. The President and the driver carried it at the front, I and the man praying in tongues carried it at the back. To my great amazement, the car was so light in our hands and president said we should bend the car. We carried it through the two buildings (bending it) and crossed to the other side of the buildings. We saw that the express still continued onwards and we all put the car down, entered and started moving again.

We were just driving alone on the road even after we had driven for long hours. We got to a place where we found a one story building, parked in front of that building and our president came down from the car. The man that was praying in tongue and me came down from the car also. Then, President Goodluck Jonathan said to me: “don’t go anywhere we have work to do.” Then, he entered the building through the stair case to the last floor. This man was still busy praying in tongues and he never talked to any of us.

After about thirty minutes, our President came out of the building. He had now changed his dress to sport shorts and a shirt. He came out with a plastic chair and a cutlass in his hand and he said to me: “Follow me”. So, I and the man praying in tongues followed him. We crossed to the other side of the express road with our legs and started going on foot again. After we had walked for a long time, we met a very big river on our left side. This river was so big that we could not see the end. Then, we stopped beside the river. Our President Goodluck Jonathan then used the cutlass in his hand to cut the bush beside the river and threw the plastic chair in the water. To my great surprise the chair just stood on the water in one place. The President said to me: “Make sure you do not go anywhere, we have work to do.”

Our President jumped on the chair and the chair carried him into middle of the river and he dived into the water. As I was walking around the river to see what would become of my President in the water, the man that was praying beside me did not even give attention to me: he was still speaking in tongues. After a long time, our President Goodluck Jonathan came out of the river with two dead children: one boy and one girl of about five years old in his hand. He walked to me as he said: “It is my duty to rescue these children from the river where they have been drowned, but it is your duty to give them life again. I have done my own part it’s time for you to do your own part by bringing them back to life again.”

As he stretched the children to me, I was afraid of receiving them from his hand and I turned to the man praying in tongues to receive them from his hand. The man spoke to me for the first time and said: “Receive them from his hand. It is your responsibility to bring them back to life.” So, I collected the two children from his hand, laid my hand on the girl and mud started coming out of the nose and mouth of the girl and she came back to life again. I did the same thing to the boy. He also came back to life again. The two of them stood up in front of me and then crowd of people came to us. They were so many that they could not be numbered and everybody was saying: “Thank God these children came back to life, they have been sunk into that river for years so they can come to life again.”

Then I wondered what was happening and I turned to my President Goodluck  Jonathan to ask him what was happening. I could not find him again even though I tried to look for him, but I just could not find him. I then turned to the man that had been praying in tongues to ask him where our president was, but I could not find him either. I looked for him, could not find him, and fear came upon me as I stood in the midst of the crowd with the two children. With that, I came out of the revelation and realized I was in a trance.

I was perplexed and wondered: “What sort of revelation is this?” I prayed: “LORD what are you saying? Why is this revelation? LORD make your mind known to me.”

I dressed up to go to the meeting I had that Saturday morning in the LORD’s house.


By the time I got to the meeting that day, it was around 12pm and the meeting had gone very far. In fact, prayer was already going on. As I was about to sit down, the LORD spoke to me HE said: “Now you will know the meaning of the revelation you had this morning.”      

The LORD said to me: “The President Goodluck Jonathan you saw in the revelation is the same President Goodluck Jonathan you have as your President in Nigeria. The ‘you’ that you saw in the revelation represents the CHURCH of GOD in Nigeria. The two children you saw in the revelation is the Nation of Nigeria.”

When the Lord told me this, fear came upon me and I could not hold it. So, I walked to my Pastor. I told him I had a message from the Lord to the Church of God in Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan and the Nation of Nigeria. He told me that I would come to the pulpit when it was time for me to do so. When it was time, he called me and I delivered all the message I had received to the Church. Beginning from the revelation to the meaning. Immediately I finished, one of our Pastors who happened to be a Missionary, Pastor Abiola, stood up and asked whether he could say something. We agreed that he should speak on. He said three years ago when Goodluck Jonathan was campaigning, he was in a prayer meeting with some brethren. One of them shared a similar revelation but not in detail. He said that the brother saw Goodluck walking beside a river and that two children had sunk, that was all.

The following week, I went to one of my leaders: Pastor Ojo, of Kingdom Glory Prayer Ministry. I shared this revelation with him. He said that the man that was praying in tongues should be the intercessor of the Church that have been praying for the nation.

The following Sunday evening, I came home very late around 10pm. When I got home, my little sister of thirteen years of age: Ireoluwa Ajibulu, after serving my food, sat in my front which was quite unusual of her. I asked: “what is the matter? What do you want?”

She asked: “Uncle Solomon how old were you when God first spoke to you? Can God speak to a child? And who are the people God told you are the crowd that came round to see those children in the revelation you saw? Can God speak to anybody at any age? The Bible says, “From the mouth of the baby the Lord ordains strength” What is God telling you?  

She said when she was in the church and the service was going on, she heard a voice inside of her that asked: “Did Solomon talk about the people that came around in the revelation?” She answered: “No”. Then, the voice said that the people were the nations of the world that would be surprised about what God was about to do in Nigeria.

I said: “I am sure it is God that is speaking to you.”



Church, Church, Church, I think it is time for us to seek God’s face concerning our nation more than ever before, especially for the present President. I can see clearly that God has a reason for bringing this man to the office of president of this nation at this time. Let’s ask ourselves critical questions: “Why is it that it is this man that is the president of Nigeria at the important year in Nigerian history? Why is it that the nation of Nigeria is in a serious challenge at the time he is the President? Why is it that everyone is against him? Why are the crises so many in the nation now than ever before?

Church of God, the battle in the nation is not against the president but it is a clash of kingdoms over Nigeria. God has interests in Nigeria that will bless the whole world. May I announce to you Church: Nigeria is at the point of deliverance from the bondage of a hundred years’ slavery, and the devil knows it. That is why the nation is in the pain of a child birth. This baby called Nigeria must be delivered and not just to be delivered, but alive, safe and sound. If anybody says he will put an end to Boko Haram, it is just a political lie. Unless he compromises with their demand, it is only the God of our Lord Jesus Christ that can put an end to them through the prayer of the Church.

Solomon Ola Olonade.


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0 #26 Pastor Famous 2015-03-06 22:01
Brethren, if there is one thing we must do as Christians is to effectively pray for President Goodluck Jonathan. I strongly believe this REVELATION came from God. God is trying to make His intention known to us in Nigeria. On many occasions, God has showed me similar revelations concerning the president. I saw sometimes ago that the president is surrounded with security personnel with military fighter jets on several occasions. For many years now, I have been committed to praying for the president at different time. To achieve this mission; we've set up an intercessory prayer body cut across all christian denomination called: INTERNATIONAL PRAYER PARTNERS FORUM. Brethren, we do not have much time, we must get on our kneels if we must pray-through. Oct 1st 2014, we spent 9 hours interceding for our nation, the Church and our president. I'm as well using this medium to call on anyone who feel concern about the situation in our nation to join us on the 20th of March 2015 to pray for Nigeria as the general election is fast approaching. For more information and enquiries,pleas e send an email to God bless Nigeria!!!
0 #25 Jay jay 2015-03-03 09:58
We bless God for this revelation and I pray that God continues to speak to us through His willing and obedient servants like our brother.
I want to say that it is the sole responsibility of every Christian to pray for their country. How many people are praying for Nigeria ? How many have had vigils aimed at intercession for Nigeria ?
We only concentrate on our personal prayers. Protests will not solve the problem.
The tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.
0 #24 esiyede godwin 2015-02-24 16:35
Brethren,the time is ripe for us to stand up and pray for this nation Nigeria.Let the church of God stand against the plans of the kingdom of darkness and to resist the desires of wicked men of this generation.Sure ly ,God will answer us.
+1 #23 BRIDGET 2015-02-19 14:55
0 #22 Anne 2015-02-17 13:15
Thank God for the armies he h set up for himself. I feel so refreshed in the spirit and faith -full with all I see and read on this page. God bless all our faithful brethren who has continuously tarried in the place of prayer for Nigeria. The Lord is his name and he will do great things in our land. No man has ever thwarted his plan so I believe HIS plan and purpose will be fulfilled in Nigeria. Amen
0 #21 Stanley 2015-02-13 05:13
Beloved, I am convinced beyond human reasonable doubt that this revelation is from the Lord. I want to encourage all my brothers and sisters in the Lord to continue to intensify our prayers for Nigeria – Our Beloved Country. Remember that our weapons of warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds…. It is my prayer that the plan, purpose and programme of God for Nigeria shall come to fulfillment in Jesus’ name. Amen.
+1 #20 Wale Adewumi 2015-02-09 19:11
May the Lord grant us deliverance
+1 #19 bro justice 2015-02-01 01:09
Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ is not a enough to make good comments but let us starting praying and fasting from now till the end of election ,if what is nothing change until the church of prays read Act capter 12 it was when the church prayed earnestly that God sent an Angel to rescue Peter from prison,let us rise in unity and pray that Jonathan will winner this coming election
0 #18 adelekun tosin 2015-01-31 13:29
I may not have received a similar message, but the Holy Spirit beareth witness consistently with my spirit that the man that would pilot this nation for the next four years is GEJ. Indeed God is not a man that should lie neither the son of man that He should repent. Let's build an indivisible force in the place of prayer for the total deliverance of Nigeria.
0 #17 Ireti 2015-01-28 15:28
May God strenghten and awake d faith and spirit of church and d people of God.
+2 #16 olaiya tunde 2015-01-25 11:46
let us spread the message like wild fire.The time is so short and many of our people have already been deceived by the pseudo-change mantra.God is reigning in the affairs of nigerian state.Unfortuna tly ,however too many christians are working against His devine moves.We should realise that when his divine will eventually prevailed all of us that travailed in birth pang of prayers will be richly rewarded both here and in eternity.
0 #15 nneka 2015-01-22 17:13
Brethren the word I received is that God is about to do a new and great thing upon this land but he has to have work men to do it with.i received zechariah 12 and I know that the lord is about to do a cleansing has infact begun a cleansing of the his church. I received a revelation also concerning the church of God which I hope to share ssshare as soon as I am sble to type it up. I think the lord wants us to understand what his church stands for and he intends to do a great thing with the remnant after the purging. Let us all habg in there and ask for the grace to remain in his presence and his it is great privilege and honour to be called upon by the lord to be co-labourers.le t us not take ourselves for granted.retain your consecration at all times there in b lies our covering.
0 #14 Aunty V 2015-01-22 12:00
I strongly believe this (what GOD wants to do with Nigerians) because I have heard so many prophecies even from other countries on this very issue. There just have to be a wake up call to all Christians because some of the so called Christians do not know what it really means to be a christian. I just trust my GOD that HE is raising a Army of Generals in this generation and it is my heart desire that many (including me) will become part of that Army.
0 #13 amara ogbuefi 2015-01-21 08:34
My people d devil is trying to blind dis nation with an ideology called Change.Tunisia has no recovered from dis change cos it brought about d Arab Spring n now Isis.Let's do d ministry of intercession. Let's sow our lives in prayer for dis great nation n Let's align Nigeria under divine governance
0 #12 King 2015-01-19 12:16
Where there is a Jonathan, there's a David.
-2 #11 Joseph Mafimsebi 2015-01-15 16:32
If only our leaders can put away their differences and false teachings of prosperity and breakthrough prayer points, so that they can indeed build true disciples for Christ in this mission for our President Jonathan Goodluck. God bless us
0 #10 AMAKA Nnebeanagor 2015-01-15 14:28
what a Mighty God we serve. Please my fellow Christians, let's forget what is happening in Nigeria today for it is the plan of the devil to snatch this wonderful gift that God gave to us in the person of Good Luck Jonathan. let us see with spiritual eye that he is to be used by God to rescue Nigerian from what happened in Turkey. Let us support him with our prayers for with God all things are possible.
+1 #9 Delight 2015-01-12 11:37
The Lord's hand is upon our President GoodLuck Jonathan
His Name GoodLuck is not a co-incidence. We as Nigerian Christians Have to awarken one another on this fact starring
Us in the face, yet we don't see it. Lets all pray for Nigeria that it be not islamise. Our President needs more prayers now than ever. May The Grace Of The Lord be with Us.Amen!
+1 #8 niran niran-oni 2015-01-12 06:12
let him who has ears hear what the spirit says to churches of nigeria
0 #7 Joshua Oluwafemi 2015-01-11 18:09
Righteous exact a nation. I believe if all the christians' hnds are on deck to come to repentance with holiness then shall our lord intervene into our petition about this nation. We are the Nehemiahs of our time & needs to display the role of a true leadership, fasting & prayer and swing into action by encouraging all other christian through our fore front fathers in the lord to build the wall of Nigeria and ressurect it for peace that has lost long time ago to be restored back again. Let's give Jonathan chance to build the wall of Nigeria again. God bless you all
0 #6 Iorse Terer 2015-01-11 09:57
God can not lie,whatever He says will surely come to pass,He can use anyone to pass a message,it is left for those who have discerning mind and spirits to realise the truth and take action by praying and fasting,this man carries our burden,he needs our prayers,not our insults.
+3 #5 Samson 2015-01-11 06:22
Oh lord! May you deliver us from this bondage of Islamization in North and Nigeria at large.
0 #4 Samson 2015-01-11 06:19
May the Lord deliver us from the bondage we are in....
Oh! Lord may you strengthens my Faith in you and may you create the Spirit of Rival in us amen..
0 #3 Ali Chiroma 2015-01-09 21:20
Let the church stand with mr president in prayers to defite the enemy of the church. No mater the rage from the pit of hell, God is on the trone.
+4 #2 SunnyIK 2015-01-07 13:22
May God Almighty By His Infinite Mercy Guide And Protect Us The Church,christia ns, And All The Believers In Nigeria, We Shall Not Die, Neither Will Nigeria (the Church,christia ns$believers Of Jesus Christ)Be Islamised In Jesus Mighty Name Amen!

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