Nigeria: Waiting For A Righteous Leader

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God started speaking to me about the political situation in Nigeria in 1993, when the nation was preparing for the general election under the rule of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. As every living adult in Nigeria today can recollect that the junta, General Ibrahim Babangida set the dates for the general election which included the presidential, more than once and nothing good came out of his wasteful billion Naira exercise.

About a month before the election, I decided to visit a member of the ministry I belonged to then, whom I had not seen for a while. The member of the ministry lived off Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos State. As I entered her sitting room one afternoon, her television set was on, and coming on was the jingle M.K.O. Abiola, the only presidential candidate everyone in Nigeria was sure of winning the 1993 presidential election used to advertise his campaign. The jingle says ‘On the Move Again, On The Move Again, MKOOOOOO, On The Move Again.’ When I heard this, the Holy Spirit changed the music in my ear and I started hearing ‘He Will Lose Again, He Will Lose Again, MKOOOOOO, He Will Lose Again.’

I immediately enquired of the Holy Spirit as to why the latter interpretation of the lyrics. The Spirit of God told me that Abiola was not His candidate to rule Nigeria. He told me that Nigeria belongs to Him and He wanted to deliver His nation from the Hausa/Fulani Sultanate oligarchy interferences and dominations of the Nigerian governance through the military and from the oppressive military rules.  He further stated that He wanted to have an occasion to deal with and reduce the military to their ‘errand boys’ positions in order to protect the geographical integrity of Nigeria.

Furthermore He told me that the election would take place and nothing good would come out of it because M.K.O. Abiola was not His candidate to rule Nigeria. Immediately I heard these things, I told my host what the Lord had just told me. My host said; but this is the only candidate, many Nigerians believed, would bring deliverance from the suffering the nation has been going through, after so many years under the military rule. My response to her was that the Lord obviously saw things differently to what men saw.

When I left the place, I decided to seek the face of God with the view to asking Him some questions in order to receive more information about the political future of Nigeria. On doing so, the Spirit of the Living God told me that the then military junta, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, would leave the place of power in disgrace and never again return as a leader of His great nation, Nigeria.

After Babangida, a man having “another spirit” would assume the reins of power. He would rule Nigeria with a fist of wickedness and oppressive weapons, and evil would be the order of his days. He would kill and maim so many people that would dare challenge the feral policies of his administration. He would incarcerate so many people and cause the blood of innocents to flow freely on the streets of Nigeria. This man would break the back bone of the Hausa/Fulani Sultanate dominations and manipulations of the Nigerian political system. After all these, his life would suddenly end in tragedy.

After this man, would come to power one of the people he would incarcerate to become a powerful force in the Nigerian politics. This man would come straight from the prison to assume the reins of power. This is the man God would use to reduce the military to their ‘errand boys’ positions, only to protect the geographical integrity of Nigeria. The man coming out of the prison to become the president of Nigeria would prepare the ground for the emergence of another powerful political leader, coming from the side if the north to rule the nation in righteousness.

In the days of the new powerful leader, coming from the north, Nigeria will prosper like never before. This man will be anointed with the anointing of Jehu. He will move in the strength of his power from the east to west and north to south of Nigeria. He will cleanse Nigeria of institutionalized corruption and evils, and great wealth Nigeria has never seen or experienced would start to emerge, and Nigeria would take her eminent position on the world stage.

Immediately after all these revelations, God gave me a message titled ‘RETURN OF THE CAPTIVES’ which I preached many times in those days. The first place I preached the message was the ministry I belonged to then; Faith Clinic Ministries, Lagos with headquarters in Ibadan, Oyo State. The message and all that God had revealed to me to tell His people and nation did not go down well with the leaders of Faith Clinic in Lagos. I told the members that nothing good would come out of the election organized by the Babangida’s regime. So I was persecuted for giving such negative and unpopular prophesies. Some said they were prophesies of doom.

When I was persecuted, the Lord told me to tell them to wait for the outcome of the election if anything good would come out of it. This is the test of a true prophet of God; if what he had said in the name of the Lord would come to pass. The rest is history today. Babangida came out and annulled an election widely accepted to be the best free and fair, and the hope of many Nigerian all over the world was dashed. Secondly, Babangida was disgraced out of a highly exalted position in Nigeria. Let God take all the glory.

Anyone can say whatever he likes about the June 12, 1993 election. People voted and God gave the verdict, and the verdict of God would stand steadfast. The result was cancelled because M.K.O. Abiola was not God’s candidate to rule Nigeria. The Nigerian political leadership is not a trade by barter system. It is not ‘if you scratch my back I will hand over the power to you’. It is determined and ordained by God and only Him. Bible says ‘...until he knew that the Most High God rules in the kingdom of men, and that He appoints over it whomever He will.’Dan.5:12

After the annulment, Nigeria was in disarray politically, socially and economically. God’s own nation was at the verge of collapse but the strength of the Almighty was upholding the pillars and foundations of Nigeria. Satan put his own plan in place but God executed the strategy for winning. The Almighty would not allow His nation to go under even though every situation then was pointing to that direction. The east was moving away from the west and south was being pulled apart from the north, and it was like the centre could no longer hold Nigeria together. M.K.O. Abiola and his supporters came out to fight for a mandate God did not give them and there were confusions and chaos all over the land. In the midst of these discombobulating came the emergence of Earnest Shonekan.

Ernest Shonekan

I asked God if Shonekan was the man He referred to as having another spirit. God’s response was NO, but told me that Earnest Shonekan would be in power for a very short season to prepare the ground for the reign of the ‘Man With Another Spirit’. Three months into the rule of Mr. Earnest Shonekan came in the leader to whom the Lord referred to as the man with another spirit in the person of Sanni Abacha.

General Sani Abacha

The day the military junta, Sanni Abacha kicked out Earnest Shonekan in a bloodless coup and assumed the reins of his devilish tyrannical rule, I was in the presence of God, fasting and seeking the face of God for my dear beloved nation, Nigeria. I was in God’s Presence for about seven days crying day and night for His mercy on His great nation. The next day after the seventh day, a family friend called Bisi visited with her children. As I was seeing them off to their car after their visit, she told me that Abacha had just overthrown Shonekan’s government the previous day; the day after I ended my fast, and had declared himself the new head of state.

Then suddenly, the Lord spoke to me right where I was with my guests that Abacha was the man He spoke to me about. He was the man with another spirit. The one that would kill and maim people and incarcerate many in the country and carry them into jail and his life would end in tragedy. I told my visitor about the revelations and that we should continue to pray for the deliverance of our great nation. The rest is history. Abacha came and ruled Nigeria with a fist of wickedness and oppressive weapons, and evil was the order of his days, and his life suddenly ended in tragedy. Let God take the glory.

M.K.O. Abiola’s Emergence To Claim Mandate

During the tyrannical rule of Sanni Abacha, M.K.O. Abiola emerged from his hide out to claim the mandate people gave to him. As he started fighting for the mandate, the Lord spoke to me again that He has not changed His mind about M.K.O. Abiola’s intentions and ambitions to rule Nigeria. I asked the Lord what would happen since he had prepared his mind to fight for the mandate. The Lord told me that if Abiola refused to give up the fight, he would die in the process of trying to claim the mandate, and everyone joining him to fight for the mandate would die one after the other, because he was not His candidate to rule Nigeria. No one can hold His nation to ransom. I asked the Lord, how Abiola would hear His mind on the political situation in the country, as perhaps upon such knowledge he would give up the fight. The Lord told me that He would make a way for him to receive the message.

A few weeks later, God’s arrangement manifested. A ministry in Mende area of Maryland in Lagos invited me to be their guest speaker at their inaugural open air crusade meetings. The crusade took place in Mende village, Maryland, Lagos. During the first night, I preached a message I titled - ‘Return Of the Captives’ in relation to the political situation in the country. As I was preaching, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge concerning someone who had not been able to sleep at night for so many years. Any time she sleeps, she would have a dream of snakes chasing and wanting to swallow her up. Many people came out for prayer of deliverance and I prayed with them. 

On the second day of the crusade, one of the people that came out for prayer the previous night came to meet me after the meeting saying she had a testimony. She also came with a gift.  Her testimony was that immediately she left the crusade ground, she slept off in her car, while she was being driven home, and when she got home, she went to bed and slept off until the next morning without any dream about snakes chasing her. She pleaded with me to take the gift from her as a thank you and I declined. But the Lord spoke to me to take the gift and I enquired of her name.

She told me that her name was Mrs. … Abiola. She claimed to be one of M.K.O. Abiola’s wives. She said she was touched by the message I preached on the two nights. I told her that I had much more to say which I could not say in the public because of the sensitivity of the message. I asked her when next she would see her husband and she told me that he would be coming to sleep at her house that very night. I therefore gave her the message of the Lord to deliver to M.K.O. Abiola. I told her that I was a servant of the Most High God and the Lord has told me that M.K.O. Abiola was not His candidate to rule Nigeria. I told her that God has said Abiola should give up his fight for the mandate or else he would die while trying to actualize the mandate. I also told her that God said everyone fighting for the mandate with him would die if they refused to give up.

The next day which was the third day of the crusade, Mrs. … Abiola returned to me saying that she had delivered the message to M. K. O. Abiola the previous night. She told me that Abiola’s response was that he had made up his mind to continue to fight for the mandate and the possibility of death would not deter him from his cause. I told her that we should wait and see what the Lord would do if indeed he had spoken. The rest is history today. M. K. O. Abiola and some of the key people that were fighting for the mandate died in an unfortunate and cruel circumstance.

I believe M.K.O. Abiola could still be alive today if he had received the warning through the words of prophesy that one of his wives … Abiola claimed to have delivered to him. It is a regrettable situation that he died in the captivity of his enemies. His struggles and death might have become the symbol of democracy triumphs in Nigeria today, but that does not negate the fact that he was not God’s candidate.

President Olusegun Obasanjo

The next phase of the prophecy was concerning one of the people the military junta Sanni Abacha would incarcerate, coming straight from the prison to assume the reins of power in Nigeria. This was fulfilled in the person of General Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo. When the Lord gave me the prophesy, Olusegun Obasanjo and Shehu Musa Yaradua were free people, then. Obasanjo and Yaradua were later incarcerated by Sanni Abacha when he took over power.

While Yaradua died in prison, Obasanjo came to power from the prison to fulfill the purpose of God. What is the purpose? He was the one God has used to reduce the military to their ‘errand boys’ position and put anti graft agencies in place therefore preparing the ground for the man that God would anoint with the anointing of Jehu. Anti graft agencies are part of what this new powerful leader will use. This is the reason why no one could impeach Obasanjo before the end of his 2 terms. He must prepare the ground for the advent of the political leader with Jehu’s anointing. The rest is history today. Let God take the glory.

The man, the Nigerian Jehu, when he assumes the reins of power will move through the length and breadth of the country and sanities the whole system.  Many of the policies of Obasanjo’s administration were put in place to get the stage ready for him. He is yet to manifest in the land but his footsteps can be heard not too far a distance as he emerges on the political centre stage of Nigeria from the mountains of the middle belt of Nigeria. He will not fear for his life but the fear of the Almighty will be the control of his life. His emergence will be like the rising of the sun. As the heat of sun intensifies moment by moment until it reaches its peak, so shall he be. When he reaches the peak of his power, Nigeria would have been cleansed of institutionalized corruptions and prosper greatly.

Umaru Yaradua

This is the last segment of the prophesy concerning the leadership in Nigeria, and Nigerians should get this right. When Umaru Musa YARADUA took over the reins of power from Obasanjo, I asked God if he was the man and God said NO! He is not the man to stamp out corruption and take Nigeria to the place of her destiny in God and amongst the nations of the world. Umaru Musa Yaradua is not the anointed one to do the work. He is not the deliverer according to the words of prophesy God gave to me. He might have been chosen by the so called king makers of the Nigerian politics to cover up their misdeeds. The light of the new day will soon shine on Nigeria.

The people of Nigeria should know that God has allowed Musa Yaradua to occupy the position of power just like Earnest Shonekan did before Abacha and Abubarkar Abdusallam before Obasanjo. He came to the place of power in the interim, pending the manifestation of the real man with the anointing of Jehu.


2011 General Election

I was in Italy in 2010 on a preaching engagement, and I was preaching, suddenly, Holy Spirit moved me, and I began to prophesy about the political situation in Nigeria. After I finished my meetings in Italy, I pressed in more and more into God to hear more about the situation in Nigeria. These are the prophesies –

Now Dr. Goodluck Jonathan came after the demise of Musa Yaradua. Dr. Jonathan’s government is a continuation of Yaradua’s government – a government in interim. Jonathan will win the 2011 general election; he will be an interim president for the man with the type of Jehu’s anointing to emerge. He is not the messiah to wipe out corruption in Nigeria. He will be a weak president. It is not because he has chosen to be a weak president, but certain forces would rise up against him that would portray him as a weak president. But he will overcome and be strengthened through the prayer of God’s people.

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo has been a force to be reckoned in the Nigerian polity since he became president in 1999, but the end of Jonathan’s administration will mark the end of Obasanjo’s era of dominance of power in the Nigerian polity. Obasanjo’s dominance of political issues in Nigeria would be broken during Jonathan’s administration. By the time Jonathan leaves power, Obasanjo would be eroded into history like the others. Goodluck Jonathan is not the next powerful leader after Obasanjo. It is the man that will come with the anointing of Jehu. He will be a fresh man in power. Jonathan is a president in the interim for the man that would carry Jehu’s type of anointing to emerge in Nigeria. The church must pray this chosen vessel into manifestation.


Boko Haram

Because of the sensitivity of the situation in Nigeria nowadays, I would not mention in this publication what I have heard on why they are on this mission in Nigeria. But their secret agents, sponsors and supporters should know clearly that the true and living God does not always control everything on earth, even though He rules in the affairs of men. He allows people to make choices, whether good or evil, and the choices anyone makes, He would work with. They have made their choices, to unleash evil and terror on Nigeria and Nigerians. God is working perfectly with their choices, and recompenses are coming soon; and they will never work for their benefits.


2015 General Election

In the early hours of today, (2nd Jan. 2015) the Lord woke me up, and told me these things concerning the 2015 general election in Nigeria.

“Warn My people, the Christians in Nigeria, the spirit of bondage and oppression has been wounded, but it is fighting back for recovery and to resurface through its vessel. If Christians in Nigeria are not careful, Nigeria will go back into the spiritual bondage that I have saved and delivered her from.”


God’s servant,


Pastor Subomi Adekoya

United Kingdom 


0 #10 gbyega jimoh 2015-03-15 22:25
More grace sir, continue to sound the alarm and brethren should continue to pray without ceasing. I know that my Redeemer liveth!
+1 #9 Truth 2015-02-13 13:49
May The Lord Give Us Understanding Christain Wake-up.
+1 #8 Okoh Adams 2015-02-05 15:15
I believe Nigeria will be delivered by the finger of God.
-18 #7 Truthevolving 2015-02-04 02:24
This is errant nonsense.
I now understand better why the European philosophers took down Christianity in Europe so that their content could move forward. Christianity will suffer the same fate in Africa. There are many other religions in Nigeria beside Christianity and Islam. Why are the followers of other religion not saying this kind of nonsense that Christians are saying? Nigeria is a secular state and any citizen of Nigeria can rule the country regardless of his religious persuasion. The idea of Nigeria islamization is a hoax to frighten the ignorant and recruit voters for Jonathan. How much did they donate to your ministry for this hopeless writing? Is Osinbajo not a Christian? Is Bakare not a Christian? What kind of funny bigots are this? I promise you the process of delivering Nigerians from the hold of religion will start in earnest just as it was in Europe. There are many sound intellectuals of religion in Nigeria who will be drafted to do the job. How much do you know about religion? How much do you know about Christianity? God is for all and is not a monopoly of any religious adherents. Nigeria is for all and not for adherents of any religion.
+3 #6 olaiya tunde 2015-01-25 11:19
God bless His true prophet.We christians in Nigeria have been blinded for long by the spirit of ignorance to the extent our minds are closed to the prime of place and authority Gos has placed us to influence government activities in this nation to our favour and the general prosperity of the church of the living God.Can you imaging the numbers of believers advocating vehemently for the enthronement of Buhari as the expected "messiah"!!!The sprit of the Lord told me in one of my quiet times in December 2014 that we need to pray fervently so that Alumajiri will not take over the reings of government in the forthcoming election.Is that not the spirit of bondage and oppression you refered to? God help us.By the grace of God,His mercies will prevail and He will wreck the ship of their navy in the mid waters,sinking their evil cargoes in the sea of forgetfulness for ever and ever.The church is matching on, no gate of islamic agenda will prevail againt it in jesus name.
+5 #5 Raph 2015-01-24 17:50
more grace unto all sponsoring this d David of Nigeria d same as d endtime ELIJAH or d last apostle?
+2 #4 samuel 2015-01-23 13:31
their plans would never come to pass because God have taken control and in his infinite mercies wont allow that
+1 #3 The Voice 2015-01-22 15:15
on the 23rd December, 2014, Buhari whom I have been supporting for years came to me to show me that Ransom Kuti in the Newspaper told him that if he converts to Christianity, Nigeria will vote for him, but I told him that he cannot convert based on that, that it has to be genuine.
Initially, I concluded through another vision that APC was a Packaged Party.
+2 #2 KennyClem 2015-01-18 13:10
God will give us the grace to heed His warning, but I will also implore Nigerians and especially Christians to vote wisely and with the mind of God! Let us not use our vote to re-dedicate this nation to satan and thus allow spirit of bondage and oppression come back!
+4 #1 Dr. MHYK 2015-01-18 11:02
Dear Brethren,

This is a desperate and urgent call from the throne of Grace that the brethren in Christ are about to make the greatest error of their lives by selling off their kingly heritage for a mess of pottage called "change".

Change into what? Change into what happened to Egypt , Sudan, Libya, Algeria and Turkey which were once flourishing Christian countries but because the brethren there also sold their souls on the premise of "it does not matter" they became the last set of Christians in those countries! Remember Turkey! It was the beautiful Christian country called Constantinople!

Today it is history! The foundation of the planned islamisation of Nigeria was taken in 1989 in Abuja by OIC. Since then they have not looked back!

Our Government gave them a contribution of 21 billion dollars then! Wonder then where the funding of Boko Haram is coming from? They have painfully now infiltrated one of the biggest denominations in Nigeria and offered one of their best Pastors -a Professor,a Vice presidential Slot! Now a larger community of that denomination now promotes this "change"! They did it in Constantinople ! Remember brethren, that the biggest denomination of Christians in the North - the EYN has been wiped off!

All their churches burnt. You may say that it is the North it can't get here! They said the same thing in Sudan, Libya, Algeria and Constantinople! How come the brethren have become so dulled in the Spirit that they no longer are sensitive?

We may be the last Christians in Nigeria if this grave error the brethren is about to commit is not averted! Our Lord Jesus is greatly miffed by our irresponsibilit y as His Followers! How come we no longer hear Him! The Great shepherd of the Sheep!

How come that Christians have forgotten that this country was made ungovernable by these same people and Christians are holding the wrong person responsible? How come? The signs of the eventual Islamization of Nigeria are awash in the 1999 constitution where Islam, Sharia are mentioned more than 100 times.! Not a single mention of Christ or Christianity! You say it does not matter. Now, mark it you cannot amend the constitution without a bitter program!

Brethren, the night is here! We must contend for the faith and our heritage which was handed once and for all to us by our maker!

Don't relent, sound this trumpet by forwarding same to all your contacts & do let your brethren & congregation to know but with wisdom!

We will not be the last Christians in Nigeria! Amen.

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