Prayer Points for February 2015

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God’s Warriors,

ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS MARCHING AS TO WAR! This is a critical moment for the Church and nation of Nigeria. Current events have exposed the nakedness of the church

in not being united nor fully understanding the mind of God concerning His choice of leadership of this nation. We are now marching towards the narrow and broad paths; the decision we take on February 14, 2015 will decide on which side of God we are. Although there is still danger ahead for Christianity in Nigeria, I urge us to be strengthened and not to be weary. We shall not relent nor give the Almighty God rest till He makes Nigeria a praise in the earth. The Church should by now be having 24/7 altars sprouting all over Nigeria to praise the Most High daily. For those in Lagos, The Remnants Fellowship has thrown open her gates 24/7 for prayers for Nigeria and the church. Come and tarry in His presence and carry God’s burden for the hour.  

As usual, individuals are expected to choose at least an hour of prayer time daily and keep to it for one month. It is advisable to get a prayer partner for same hour. Call each other to ensure that both parties are praying. We appeal to churches, ministries and prayer groups to encourage their members to key into this as a block.

Receive strength to STAND till the end in Jesus name.





1.         Pray these points for the whole of the month

2.         Take the Daily Worship and Repentance Prayers before the prayers for the day

3..        The hours of prayer are 12 midnight to 6 a.m. Pick any 1 hour

Daily Worship

 (Power From Above Series - Ikwuamaesi)

This worship session is based on Rev 4. See yourself before the Throne with the 24 Elders worshipping the Almighty God. Join them in proclaiming aloud His awesomeness. Expect His glory and power to come down, and destroy what does not glorify Him.


Opening Praise

“Praise be to you, Lord,

the God of our father Israel,

from everlasting to everlasting.

Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power

and the glory and the majesty and the splendor,

for everything in heaven and earth is yours.

Yours, Lord, is the kingdom;

you are exalted as head over all.

Wealth and honor come from you;

you are the ruler of all things.

In your hands are strength and power

to exalt and give strength to all.

Now, our God, we give you thanks,

and praise your glorious name—1 Chronicles 29:10 - 13.


Worship In Heaven

15. “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies! The whole earth is filled with his glory!”—Isaiah 6:3

16. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!”—Rev4:8

17. You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created.”—Rev 4:11

18. You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals; for You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, And have made us kings and priests to our God; and we shall reign on the earth.”—Rev 5:9-10

19. Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honor and glory and blessing!”—Rev 5:12

20. Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever and ever!”—Rev 5:13

21. Salvation belongs to our God, who is seated on the throne, and to the Lamb! —Rev 7:10

22. Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and strength be to our God forever and ever. Amen—Rev 7:12

23. The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Messiah, and He will reign forever and ever!—Rev 11:15

24. We thank You, Lord God, the Almighty, who is and who was, because You have taken Your great power and have begun to reign—Rev 11:17

25. The nations were angry, but Your wrath has come. The time has come for the dead to be judged and to give the reward to Your servants the prophets, to the saints, and to those who fear Your name, both small and great, and the time has come to destroy those who destroy the earth—Rev 11:18

26. The salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Messiah have now come, because the accuser of our brothers has been thrown out: the one who accuses them before our God day and night—Rev 12:10

27. They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they did not love their lives in the face of death—Rev 12:11

28. “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.”—Rev 14:7



Repent for personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.



Daily Worship & repentance.


Nigeria has been adjudged the most churched nation in Africa and the world. However, as the church is increasing numerically, so there is increased pollution through worldliness, materialism, immorality and mammon.


  1. Repent for the church: for God to forgive us for defilement, personal agenda, saying things He did not say, outright disobedience, not being led by the spirit, etc. Ask for His mercy and grace to walk in His ways.
  2.  Pray that by the working of the Holy Spirit, the Lord gives to us, (i.e. the leaders and the followers) a new heart and a new spirit and take away the heart of stone out of our flesh.
  3.  Pray to the Lord to deliver us from uncleanness in all sectors of the nation, viz; Education, Media, Family, Religion, Arts and Entertainment, Economy, Government.
  4.  Ask the Lord to change our times and seasons.
  5. Ask the Holy Spirit to brood over Nigeria to dispel the power of darkness, disorderliness and emptiness. Ask the Lord to fill us with His Spirit.
  6.  Pray for a God-fearing heart, a revival for a new heart and new spirit in the Church.
  7. Ask that the Lord raises prophets like Elijah, (1Kings 17:1) to speak out against the abominations in the church and in the land.
  8. Ask the Holy Spirit to move over the church and the nation of Nigeria convicting hearts of sin, (John 16:8). Pray against materialism and merchandising of the anointing, (John 2: 14 – 16).
  9. Take authority and pray against religious spirit, spirit of immorality, mammon, occultism, witchcraft, luke warmness, prayerlessness, worldliness, worship of men of God, sinfulness, divisions, etc.
  10. Pray for resurrection of churches that are dead but think they are alive. Pray that they repent and see themselves the way God sees them, (Rev. 3: 1 – 5).
  11. Pray for churches that have been taken over by Jezebel and are being seduced into immorality, witchcraft, occultism, and mammon worship. Pray that they repent and be delivered. Pray against the spirit of the queen of heaven (Isaiah 47, Jeremiah 44:17-27).
  12. Pray that the Lord baptizes His church in Nigeria and worldwide with a fire of revival-revival of righteousness and revival of power, (Joel 2: 28 – 32). Pray for greater harvest of souls and proper discipleship. Pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, (Ephesians 1: 17 – 19).


Daily Worship & Repentance.


Rigged elections, corruption and violence during electioneering campaigns and election days are problems that hinder true democratic governance in Nigeria and these happen despite billions of naira spent organizing these elections. The result is that those announced as winners are not always the ones voted for by the people. And all this is because of electoral malpractices.

  1. Pray that the perfect divine will of God be done for the 2015 elections. Ask God to witness to the hearts of voters His own candidates for each position and guide them to vote accordingly.
  2.  Pray God to enable the electorate to shun bribes and all other electoral vices. Ask God to make Nigerians steadfast and never fall into the temptation to sell their votes.
  3. Pray that INEC should be an impartial and incorruptible electoral body.
  4. Pray that the Spirit of God will brood over INEC, all the people that will conduct the elections, their equipment, all logistics. That God will perfect all their preparations.
  5. Pray that security agencies be properly equipped to bring unruly people to order and particularly political thugs.
  6. Many Nigerian politicians have an attitude of attacking and assassinating their opponents.  Ask the Lord to forgive us as a nation for the sin of bloodshed. Pray that those who are involved in this wickedness should either repent or be judged by God, (Psa. 9:15-20; Psa. 7:9, 14-16; Job 18:5-19). Pray that their wickedness should no longer be hidden but that they be exposed and punished.
  7. Ask the Lord to withstand all our leaders and other wicked people who shed innocent blood in our land.
  8. Use Jeremiah 17:5-6 to judge those who use godfathers & satanic powers to seek for political office, wealth & to exercise satanic dominion over Nigeria.
  9. Pray for an end to political violence and godfatherism.
  10. Ask God to expose, disgrace & judge all those planning to rig the elections in any way. Pray that their plans will fail woefully & work against them instead.
  11. Pray God to lead the electorate to vote into political offices people who are able, love the truth, fear God and who hate covetousness, (Exodus 18: 21).
  12. Pray God to give us leaders with a shepherd heart who will lead us with integrity of heart and skillfulness, (Psalm 78: 72).
  13. Pray God to give us men after His own heart; who have not soiled their hands with blood in the place of occultism (i.e. human rituals).
  14. Pray God to give us leaders who will not take or give bribe but walk uprightly and speak the truth always, (Psalm 15: 2 – 5).
  15. Decree that there will be no violence before, during & after the elections, let all those planning violence be consumed by their violence.
  16. The youth will no longer agree to be used as thugs.
  17. Pray that Nigeria experiences free and fair elections in 2015 and beyond.
  18. Ask God to command His quietness & peace in Nigeria so that everybody will accept the result of the elections as the perfect divine will of God.
  19. Pray that there be honest and fair opposition and genuine leadership in Nigeria.
  20. Pray God to upturn all plots by any political party if their hidden agenda is to Islamize Nigeria. Also pray God to purge corruption in political parties.


Daily Worship & Repentance.

This is a very crucial part of a nation’s wellbeing. This is what determines the standard of living of the people - poor or rich. Nigeria is a richly endowed nation but the living standard of most Nigerians is less than $1 per day (N160). Idolatry is the most serious problem which gives rise to corruption, illiteracy, over population, mismanagement, suboptimal utilization of agriculture, human and mineral resources because of crude oil and political instability.

  1.  With the rebasing of Nigeria’s economy in April 2014, Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product now stands at $510 billion making it the biggest economy in Africa. Thank God for this. But pray that this should actually translate to better standard of living for the people and not end up as mere figures. Ask God to give our government the wisdom to manage all spheres of our economy to the benefit of all.
  2. According to Mercer Cost of Living Survey, out of 214 destinations, Nigeria’s two major urban cities; Lagos and Abuja are ranked amongst most expensive destinations in the world with Lagos placed 39 and Abuja 64 respectively. Ask God to give the government the ability to reduce the cost of living of Nigerians.
  3. Ask God to give the Central Bank Governor wisdom to manage and improve the state of the economy. Pray that he should remain professional on the job. That he should be a ready tool in the hands of the LORD.
  4.  Pray God to raise a Joseph company; men and women who are shrewd and honest managers of the nation’s resources and under divine direction with divine abilities, (Gen 41:39-57).
  5. Pray for our banking and finance sector, a major player in our economic wellbeing, to be led by people who carry out their work with integrity, fear of God, diligence and professionalism. Pray against all sharp practices in this sector that ethical values and character be upheld as their watchword.
  6. Bind every Babylonian spirit, covetousness, spirit of pride, occultism and love of money. Command these spirits to loose their hold over the managers of the economy and let the Holy Spirit take hold of them.
  7. Ask the Lord to stir up the hearts of our legislators to promulgate laws to enhance our economy.
  8. Declare the Lordship and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ over the various sectors of our economy. Pray that He rules and reigns over these sectors and their managers.
  9. Research has shown that given proper attention, agriculture can make Nigeria economically great and prosperous nation.
  10. Thank God for endowing us with abundant and fertile land, tropical weather, good species of fruits, vegetables, crops, etc.
  11. Recent reports show increased harvest by farmers nationwide occasioned by sound government policies. Pray for this trend to continue.
  12. Bind the fertility goddess that people worship for giving them good harvest, instead of Jehovah El Shaddai; cast it out of our agricultural sector. The goddess is called Orisa Oko in Yorubaland, and it is worshipped at new yam festivals in Iboland as Ifejioku.
  13. Pray that all the wicked and corrupt officials in the agricultural sector, i.e. parastatals and ministries be exposed and judged, if they do not repent, (Zech 5:1-4, Jer17:11).
  14. Break all satanic covenants made with the land by our forefathers and evil covenants made by farmers with ancestral gods, fertility gods, and occultic demons, (They do this for a bounteous and abnormally quick harvest). Break curses arising from such evil covenants and bind and cast out the evil custodians enforcing the curses and covenants.
  15. Pronounce God’s judgment upon the water spirits that afflict our land and our agricultural sector. Let the voice of the Lord be as judgment over them, ( Is 27:1, Ezek29:2-5; Ps29:3-9).
  16. Pray the Lord to stir up the hearts of our lawmakers to pass a law mandating the Federal government, the 36 state governments, the FCT and the 774 local governments to embark on mechanized farming within the next one year.
  17. Pray the Holy Spirit to brood over the officials involved in this sector that they operate by the spirit of wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord,( Isa.11:2).
  18. Pray the Lord to transform the dry bones situation in the agriculture sector causing His breath to bring alive all that was dead, (Ezek37:1-14 and Joel2:18-26).
  19. Pray God to expose corrupt farmers who cultivate drug plants (marijuana) and those who do not utilize federal government financial assistance rightly.

WEDNESDAY - Prayer for Nigeria - Part 1

Daily Worship and Repentance.

Scripture  : Isaiah 42

  1. Lord You Have Chosen Nigeria To Be Your Instrument To Bring Revival To Africa And The Nations Of The World In These Last Days, To Usher In The Second Coming Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ. Oh Lord Strengthen Nigeria And The Church To Fulfill This Divine Mandate IJN -  V1.
  1. Oh God Let Your Will Become The Will Of The Nation, Her People, Her Leaders, The Church And Its Leaders IJN. Strengthen Our Political And Economic System To Align With Your Divine Mandate For Nigeria And The Church IJN.
  1. Sovereign Lord, Put Your Breathe Upon Nigeria, Her People, Her Leaders, The Church And Her Leaders And Let Nigeria And The Church Come Alive And Live Again To Fulfill Their Divine Destinies.
  1. Oh Lord God Let Your Resurrection Power That Raised Jesus From The Dead Fall Upon Everything That Is Dead To You In Nigeria And The Church And Let Them Come Alive And Answer To Your Will For Nigeria And The Church - Let Every Deadness In Our Political System, Electoral Process, Economy, Education, Judiciary, Media, Military, Security Forces, National Assembly, Church Etc Receive The Breath Of The Almighty God: Come Alive, Live And Align With God’s Will For Nigeria And The Church.
  1. Sovereign Lord, On The Authority Of Your Word In Ezekiel 37:9,
    We Prophesy To The Winds And Command: Oh Breath Of The Four Winds Of The Earth, Come And Breathe Into Everything That Is Dead In Nigeria, Her People, Her Leaders, The Church And Her Leaders (Mention Others The Holy Spirit Brings To Your Heart) That They May Live Again And Fulfill Their Divine Destiny. Breathe Upon Everything That Seeks To Bring Death Upon Nigeria And The Church In This Season And Let Them Receive Life And Answer To You.
  1. Oh Lord God, You Created The Heavens, The Earth And Everything In It. You Give Breath To Everyone, Life To Everyone Who Walks The Earth. Lord Give Life To Our Nation, Give Life To The Church, Give Life To The Righteous In This Nation, Give Life To Our Leaders, Give Life To All The Politicians And People You Have Ordained That They Will Speak With Power And Authority And That They Will Have A Voice That Will Bring Change And Your Will To Pass In Our Nation And The Church - V5.
  1. Lord Let Nigeria Be A Light To The Whole World To Bring Guidance And Sight To A World In Darkness. Lord Let Your Life Come Upon The Church In Our Nation That She Shall Truly Be The Light Of The World. Remove Every Darkness In The Church So That The Church Can Bring Light To Our Nation, Particularly In This Season Of Elections - V6.
  1. Lord We Take Your Words In Isaiah 42: 1-17 And Tie It To Nigeria, The Electoral Process, The Elections And The Church. We Clothe Nigeria And The Church With These Your Words And Ask That, Let It Be Unto Nigeria And The Church As The Mouth Of The Lord Has Spoken.
  1. Lord Let Your Righteousness Be Demonstrated Over Nigeria, The February 2015 Elections And The Church - V6.
  1. Oh God Take Nigeria And The Church By Your Right Hand, Lead And Guard Our Nation. Lead And Guard All That Pertains To The February 2015 Elections IJN. Lead And Guard Your Church Oh Lord - V6b
  1. Lord Let Every Word, Promise And Prophecy That You Have Spoken Over Nigeria, The Forthcoming Elections And The Church Come To Pass - V9
  1. Oh Lord God March Forth Like A Mighty Hero, Come Out Like A Warrior Full Of Fury, Shout Your Battle Cry Over Nigeria, The Elections And The Church And Crush All Your Enemies Of Nigeria’s Destiny And The Church Of God - V 13
  2. Lord Do Not Keep Silent Over Nigeria And Your Church. Arise Oh God In Your Fury And Scatter All Your Enemies Of Nigeria’s Destiny And The Church - V14
  1. Oh Lord God Level Everything That Stands As Mountains And Hills Before Nigeria, Before The Elections And Before Your Church IJN. Whether They Be Physical, Spiritual, Occultic, Social, Environmental, Political, Economic, Financial, Legislative, Judicial, International, Regional, Local, Boko Haram, Religious, Islamic Etc Mountains And Hills, Whatever Form They Take, As Long As They Stand As Mountains And Hills Against Nigeria’s God Given Destiny And The Church Of God In This Land, Oh God Level Them out IJN.  Let The Blast Of The Nostrils Of The Almighty God Pull Down All Such Satanic Mountains And Hills - V15
  1. Lord, Blight Every Thing Whatsoever That Forms A Greenery For Your Enemies Of This Nation And Your Church. Lord Burst The False Confidence Of The Wicked, Ungodly And Unrighteous Men, Women And Politicians In This Land. Whatever Power They Are Relying On That Is Assuring Them That They Have Nigeria And The Church In Their Pockets And Can Enforce Their Ungodly Will Over Nigeria And The Church, Father Disgrace Their Powers IJN. Let Their Demonic And Ungodly Empires Crumble Before You. Let Their Evil Powers Fail Them And Work Against Them. Break Their Backbone. Whatever Is Sustaining Them Destroy Oh Lord - V15
  1. Let The Whirlwind Of The Almighty God Dry Up All Evil Rivers And Satanic Pools Flowing And Gathered Against Nigeria, Her Destiny, The Elections And The Church IJN. Lord, Turn All Such Evil Rivers Into Dry Land And Dry Up Every Satanic Pool Working Against Nigeria’s Destiny And The Church IJN. Lord Dry Up All The Rivers Of Sustenance Sustaining The Wicked, The Ungodly And The Unrighteous Men, Women And Politicians In Nigeria And The Church - V15
  1. Lord Break Every Financial And Spiritual Backbone Of The Enemies Of Nigeria And The Church. Lord Break The Financial, Political, Occultic And Other Sources Of Power Of The Ungodly In Nigeria, Warring Against Nigeria’s Destiny And The Church. Lord Dry Up Every Financial And Demonic River Backing All Satanic Politicians In Nigeria, Backing
    Boko Haram And All The Enemies Of Nigeria And The People Of God IJN - V15
  1. Lord As Many As Have Sworn, Be They Born Of Man, Woman Or Spirits, That Nigeria Will Not Fulfill Her God Given Destiny, That Nigeria Will Not Have Free And Fair Elections And That The Church Will Not Stand As One And Exercise Its Divine Authority And Dominion In Nigeria, Lord Strike Them Down With Your Sword Of Judgement IJN, Let The Earth Open Up And Swallow Them, Let Them Dry Up And Become Like Dung On The Earth IJN.


Thursday - Prayer For Nigeria - Part 2

Daily Worship & Repentance.

Scripture  : Isaiah 42


  1. Oh Lord God Of Israel, Nigeria Has Never Walked The Road Of 2015 Before. Lord Lead This Nation Along Your Path Of Righteousness IJN. Lord The New Nigeria That Has Been Birthed By Your Spirit Has Never Walked The Road 2015 Before, The New Nigeria Cannot Do Without You, The New Nigeria Needs You. As A New Baby Born Into The World That Receives Sustenance From His Mother’s Breast, As A New Baby Swaddled In His Mother’s Arms And Receives Comfort, Life And Love, Oh Lord God Guide Our Nation Nigeria In The New Way You Have Set Before Her IJN. Lead And Guide Our Nation In The Forthcoming Elections - V16
  1. Lord As You Are Doing A New Thing In Nigeria, As You Are Moving In A New Way In Our Nation, As You Are Doing Your Own Work In Nigeria, Lord In This Shmitta Year, The Year Of Release, Lord Lead And Guide Our Nation And The Church In Your Ways, Lead And Guide The Nation And The Church Unto Her Release From Satanic Captivity. Release Your Church And Nigeria Unto Righteousness, Holiness, Unity, Love, Peace, Dominion, Power, Glory And Authority - V16
  1. Lord Open The Eyes Of Your Church To See The Way You Are Moving In Our Nation In The Now. Open The Ears Of Your Church To Hear What You Are Saying In The Now. Lord Remove Every Form Of Blindness From The Church And Her Leaders. Lord Release Your Church And Her Leaders From Self Dependence To God Dependence So That Your Church Can Partner With You And Unite With You In Spirit To Bring About Your Perfect Will For Nigeria And The Church. Let The Light Of God Shine In The Church That The Church In Nigeria Will Arise And Enforce God’s Will For Our Nation IJN. Lord In This Shmitta Year, Release The Church Unto Her Destiny, Guide Your Church Along The New Way You Have Set Before Her.  Give Nigeria, Your Church And Her Leaders Divine Understanding Of What You Are Doing In Nigeria Now And In These Last Days That Your People Will Not Walk In Error And Go Astray - V16.
  1. Lord Let Every Cloud Of Darkness Over Nigeria And The Church Be Removed. Let Your Light Shine Upon Our Nation And The Church. Lord Every Darkness Before The Church In Nigeria, Particularly In This Election Period, Oh God Remove It. Lord Let Your Light Shine Upon The People Of This Nation That They Will Vote Aright And Not In Error. Let Your Light Shine Upon Your Church In The Now That Your Church Will Not Enter Into Ungodly Alliances IJN. Let Your Light Of Unity Shine Upon The Church. Let Your Light Shine In Nigeria And The Church And Upon Your People That Every Satanic Bewitchment, Enchantment And Blindness Over The Nation, Her People, The Church And God’s People Be Removed Forever, That The People’s Eyes Be Open, That They Will See As God Sees And Make The Right Choices IJN - V16
  1. Lord, With Your Heavenly Bulldozers, Smooth Over Every Rough Road Before Nigeria And The Church, Especially During The Pre And Post Election Period. Let Every Road Of Violence, Turbulence, Destruction, Disunity Before Nigeria And The Church Be Smoothed Over That Nigeria May Enter And Fulfill Her God Given Destiny And That The Church May Burst Forth Into Glory And Take Her Rightful Place In The Nation - V16
  1. Lord Do Not Forsake Nigeria And Your Church. Help Us Lord. We Need You Oh God Our Help In Ages Past - V16
  1. Lord Bring Shame And Disgrace Upon All Those Who Have Put Their Trust In Idols In Nigeria. Lord Let Shame And Disgrace Come Upon Every Politician In Nigeria Who Has Received Satan’s Ordination And Backing To Gain Political Power And Influence In Nigeria. Lord Every Politician Whatseover That Has Gone To The Devil, To The Waters And Any Other Demonic Source To Obtain Power In Order To Win Election And Sit On The Thrones Of Leadership In Our Nation Nigeria, Let Them Receive Eternal Disgrace and shame IJN. Let Their Idols Fail Them And Rise Up Against Them. Let Them Fall Into Eternal Coma Never To Recover. Let Their gods And Powers Fail Them IJN - V17
  1. Lord We Ask That All The Leadership Thrones In Nigeria And The Church Become Fire And Be Enmeshed In The Fire Of The Holy Ghost, That No Ungodly And Unrighteous Man Or Woman That Heaven Has Not Ordained Will Be Able To Sit On Those Thrones IJN. We Enmesh The Presidential, Vice–Presidential, Senate Prseident, National Assembly, Senatorial, Legislative, Federal And State House Of Assembly, Governorship, Local Government Council Chairman, Judicial, Ministerial, Ambassadorial, Military, Naval, Airforce, Police, Pastoral, Evangelical, Prophetic, Apostolic Thrones And All Other Thrones Of Leadership In Nigeria And The Church In Nigeria, In The Blood Of Jesus And The Fire Of The Holy Ghost. We Decree And Establish A Divine Embargo On Those Thrones Against Ungodly And Unrighteous Men And Women And Anyone Whosoever That God Has Not Ordained To Sit On These Thrones. Lord Enthrone Your Own Righteous People On These Thrones IJN.
  1. Lord restore Nigeria and your church IJN.
  1. Give thanks and sing praises to God




Daily Worship and Repentance.


  1. Declare Psalm 91 and make it a daily medicine you drink
  2. I decree by the power of the God of Elijah, terror must bury terror this year, in the name of Jesus
  3. I shall not be used as a sacrifice by the power in the blood of Jesus
  4. Vampire powers, hear the word of the Lord, drink your own blood and eat your own flesh as it is written in Isaiah 49:26
  5. Harvest must harvest in my life
  6. O Lord my Father, by Your mercy & by your ordained prophet, lead me into this year and preserve me in this year & my house, in the name of Jesus (Hosea 12:13)
  7. My father, deliver me from every agenda of destiny impotence in Jesus name.
  8. Oh Lord, behold the threatening of my hardened enemies and arise for my sake (Acts 4:25-29)
  9. Evil shall bow before the good in my life, family & nation in Jesus name (Prov. 14:19).
  10. Favour must meet favour in my life this year in Jesus name.
  11. I claim net-breaking breakthroughs, by the power in the blood of Jesus
  12. I decree my enemies shall die in my place, in the name of Jesus
  13. Oh God arise, and let my enemies be scattered in Jesus name
  14. Let the padlock from Heaven silence my silencers, in the name of Jesus
  15. Weapons brought by the enemy to the battle front must backfire
  16. Anger of mother earth, be silenced by the blood of Jesus
  17. Help me Lord not to major in vanity in Jesus
  18. The sun will not smite me by day nor the moon & the stars by night in Jesus name.
  19. My rest, my release, my restoration manifest by fire this year.
  20. The rebellious must dwell in dry land, in the name of Jesus
  21. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me in Jesus name
  22. Let the manifestation of grace in three-fold appear in my life
  23. My Father, move me to a new level of grace
  24. Anointing for profitable creativity, fall upon me now
  25. Let a fresh anointing of the Holy Ghost fall upon me now
  26. Let the wickedness of the wicked expire now in Jesus name
  27. Oh God arise and over-answer my prayers
  28. My body, hear the word of the Lord, reject infirmity in Jesus name.
  29. Famine and bareness of the soul, I am not your candidate
  30. Laziness and procrastination in my life must be exterminated in Jesus name
  31. Let the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ overshadow and surround me this year
  32. Just as Hezekiah’s reprieve from death was 15 years and the Jews were delivered from death under Esther on the 15th day, the angel of death will not visit me this year I decree in Jesus name.
  33. The enemy will not contest my voice this year. He has lost the power to contest I decree in Jesus name.
  34. The sun of my life shall not listen to the voice of witchcraft in Jesus name.
  35. God shall make the right people to help me at the right time in the right place
  36. Lord, pass through the land in violent anger and slay the wicked who have made covenants with bad spirits to destroy the nation & Your church in Jesus name.
  37. I decree that the period of mercy for the wicked in this nation is over, in the name of Jesus
  38. Oh God arise and judge every proud and arrogant leader this year.
  39. Lord, when I pass through the waters and flood, physically and spiritually, they shall not overflow me in Jesus name.
  1. By the power in the name of Jesus I stand against deceit, delay, defilement, despair, disobedience, unbelief, distraction, diversion, dishonesty, disappointment, frustration, discouragement, discord, doubt, double-mindedness, deadness & dullness IJN.



Daily Worship and Repentance.

  1. 1)    Psalm 74:3-4; From this scripture ask the Lord to lift up His feet and step into all the perpetual desolations in Nigeria and bring judgment upon all that the enemy has done in the land. Let Him silence their voices and break their banners.
  2. 2)   Nahum 2:11-13; This is God’s declaration of war against all the networks of wicked human lions in the land. Lift up your voice and declare it 7 times and turn it into prayers.
  3. 3)   Pray and invite God as the LORD OF HOSTS, MAN OF WAR and as the LION of the tribe of JUDAH to visit the strategic hideouts, installations and strongholds of every terrorist organization in Nigeria.
  4. 4)   Raise a mighty lamentation against the activities of wicked rulers with evil scepters.
  5. 5)   Ezekiel 7:3; Pray that all the contemporary sons of "Haman" and all those who promote terrorism and insecurity will be judged in this season. Let God recompense upon them all their abominations.
  6. 6)   Arise Oh Lord and arrest every evil spirit that is spreading war in Nigeria. Set Your altar in the midst of contending powers in Nigeria.
  7. 7)   De-commission every altar of violence raised against Nigeria in any part of the world; sack the priesthood; tear and burn their garments; bring an end to their lives (Ex 22:18)
  8. 8)   Nahum 3:4; Tear into pieces every sale document of Nigeria in the hands of the mistress of witchcraft. Annul, cancel and destroy in the spirit every token we gave her as a nation at the inception of Nigeria or thereafter.
  9. 9)   Prophesy the following scriptures against all the agents of terrorism who have renewed their vow to unleash misery and destruction on Nigeria and Nigerians

          Prov. 10:27, Psalm 37:35-36, Psalm 37:10-11 & Psalm 9:6

  1. 10)               A conference report titled 'Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa's Future' by a group of experts assembled by the United States National Intelligence Council predicted the possibility of 'outright collapse of Nigeria.’
  2. Thank God for still preserving Nigeria as a nation until now despite many daunting challenges.
  3. Declare that this counsel shall come to nothing, it shall not stand neither shall it come to pass (Isa.8:10). Pray that only God’s word concerning the nation shall come to pass, (Lam.3:37).Pray for the unity & peace of Nigeria.
  4. Use the blood of Jesus to cancel the forecast in the realm of the spirit. Deprogram it from all creation and the heavenlies.
  5. Pray that politicians will be wise & shall not, unwittingly, bring this forecast to pass by their actions.
  6. Pray that God will keep all foreign interlopers against Nigeria busy in their ‘backyard’.
  7. Prophesy that Nigeria becomes one of the safest and greatest nations in the world.
  8. Prophesy that Nigeria shall yet be a nation where men will queue for our visa to visit this country because of what God is doing in her.
  9. Pray that these prophecies will not tarry but begin to manifest speedily, (Isa.55:8-12).

Plead the blood of Jesus over Nigeria.

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