Prayer Points for March 2015

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 We thank the Almighty God who has preserved Nigeria with His mighty right hand and His mercies. Although we are currently going through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil because God is seated upon the throne of Nigeria.

I encourage Nigerians not to relent in prayers and to seek the face of the Lord more and more. He is able to deliver! As more and more people are calling for more and more prayers, I can ‘see’ the fingers of revival shooting out over Nigeria, Alleluia!!!!!

As usual, individuals are expected to choose at least an hour of prayer time daily and keep to it for one month. It is advisable to get a prayer partner for same hour. Call each other to ensure that both parties are praying. We appeal to churches, ministries and prayer groups to encourage their members to key into this as a block.

Receive strength to STAND till the end in Jesus name.




v  I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord. Come magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together.

v  Give God quality thanks and praise for every blessing and answered prayers you can remember over your life, your family and the body of Christ in the nation.

v  Thank God for the recent successes of the armed forces against boko haram, the agreement of Niger, Cameroun & Chad to form a multinational force to fight boko haram.

v  Appreciate God for enabling you participate in these prophetic watches over the nation. Thank Him for His grace and mercy that have been at work in your life.


When we seek the Lord in prayers in truth and sincerity, He will hear us. “Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness. Isa 59:1-3 (KJV)

v  Pray and repent of the sin of bloodshed

v  Repent of slander, evil speaking, false witness, lies

v  Repent of corrupt minds and defiled hands

v  Repent of insincerity, blasphemy, fraudulent acts, etc.

v  On behalf of yourself, family and church, confess and renounce every sin of anger, strife, disobedience, offenses, bitterness, unforgiveness, pride, dishonesty, craftiness, laziness, compromise, immorality and disunity.

v  Make atonement by the blood of Jesus at personal, family and church levels. Reconcile yourself and all things around you to God.



Commanding the morning: (Pray this daily at the end of your prayer for the day)

-        Give thanks to God for the new day (mention the day and date), and tell the day that, by the thanksgiving and your prayers, it is dedicated to the Lord.

-        Sanctify your day with the blood of the Lamb and declare it holy.

-        Command the mystery and altar of dayspring to take hold of the ends of the earth and shake the wicked out of it (Job 38:12).

-        Command every gate over your day, finances, promotion, protection, family, marriage, children, business, etc to lift up their heads so that Christ will take over the day (Psalm 24: 7 – 10).

-        Ask God to release His carpenter/blacksmith angels to fray, decimate, annihilate, exterminate and bring to nothingness every horn that has been withstanding you (Zech. 1: 21).

-        Bring to an end every legislation, accusation, sentences, etc programmed into your morning. According to Isaiah 40:24, they will not be sown, they will not be planted, their stock will not take root. O Lord, set Your face against them and blow upon them until they wither and Your whirlwind takes them out as stubble in Jesus name.

-        Reconcile every creature that the enemy has used against God’s Saints back to God through the blood of Jesus; commanding them never to yield their strength unto evil works again.

-        Neutralize every evil dream you had with the blood of Jesus. Declare that they will never manifest in your life in Jesus name. Call forth the good ones to manifest speedily.

-        I will have dominion over evil in the morning. It will never prevail over me (Psalm 49:14). I will not be afraid of the arrow that flies by day nor the terror that comes at night (Psalm 91:5).

-        Command the day to open her bowels to bless you. Speak life to the new day and programme it to cooperate with you to bring to pass all that the Lord has purposed for you.

-        If you have any prophetic word over your life, family, ministry, business, city, etc, declare it to the new day, in Jesus name. Call forth your destiny!

-        Lord, make the outgoings of my morning to rejoice (Psalm 65:8). I receive Your loving kindness every morning (Psalm 143:8). Release the beauty of Your holiness from the womb of the morning (Psalm 110:3). Let Your light break forth in my life as the morning (Psalm 58:8) and come as the rain, the latter and former rain upon the earth (Hosea 6:3). O Lord, let Your beauty be upon me and Your Saints this day. Establish Thou the work of our hands upon us today and forevermore in Jesus name (Psalm 90:17).




Thanksgiving & repentancefor personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.

  1. PSALM 69:9-10 – O Lord, wake up the Nigerian church from sleep and slumber. Let the zeal of God for Nigeria come upon her and let the reproaches of those who reproach God in this nation fall on her.
  2. 2.   Ask God to open the eyes of the Church and her leadership that this is the season of birthing a new Nigeria.
  3. 1 TIMOTHY 2: 1 - Pray to God to open the understanding of the church to make the ministry of intercession a priority of all priorities. Notice the emphasis of “FIRST OF ALL”.
  4. ACTS 7: 19-20 - Pray for the church to transform from just being a praying people to becoming a “Moses Generation” that will deliver their nation from bondage to her proper inheritance.
  1. LUKE 17: 5 - Ask the Lord to increase the faith of the church to believe all the prophetic words God has spoken concerning Nigeria.
  2. Pray that the anointing to shepherd the nation, to manage daily National happenings by prayer and proper action will come upon the church.
  3. JER. 51:20-24 - Pray that the church in Nigeria will transform into The Lord's battle axe and weapons of war against all the wicked in the land.
  4. EXODUS 7:10-12- Ask God to empower the “rods” of the praying church to swallow the “rods” of the sorcerers and enchanters as was the case in Egypt.
  5. PSALM 110:1-3 - Pray that God will make the church especially the intercessors to be willing to sacrifice more in intercession and spiritual warfare in this auspicious season of Nigeria’s Passover.
  6. 1 TIMOTHY 3:3 - The basis for ministry is continual commitment to character. JER. 29:4-7 – Pray that in this New Season the Church may be touched to renounce vanities and seek the peace of our great Nation. Pray for the restoration of ethical standards amongst Christian Leaders - Spiritual Preparedness, Social Graciousness, Self-Control, Domestic Order and Holy Living.
  7. ISA. 62:4-7 – Pray that God will open the understanding of the Church to practically marry the land of Nigeria and her institutions as the bible commands.
  8. DEUT. 11:25 – Pray that as the Church comes alive with her kingdom responsibility, let God cause the enemy camp to come under her dread and fear.
  9. PROV. 18:20-21 – Ask God to open the eyes of the church to discern that this 2015 is a year of ceaseless prophetic utterance and praying for Nigeria.
  10. JOEL 3:9, ISA. 51:18-19 – Pray that God will wake up the mighty men in the Church and teach them how to shepherd the nation and guide her into destiny.
  11. ISA 4:14-15 Pray that in this season that God will toughen the church and use her as sharp threshing instruments to radically change the course of Nigeria’s history as we pray aggressively.
  12. 1 TIMOTHY 2: 2-4 - Ask God for the spirit of prayer and intercession to come strongly upon the youth.
  13. ISA. 62:4 As part owner of this Land of Nigeria, ask God henceforth to change your relationship, attitude, thinking, mentality and disposition towards the Nation. Lord teach us to love Nigeria, seek to develop her, invest in her, provide for her, add value to her just the same way the bridegroom marries a Virgin.
  14. As an INTERCESSOR, ask God for a new daily consciousness of your responsibilities towards the land and the people of this Nation.
  15.  1 TIMOTHY 4: 12 - Pray that love, unity and exemplary living will be the watchword of the church.



Thanksgiving & repentancefor personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.

We have heard prophecies from various people of God that the wicked in the nation will face their doom.   

  1. Father we thank you for our nation Nigeria, thank you for the geography, people, natural resources, choosing Nigeria to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus. Thank God that despite our sins we are highly valued and esteemed by the Lord like the Jews.
  2. Declare that the divine judgment will serve God’s purposes in ending satanic schemes against our nation.
  3. Tear down the protective armor protecting the wicked from God’s judgment. Command every protective amour protecting the targets of God’s wrath from His judgment stones and our prayer arrows to catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus name – Nahum 2:6.
  4.  Every satanic wall of Jericho protecting the wicked, collapse and crumble in Jesus name.
  5. Use the blood of Jesus to neutralize every blood sacrifice the wicked have made or are making or will make to avert or divert God’s judgment stones and arrows.
  6. Decree that the judgment stones God will cast will hit the targets with divine precision and that they shall not escape. (Josh.10:11; Ps.11:6; Pr.2:22; Hab.3:9-13).
  7.  O judgment stones of God, locate your targets by fire and let the will of God be done in Nigeria in Jesus name.
  8. Pray that the shakings & punishments will produce fruits of repentance in those who have not sold their souls to the devil.
  9. Pray with Psalm 27:5-7, 91 &16. Make sure you pay your tithe and ask God to rebuke devourers for your sake.
  10. Lord we proclaim: “Lord God of Israel, there is no God in heaven or on earth like You, who keep Your covenant and mercy with Your servants who walk before You with all their hearts.” (2Chr.6:14). In judgment Lord, remember mercy and protect the righteous and the innocent.
  11. I decree that I and my house shall not partake of dangers flying around Nigeria & the world.
  12. O Lord grant us greater understanding of the battles going on for soul of Nigeria & increase our ability to respond adequately in prayer & prophetic warfare.
  13. We decree that we shall not experience hell on earth in Jesus name.
  14. I decree that I & my house shall not fall into traps set for others or the ones set for us.
  15. O Lord set Your watch over me & my house, guide our feet unto the path of righteousness & peace.


Thanksgiving & repentancefor personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.

  1. Make elaborate Repentance and Confession of sins on behalf of the President, his family and government. (Remember that God can judge a nation on account of the sins of their king)
  2. Ask God to grant MR. PRESIDENT a new encounter/visitation to encourage him, and to renew his heart with divine assurance.
  3. Pray that as God insured and assured Joshua when he faced the grim task of leadership, so will He do to our President as he leads Nigeria into this season. JOSHUA 1:5
  4.   Pray that God will not leave nor forsake him at such a time like this in the history of Nigeria. JOSHUA 1:5
  5.  With lifted up voices, proclaim his full name – DR. GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN - 7times and fasten JOSHUA 1:6 upon him.
  6.  Pray that the grace to do right and to walk in the perfect will of God for Nigeria will come strongly on him in this season. JOSHUA 1:7
  7. Pray that he will maximize the use of his authority in all areas and not “bear the sword in vain” as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. ROM.13:4
  8. Ask the Lord to open his eyes to strategic things to do in the new season that has come upon the Nation.
  9.  READ JUDGES 6:34 Pray that the Spirit of God will come upon MR. PRESIDENT, turn him into a new man and enable him to achieve unusual feats that will amaze Nigerians – 1 Samuel 10:6.
  10. Pray that God will grant the President His judgment and wisdom as he takes major decisions at such a critical time in the history of Nigeria. PSALM 72:1.
  11. READ GEN. 1:3 Let us prophesy light, understanding, divine help and counsel upon the President in all he says and does.
  12. Let us prophesy that in this critical period, every difficult thing will become easy for him. Prophesy and decree divine protection, guidance and preservation for him as long as He lasts as President over this nation.
  13. Pray down the grace, wisdom and strategy of God on him as he tackles the peculiar and structured problems of a Nation as complex as Nigeria.
  14. READ ISA. 11:2 Pray that the Seven Spirits of God will manifest strongly in the life of MR. PRESIDENT and His cabinet in this season of birthing a new nation.
  15. READ ZECH. 4:9 Ask God to bless him with good health to enable him accomplish his divine mission in the nation and to complete his tenure according to the will of God.
  16. Pray that God will brood over the entire Aso Rock and shield the President from every evil influence of ceaseless enchantment, spells, divinations, sorcery, curses and other wicked imaginations of men. NUM. 23:23
  17. Bind every spirit of witchcraft and manipulation around him.


Thanksgiving & repentance for personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.

Divine intervention can be described as help from GOD to effect a change that is impossible for man. It is a supernatural act of GOD’s help that makes people marvel at GOD’S awesomeness. We need divine intervention when everything around us physically and spiritually point to a definite tragedy or when GOD’s enemies are almost boasting of their victory over His people.

Presently there seems to be a corporate bewitchment and hypnotism over NIGERIANS to believe a lie, let us therefore pray down the hand of GOD’s intervention to arrest this situation, so that only the perfect will of GOD is done in this coming election.

Begin by singing this song over and over again.

  1. Who has the final say, Jehovah has the final say (2times)

Jehovah turn Nigeria around (2 times)

He makes a way where there is no way

Jehovah has the final say.

b) Who can battle with the Lord (3 times)

I say nobody, I say no power

  1. 1.   Read 1 SAM. 23: 14-29 - Give GOD quality praise and worship because He will always show up at the nick of time. He will never be late in the affairs of NIGERIA especially in the forth-coming general elections.
  2. 2.   1 SAM. 23:27 - Pray that GOD will raise a holy distraction in the camp of the enemies of God’s will for the nation (Saul); so that the ones chosen by God (David) will be spared and crowned according to the will of GOD.
  3. 3.   1 SAM. 23:14 - Pray that the GOD-factor that delivered David in the days when Saul frantically sought to eliminate him will play out strongly in our coming election. Let GOD make all the difference in NIGERIA’S 2015 general elections.
  4. 4.   1 SAM. 23:16 - Request GOD in this election to raise a “Jonathan” company that will cross over to the Davids to strengthen their hands in GOD.
  5. 5.   1 SAM. 23: 19-20 - As the Ziphites were disgraced who volunteered to betray David into the hands of Saul, so shall they be disgraced in NIGERIA, all who have risen up to betray the will of GOD in this coming general election.
  6. 6.   2 CHRN. 20: 22 - Invite GOD to set an ambush against every camp or philosophy that seeks to defeat the will and purpose of the Almighty for NIGERIA.
  7. 7.   2 CHRN. 20: 23 - Pray that the enemies of the purpose of GOD in NIGERIA will on their own accord help to waste one another directly and indirectly.
  8. 2 CHRN. 20: 29-30 - Pray that the fear of GOD will grip the foreign interlopers interfering in the affairs of Nigeria & our neighboring countries when they will hear how GOD fought for NIGERIA during this election. As it happened during the reign of Jehoshaphat, ask GOD to bring NIGERIA unusual calmness and rest both during and after this election.
  9. Read ESTHER 6: 1-14 - The night before Mordecai was to die, GOD intervened and he was rather honored and promoted. This is the year the enemies of NIGERIA have plotted to destroy her – let us cry out to GOD and say – JEHOVAH INTERVENE and honour NIGERIA instead. Declare and say even if it remains one day for NIGERIA to die, GOD will intervene and save her.
  10. 10.                When GOD intervened in the case of Mordecai, the death intended for him never occurred. Let us in the same vein, decree that the deaths, humiliation, shame, violence, dismemberment and evil expected of NIGERIA this year will not occur.
  11. 11.                ACTS 12: 5-9 - The night before Herod was to execute Peter GOD intervened and sent him an Angel who masterminded his release. In this crucial year, 2015, when the destiny of NIGERIA is hanging on the balance, let us request GOD to dispatch strong Angels to every polling station, wards and constituencies to forestall danger, violence and guide the hearts of voters to vote according to the will of God.
  12. 12.                ISAIAH 37: 33-35 - As it happened to the king of Assyria, pray that all the enemies of NIGERIA will be forced to make a “U” turn because GOD will intervene to defend NIGERIA for His name sake.
  13. PSALM 20: 1-4 - NIGERIA is passing through a time of trouble. Pray that GOD will intervene and hear the cry of the praying community in this season. Pray that the name of the GOD of Jacob will defend NIGERIA and that He will send her help from His sanctuary.
  14. In the natural, NIGERIA is like a plane about to crash. Therefore, pray and say “Father in our situation in NIGERIA INTERVENE! Declare this 21times.


Thanksgiving & repentancefor personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.

Some prophetic words for Nigeria and the church through the Wailing Women intercessory ministry received in January 2015.

1. ‘’I have rescued Nigeria from the lions’ den’’. Thank the Lord for this rescue.

2. ‘’The Church should not pray like the disciples in the Acts when Peter was arrested and released by the Angel and Rhoda came and said he was standing at the door and they doubted - Acts 12. They should not pray in fear and doubt but should believe in God that is able to do all things. They should pray with assurance and conviction knowing that He that cometh to Me must believe that I am and a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Me.’’  Repent for yourself and the church for the sin of unbelief. Ask God for the gift of Faith and the enablement to walk by faith and not by sight.

3.’’ The season and the tide have changed. I am your EBENEZER. NIGERIA IS SAFE AND SECURE. I AM NOT THE GOD OF MOON AND STAR. I AM THE LIVING GOD.
I use the wicked to correct the righteous. Not because the wicked is supposed to be in the place of the righteous. When the wicked rules, it is a chastisement. My SCEPTRE HAS GONE FORTH.’’
Worship and thank God for being our Ebenezer, the only one & true God. Thank Him for keeping the nation secure & safe. Ask for grace for the Church to receive the correction  God’s chastisement intends, make amends so the church can rule according to divine order. 

4. “ 2015 marks a New Beginning for Nigeria; the beginning of another centenary,
​whatever that has kept Nigeria back must be cut off ‘’.
Pray that God will use His mighty right hand ( Psalm 118:16) to cut off whatever is holding the nation back from fulfilling divine destiny.

5. ‘’The way some foreign nations perceive Nigeria is not good.
Nations that endorsed the GAY Movement are not happy with Nigeria, but Nigeria will be a stumbling block’’.
Thank God for His grace that enabled the lawmakers & the President to pass a law that is against homosexuality, to make Nigeria to be on God’s side. Ask for more grace to withstand the foreign interlopers and never to repeal the law or water it down.

6. ‘’NIGERIA IS A BEAUTIFUL LAND - Number 23:22-24. Nigeria has FOUND FAVOUR before the Lord. The individuals that want to destroy Nigeria, I will not give Nigeria into their hands. I will give Nigeria to the PATRIOTS. I will not give it to those who want to get what they can from her and leave her impotent, but I will give Nigeria to those who know the worth of Nigeria. I will rule in NIGERIA By my outstretched Arm’’.
Declare God as the Alpha and Omega over Nigeria in 2015. 

7. ‘’It is a season of discovery.  The things that have been forgotten will be reactivated and get attention. The things men have forgotten in the area of the economy will be revamped ‘’.  Ask God to mark the season of Nigeria. Thank God for the fall in the price of oil & government revenue. Pray that this will turn our focus away from oil & make the nation to develop the resources that God has blessed her with. Pray that government will no longer pay lip service to the diversification of the economy. Ask for divine strategies to harness the resources of the nation.

8. “ALIGN NIGERIA TO MY WILL AND PURPOSE.” Ask the Lord to sit on the Throne of Nigeria, not because of anybody but for HIS name’s sake. Declare God is a Just God, Governor of nations.

9. Decree that the lot of Nigeria will not be divided. Pray that God will use the 2015 elections to show men that HE is the One that appoints kings. Ask God to disgrace anyone appointed by men/satan. Ps. 46: 10: Be still and know that I AM GOD; I will be exalted amongst the heathen.

10. Proclaim Isaiah 63 over Nigeria.

11. Ask the Lord to strengthen the Bars of the gates of believers. Pray using Psalm 147:13. Oh Lord strengthen the Bars of our gates.

12. PRAY FOR NIGERIAN YOUTHS – ‘’Pray for the Youths, they want to use them in this election. Pray, let the plan turn against the plotters.  They want to use unemployment as a bait’’.



14. ‘’Many people you see are double minded. Their mind is failing them and they cannot withstand any shaking ‘’. Ask God for increased faith for believers & the enablement to walk by faith.


15. ‘’Many intercessors are standing with 2 camps. They have one leg here and one leg there. But a man of double mind cannot please God. Ask them to bring their legs together. They cannot be here and there. It is time to choose where to stand. They should defend their decision to the end’’. Pray that God should cut off the sepulcher throat of believers; for them to see themselves as God sees them, and to repent & stand on the Lord’s side.

16.’’It is not about intercession and prayer. When Christ shall come, will He find faith? Faith that is unmovable. The weather forecasters have forecast turbulence and storm, but I AM MASTER OF THE STORM. Always know, I am the Master of the storm ‘’.
Ask the Lord to grant you and your camp peace, the enablement to be still and know that He is God, THE MASTER OF THE STORM.


Sing this song:


Master of the universe, conqueror of the world (2 times)

You are the Head over principalities, You are the Head over powers,

You are the Master of the universe

You are the King of kings, we worship You Lord

You are the Lord of lords, we worship You Lord



Thanksgiving & repentance for personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.

Rigged elections, corruption and violence during electioneering campaigns and election days are problems that hinder true democratic governance in Nigeria and these happen despite billions of naira spent organizing these elections. The result is that those announced as winners are not always the ones voted for by the people. And all this is because of electoral malpractices.

  1. Pray that the perfect divine will of God be done for the 2015 elections. Ask God to witness to the hearts of voters His own candidates for each position and guide them to vote accordingly.
  2.  Pray God to enable the electorate to shun bribes and all other electoral vices. Ask God to make Nigerians steadfast and never fall into the temptation to sell their votes.
  3. Pray that INEC should be an impartial and incorruptible electoral body.
  4. Pray that the Spirit of God will brood over INEC, all the people that will conduct the elections, their equipment, and all logistics. That God will perfect all their preparations.
  5. Pray that security agencies be properly equipped to bring unruly people to order and particularly political thugs.
  6. Many Nigerian politicians have an attitude of attacking and assassinating their opponents.  Ask the Lord to forgive us as a nation for the sin of bloodshed. Pray that those who are involved in this wickedness should either repent or be judged by God, (Psa. 9:15-20; Psa. 7:9, 14-16; Job 18:5-19). Pray that their wickedness should no longer be hidden but that they be exposed and punished.
  7. Ask the Lord to withstand all our leaders and other wicked people who shed innocent blood in our land.
  8. Use Jeremiah 17:5-6 to judge those who use godfathers & satanic powers to seek for political office, wealth & to exercise satanic dominion over Nigeria.
  9. Pray for an end to political violence and godfatherism.
  10. Ask God to expose, disgrace & judge all those planning to rig the elections in any way. Pray that their plans will fail woefully & work against them instead.
  11. Pray God to lead the electorate to vote into political offices people who are able, love the truth, fear God and who hate covetousness, (Exodus 18: 21).
  12. Pray God to give us leaders with a shepherd heart who will lead us with integrity of heart and skillfulness, (Psalm 78: 72).
  13. Pray God to give us men after His own heart; who have not soiled their hands with blood in the place of occultism (i.e. human rituals).
  14. Pray God to give us leaders who will not take or give bribe but walk uprightly and speak the truth always, (Psalm 15: 2 – 5).
  15. Decree that there will be no violence before, during & after the elections, let all those planning violence be consumed by their violence.
  16. The youth will no longer agree to be used as thugs.
  17. Pray that Nigeria experiences free and fair elections in 2015 and beyond.
  18. Ask God to command His quietness & peace in Nigeria so that everybody will accept the result of the elections as the perfect divine will of God.
  19. Pray that there be honest and fair opposition and genuine leadership in Nigeria.
  20. Pray God to upturn all plots by any political party if their hidden agenda is to Islamize Nigeria. Also pray God to purge corruption in political parties.



Thanksgiving & repentancefor personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.

The Israeli election campaign is in full swing. The election slated for the 17th March 2015, is coming at a crucial time as we see more chaos, confusion and anti-Semitism rising up in the world, as well as a more dangerous situation developing surrounding Israel.

  1. 1.   Pray from LEV. 25:23; EZEKIEL 36:5; JOEL 3:1-2 Lord, You have said Israelis are often stubborn and stiff-necked. Use that for good as they see that Prime Minister Netanyahu is the only real electable choice to stand up to the world powers wanting to divide Your land.
  2. 2.   DANIEL 4: 25 Lord, overrule the analyses of men and raise Your chosen servant to lead Israel into the future so that men will "… know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He will."
  3. JER. 3:14-15, 23:3-4 Almighty One, we remind You of Your precious promises to Israel, that when You bring them back to this land, You would give them Shepherds after your heart.
  4. 4.   We ask for an overwhelming victory to be given to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party, to be able to run this nation with a minimal amount of compromise.
  5. PSALM 115: 1-3 Abba Father, give us a government through whom You can be glorified in Israel.
  6. Pray for protection over the nation of Israel from the deceptive manipulation of most of the media - both Israel's and internationally.
  7. Lord, deal with the huge arsenal of missiles in Hezbollah's possession.

Give the Israeli Defense Force a map and plans to take this threat out of   existence.

  1. Ask God to continue to give Israel game-changing weapons, reveal the truth of Syria's nuclear program and give wisdom to Israel as to what to do.


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