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PROPHECIES FOR NIGERIA – 2015 - Wednesday 11th March, 2015

Every child of God and good citizen of Nigeria must seek God’s face for this country as we are in a very delicate period in the life of our dear nation.

We must all take this duty very seriously and not with levity by ensuring that we pray for God’s mercy. We must pray for our politicians for God to grant them wisdom so that Nigeria will not collapse in their hands.

There is battle on ground already in Nigeria and we need to pray for God to quench the fire already kindled by enemies of Nigeria. After the war of these leaders, and irrespective of the person or party who wins, they will pounce back on the South West.

Irrespective of anyone who wins the election, the agenda of God for Nigeria will stand and be fulfilled. We must pray against external forces i.e. world powers that have ganged up against Nigeria. These are people from afar who want to aid others but Nigeria will cross over. God’s agenda for Nigeria is for her to be the hope for end time evangelism and the economic hub of Africa. Irrespective of any turbulence, Boko Haram and all sorts, Nigeria will not break up.

An event will occur in Nigeria but God said there is no hope yet neither is it time for change. It is not yet time for hope but it will come later. It is not yet time for Nigerians to rejoice and celebrate. That is not to say that you won’t vote but it is not yet time for Nigeria’s hope so no one should rejoice yet. There will be political and economic setback. A new system of corruption will evolve next year. In spite of whatever is happening, you have to go out to exercise your voting right. If you don’t vote, you are an enemy of Nigeria.


God did not mention any other region except the South West. We must specifically pray for South West, Nigeria, as after the game, it will pay a price. There is a big conspiracy for which the South West will fall a victim and so they are going to pay heavy price.

God said other regions will conspire against and afflict South West. This will also affect the church. Both sides clamoring to rule the country have their agenda. The two groups have their negative agenda for the South West.

The South West will pay a price for working contrary to God’s agenda as God has given up the region in judgment and has placed the cane of affliction of the region in the hands of any leader that emerges from either party to afflict the South West. It is unpleasant.

The South West did something, but God did not tell me.

I saw other regions standing against the South West. The South West will face problems in Nigeria’s politics. The region is behind and will go further backwards. Something wants to repeat itself the second time but it will be tougher for the South West. There will be no joy for the South West in the first four years coming politically. Don’t rejoice yet.

God said He will deal with religious leaders in the South West. I saw glories going down and pillars/flags destroyed in the South West. People whom we never thought could ever fail or fall declined and fell utterly as a result of the political trend. They will begin to depreciate because of the issue of Nigeria, particularly religious leaders.

We must pray for the South West.


God showed me something on the sea throwing objects into the city of Lagos and there was a standstill. This will invariably affect the city’s economy. We need to pray for Lagos.

Pastor S. Iyunade

Wed. 11th March, 2015



Permit us to share a little bit about the prophetic credential of the Pastor/Prophet. He has over the years confirmed authentic prophetic unction. E.g.

  • In 1998, he was in a vehicle travelling to Abeokuta when he told the brother driving, “Abiola is going to die; God just told me.” MKO died three days later.
  • Before the emergence of Obasanjo, he told the congregation, “the next leader of Nigeria is coming from prison.”
  • Before Yar’adua emerged, he told the congregation, “the next president will not be able to do everything for himself. In fact, other people will campaign for him”. (We remember Yar’adua was in Germany while campaign for him was going on.)
  • January 2015, he told the church, “There will be no election on Feb. 14. God showed me Feb. 14 and people are moving about normally.”
  • etc


0 #3 Sola 2016-04-06 10:44
Which church does Pastor S. Iyunade pastor?
+1 #2 Kenny 2015-04-16 16:19
God used the famine in Egypt to elevate Joseph, i believe that whatever happens, the true children of God shall be blessed.
0 #1 Amina Ukiwe 2015-04-14 08:15
May Gods perfect will be done

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