Birthing A New Dimension of Prophetic Office

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DREAM EXPERIENCE: About 4am this morning (28th August 2015), I had a dream experience.

I was in a retreat with some brethren including some elders in the Church. We were sharing in small groups of about seven to eight people when a fine looking European (German) came and joined us. I was disturbed in the spirit at his presence and discerned that he needed deliverance ministration. I was explaining to him that he needed to be ministered to for him to experience the fullness of what God had for him when he started laughing.

According to him, there was nobody in the Church that had what it takes to deal with what he was carrying. I asked him how he came to that conclusion, and whether he had heard of people like Uma Ukpai; a suggestion that made him laugh even more. He insisted that nothing in the Church presently could handle what he was carrying.

At that point I asked him what he was carrying that the Church could not handle and others in the group joined in making the same inquiry. I told him that the way we will pray for him, we will put a ring around him spiritually that either the devil leaves him or the confrontation will last until one party is annihilated. At that point he asked if we wanted to see what he was carrying and we answered in the affirmative. At that moment he pulled back a bit and manifested himself as a seven headed dragon. He became so ugly and fearful and his visage became dreadful in appearance.

At that point I had understanding that the name by which he introduced himself meant something like anti-Christ. I also understood in a flash that he was possessed by the spirit of a Nephal (fallen angel). This was not just an ordinary case of demonic possession but an issue involving a fallen angel manifesting through a man in flesh and blood.

The Spirit of the Lord asked me to write down the experience and what he was about to tell me and I knelt by my bed to start writing on my tablet:


“The Lord wants to birth a new dimension of the prophetic office in this season and requires the co-operation of Zion to bring forth this purpose NOW. Their ministry will be needed to confront men who have become gods who have increased in numbers in the various mountains of society. This is what the seven heads of this dragon represents.

The word of the Lord in Mk.9:29 stood before me while I was still considering the strange dream: This kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting.

The Lord said to me that this new dimension of the prophetic office was needed to confront what was coming on the earth at this time by the machinations of the sixth chamber of hell.

He gave me His word in the last Chapter of the Book of Malachi and asked me to call the Church with a hearing ear to prayer and waiting to birth this new dimension of the prophetic ministry that will enable him to do the following:

1.       To bring forth this day that burns like an oven against the wicked both in Nigeria and the nations of the world.

2.       To bring forth this new dimension of the prophetic office that will unleash the sun of righteousness and result in healings and solutions.

3.       Those who drive this purpose will be a Church like Moses that keeps covenants, statutes and judgments.

4.       The release of the Elijah mantle to be birthed on African soil from where it will spread its influence to other nations. I will comment on this later. (See Mal.4:1-6)

‘Son, the prophetic resources available on earth today cannot handle what has been released by the sixth chamber of hell. These devils (nephilims) have touched ground on European soil already but their target is to corrupt my work that is incubating in Africa.

Africa will contact these devils through their reliance on Europe and America for aid. That is why they are making the bowing to homosexuality a pre-condition for foreign aid.

Cry out for mercy for South Africa, for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Angola and Nigeria. The devils were laughing when you mentioned Uma Ukpai because what is available on earth today even at the level of Uma Ukpai cannot handle them. The earth is in trouble if these prophetic vessels – carriers of the prophetic office, in this new realm are not birthed on My timing.

My time table for releasing these new vessels is the Jewish new year of 2015 (between 13th to 15th September 2015 that corresponds to Tishrei 1, 5776) that will break into the Jewish year of 5776 which is a year of new dimensions in prophetic authority.

The dimension of the prophetic office which the Church is enjoying today (that is being phased out) was birthed in America in the fifties and sixties.

The new dimension will be birthed in Africa especially in Nigeria.

The Church in Nigeria especially the sons of the prophets are to cry for this. A prophetic meeting in September to coincide with the Jewish New Year will be helpful. @4am, 28th August 2015.


Judge the spirit of slumber and dizziness that is released upon the Church through sorcery in high government quarters.

OPEN VISION: At this time I was kneeling writing the word of the Lord when I had this open vision:

I saw a road that looked like a broad way. By the side of this road, I saw a tall, black and slender looking lady wearing what looked like a wedding gown asleep by the side of the road near a gutter. She was looking fatigued, burnt out and weak. The Spirit of the Lord says to me that the lady was the Nigerian Church.

That the Church was seduced through gifts by political thieves especially during the 2015 elections and in that way brought into a marriage with the spirit of the world. The spirit of the world has raped her, robbed her of its adornments and abandoned her by the road side. The Spirit of the Lord says that the key to its recovery is in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Lk.10:25-37).


Afterwards, I read the three scriptures the Lord used to speak to me as stated: Mk.9:29; Mal.4:1-6 and Lk.10:25-37. My comments would be around Luke 10. Please read the other scriptures and share what you receive if you have additional insight.

The three personalities that featured in the parable speak about three kinds of churches and Priesthoods.

  • The Church of Priests is talking about a church that has been blinded by religion and tradition that goes on building monuments when the people it is supposed to minister to are dying or decaying.
  • The Church of the Levites, is the Church that once had a calling and a vision but has become diverted so that it has lost its sight and vision. Like the traditional church, it has lost its ability to meet needs because it has been bogged down by a system.
  • Let’s look at the Church of a certain Samaritan: Firstly, it has its own beast, meaning that it has a separate walk with God that is not bogged down by religious systems. It has oil and wine, meaning that it is clothed with both the character of God and his gifting. In this way it has real power to meet present needs drawing on resources bestowed by heaven. It is also a church that is willing to pay the price. He was able to deposit money at the inn for the treatment of the wounded man. The inn here speaks of a place of feeding and refreshing where present truth is fed by the Spirit of God.

This is the Church that will pay the price to be restored to the place where it can meet present needs and be the vessel through which the Lord brings forth this new order of Prophets with Elijah mantles.


It will be profitable if the Church should set aside the week preceding the Jewish New Year of 2015 to fast and pray. Cry that the Lord will bestow on the Church this new dimension of the prophetic anointing that will meet present needs. The Lord will give you wisdom to decide on the mode of fasting suitable for your group if you seek Him about this.

Those with prophetic calling should wait on the Lord and watch between the 13th and 15th of September 2015. The Lord will do something new in Africa, particularly Nigeria that will bless the nations of the world. The Lord has set His heart to do this and may you be found worthy to partner with him to birth this purpose.

In the Master’s Presence!




Revival Altar, 28-08-15.


0 #3 Dimeji Michael 2017-08-31 17:35
I just saw this post after 2 years but I must confess that it's accurate and precise. The prophecy is still in motion and the Nigerian church should not give up
0 #2 Pstor Matthew 2017-02-04 10:02
I just saw this posts now, though I am not really into the prophetic but I believe our group can still glean from the revelations not minding the timing. What is your prophetic counsel? Thank you sir.
0 #1 Oladokun Yusuf 2015-09-06 11:15
May Almighty God, the only true God reward you accordingly.

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