Nigeria: Waiting For A Righteous Leader


God started speaking to me about the political situation in Nigeria in 1993, when the nation was preparing for the general election under the rule of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. As every living adult in Nigeria today can recollect that the junta, General Ibrahim Babangida set the dates for the general election which included the presidential, more than once and nothing good came out of his wasteful billion Naira exercise.

Two Cups of Divine Fury


On Thursday 08th January 2015, a brother and Christian Minister who I pray with weekly came around to share a vision he had earlier in the week with me.

Revelation of the Nigerian Church and Nation


                    BY SOLOMON OLA OLONADE


Calvary greeting to the Church of God in Nigeria in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a great privilege for me to share this message that the Lord gave me to the Body of Christ in our nation Nigeria.

Prayer Points for January 2015

There are two sections in this prayer guide. Section One was prepared by The Remnants Fellowship while Section Two was prepared by Intercessors for Nigeria.

God bless you as you pray.



Welcome to our (Nigeria) crucible year! There’s a titration going on in heaven’s laboratory now concerning Nigeria - the battle for her soul (kingdom) is at its peak. What each child of God decides to do will determine what the end result will be as authority bearers upon the earth (Psalm 115:16). Join us to partner with God to bring His Kingdom down in Nigeria. Take just an hour every night between the hours of 12 midnight and 6 a.m. to call on God to look upon Nigeria and her people with mercy and restore her.

God bless you and Happy New Year.








  1.    Jeremiah 32:17-21

Father Lord in the name of Jesus, I thank You for:

  1.     Keeping me/family throughout 2014 hale & hearty & bringing us triumphantly to 2015.
  2.     The salvation of my soul, baptizing me with the holy spirit & fire, spiritual growth & grace to work in righteousness.
  3.     Working in me, enabling me to work out my salvation with fear & trembling.
  4.     Producing spiritual gifts in my life & the fruit of the Spirit working in me.
  5.      Filling my mouth with laughter, new songs & testimonies.
  6.      Your divine plan for my life & all the ways You intervene in my life & affairs.
  7.     Engraving me & my house in the palms of Your hand, You never leave nor forsake us.
  8.     Spiritual insight & growth, bringing me to a place of maturity & deeper life in You.
  9.      Lifting me up when I fall, keeping me/family in perfect peace & making all things to work together for good for us.
  10.      Protecting us from the snare of the fowler & noisome pestilence.
  11.     The wonder working power in Your Word & the blood of Jesus.
  12.      Giving Your angels permanent charge over us, fighting all our battles & making us more than conquerors.
  13.   Prospering my ministry & the grace to do Your work.
  14.     Supplying all our needs exceedingly abundantly according to Your riches in glory.
  15.     Your healing power upon our bodies, souls & spirit.
  16.     Flooding my    heart with the light of heaven, always causing me to triumph in Christ Jesus.
  17.      Turning my curses into blessings, sorrow into great joy, weeping into laughter & defeat into unchallengeable victories that are resistant to hindrances.
  18.      Making Your greatness, power, glory, wisdom, majesty, splendor & righteousness to bear on me thus enabling me to excel in Christ Jesus.
  19.     Silencing my foes & avengers, not allowing my enemies to rejoice, gloat or triumph over me.
  20.        Delivering my soul from death, my eyes from tears & my feet from stumbling.
  21.     Dispersing spiritual blindness & deafness from my spirit.
  22.     Your acts of power & surpassing greatness.
  23.    Your faithfulness, mercies, marvelous deeds & wonderful love which has neither measure nor end.
  24.     All the blessings of life.

Father, You are great & greatly to be praised in Jesus name



Thanksgiving & repentance for personal sins, the sins of the government, politicians & Nigeria.

  1.     Commit the 2015 national elections unto God and decree that only the perfect will of God will be done.
  2.     Pray for the Spirit of the living God to fall upon the kings (appointed) for the thrones i.e. all the positions of authority & influence in Nigeria. Call forth their mantles of office.

Explanation: The king for the throne will be of king David mould: a consecrated man after God’s heart; who maintains a healthy intimate relationship with the Lord; willing to obey God’s will to the letter no matter the consequences; to whom God has given a blueprint to govern His people; who operates in the wisdom, temperament and spiritual gifts of God; is guided by the Word and Spirit of the living God; and will rule for God not for himself, his tribe/town or his religion.

For this king David to establish God’s order on the polity he needs to be endued with power from on high as Jesus was when He walked the earth. God needs to work in him both to will and to do of His good pleasure and will conclude with placing a mantle of authority on him. So even if one were Born-again in the spirit but is not inhabited by Christ to do this job, he will end up a casualty. We must wake up the Davids through prayers and prod them to their destinations through prayers.

4. Dethrone every person that has been crowned in the satanic kingdom and enthroned king David.

Explanation: At every election in Nigeria (as in many parts of the world) some contestants go to shrines to acquire powers to defeat their opponents. At major levels, especially presidential, gubernatorial, national /state assemblies and local government positions which are executive, enthronements are done in satanic realms first before it materializes in the physical. In a particular State in 2007, Party Chairmen of Political parties went to another State to swear an evil oath on whose candidate should be the Governor.  We should therefore remove their diadem and crown, and pull them down from the throne (Ezekiel 21: 25- 27). Remember to enthrone king David. Do not allow a vacuum! 

  1.     Keep asking the Lord to enthrone the Davids & their mighty men.
  2.     Ask God to release more grace unto His Saints to pay the required price, persevere and keep Praying Until Something Happens (PUSH). Help us, O Lord, to be still even when by sight we are not seeing the manifestation of Your word. Perfect, establish, strengthen and settle us this season (1 Peter 5:10).
  3.     Pray for God to hasten to perform His word. He should not tarry any longer lest our hearts grow cold.
  4.      There are Christian leaders who are trading the purpose of God for a pot of porridge (i.e. they have the spirit of Esau). Cut off their influence over the people and turn their counsel into foolishness so that God’s people will hear the voice of the Lord directly. Pray that God will expose, disgrace and destroy the irredeemable ones.
  5.      Pray that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened this season to ‘see’ the new thing that the Lord is doing (Ephesians 1: 17-18, Isaiah 43:19). Pray to anoint our eyes with eye-salve so you can see spiritual things clearly through God’s eyes thus avoiding a lot of deception going on now.
  6. Pray God to enable the electorate to shun bribes and all other electoral vices. Ask God to make Nigerians steadfast and never fall into the temptation to sell their votes.
  7.  Pray that INEC should be an impartial and incorruptible electoral body.
  8.  Pray that security agencies be properly equipped to bring unruly people to order and particularly political thugs.
  9. Pray God to lead the electorate to vote into political offices people who are able, love the truth, fear God and who hate covetousness, (Exodus 18: 21).
  10. Pray that Nigeria experiences free and fair elections, free from violence in 2015 and beyond.
  11.  Pray God to use the present political upheaval in the ruling party to turn things around for good for this nation. Pray that this crisis may bring about the much-needed purging Nigeria so desires.
  1.  Pray God to upturn all plots of any political whose hidden agenda is to Islamize Nigeria.
    1. Certain persons have threatened that blood will flow if power does not return to the north by 2015. Decree that it is their blood that will flow because the will of God for the elections must be done. The blood of the innocent will not flow.


Thanksgiving & repentancefor personal sins, the sins of the government, politicians & Nigeria.

Plead the blood of Jesus on Nigeria, the church. yourself, family, properties, ministry & everything that pertains to you.

  1.     Father we thank you for our nation Nigeria, thank you for the geography, eliminating the ebola virus, people, for protection from natural disasters, plagues, liberty to be Christians, natural resources, choosing Nigeria to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus. Thank God that despite our sins we are highly valued and esteemed by You like the Jews.
  2.       Declare the Lordship reign, dominion supremacy of God over Nigeria.
  3.     Cry to the Lord to frustrate the strategies & efforts of the enemies of His will & agenda for Nigeria. Isaiah 8:9-10.
  4.     Pray that the will of God will be done in Nigeria as it is in heaven.
  5.     O Lord make the lives of all those troubling the nation & making it ungovernable become unliveable.
  6.      Psalm 82:8 – O Lord rise up & judge satanic gatekeepers in Nigeria for Nigeria is Your inheritance.
  7.     Let the power of peace & progress overshadow Nigeria.
  8.     O God give us God fearing leaders. Enthrone Your David with his mighty men in all spheres of influence & positions of authority in Nigeria.
  9.     Psalm 68:30 ask the Lord to rebuke the spearmen calling for war & their supporters who profit from their wickedness.
  10. Ask the Lord to release warring angels to parade & patrol the nation, eliminate all satanic agents/priesthood/demonic prophets & thwart their plans/schemes for all forthcoming elections.
  11. Ezekiel 6:1-7 prophesy against satanic alters, shrines & covens where men go to draw power to exercise satanic dominion over the nation contrary to the will of God.
  12.  Haggai 2:6 ask the Lord to shake all satanic alters, power base, structures & institutions in the heavens over Nigeria.
  13. Pray that all the altars of righteousness that have been raised  unto the Living God in Aso Rock Abuja, 36 states of Nigeria, Confluence Centre, Lokoja, River Niger, River Benue, Atlantic Ocean, Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos,  at the various D/C Lines and Power substations, the altar of JUBILEE raised unto the Lord in 2010,  in Ibadan and many parts of the nation when His Banner, THE FLAG OF THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, was displayed and lifted up; the prophetic actions that were done in all the local governments in the nation; should begin to speak righteousness over the nation until the righteousness of God fills the nation. Ask the lord to strengthen & fortify these altars with fresh fire & oil.
  14. Pray that the new Nigeria that has been birthed in the spirit, as God has revealed to some of His children, should manifest.
  15. Pray for the president - God did not make a mistake in putting him there. There is a purpose. If there are shortcomings in this man, it is because rather than pray, Christians have been abusing him.
  16.  Ezek 37:15-28 Ask God to cause peace, love and unity to manifest amongst all tribes or groups as part of the fruits of righteous leadership; let there be extinction of tribalism and evil in the nation so that Nigeria can be a place of refuge.


Thanksgiving & repentancefor personal sins and the sins of the Church.

  1.     Pray for great Holy Spirit conviction of the leadership & followership in the church to see their spiritual condition, how far the church has departed from the apostolic standards laid by our Lord Jesus, repent & return to the original christianity.
  2.      O God of Elijah that answers by fire, trouble by fire all those that are troubling the Israel of the body of Christ in Nigeria.
  3.      Decree that all the enemies of the Church should scatter unto desolation.
  4.      O  God arise & uproot everything You did not plant in Your body in Nigeria.
  5.     Let the fire of revival fall upon the church.
  6.     Pray for unity in the church in Nigeria & that the arrows of division being fired at the church should backfire.
  7.     Pray that the church should be delivered from the doctrine of men & the multiplicity of interests. That the church should begin to see through the eyes of Jehovah what He is saying now about Nigeria & the church.
  8.      Pray that as the church gets understanding, it will have the corporate vision to execute the will of God.
  9.     Luke 5:36-39, principle of new wine skin. Ask the Lord to break the church out of the old wine skin structure which cannot contain the new wine that He wants to pour into the church.
  10. It takes the Lord to do new things. Pray that God will shift the church from its religious, tribal, denominational, prosperity, cultural, selfish mindset/mentality that has made the church an old wine skin to the new wine skin by renewing the mind & thinking of the church.
  11. Romans 12:1-2 the church should no longer conform to worldly patterns but be transformed by the Holy Spirit. Ask God to restructure, reform, recalibrate & realign the church to the divine order of new wine skin structure that can carry the new glory.
  12. Background scripture: Isaiah 51
  13. Oh Lord have mercy on your Church in Nigeria and Church Universal. Look upon her desolate state, her state of spiritual and physical destruction and desolation with your mercy and comfort her IJN.

    2. Lord let the desert state of the Church blossom. Let the church blossom like Eden and let her barrenness and wilderness be like the garden of The Lord. Let the church fruitful. Take away every form of barenness in the church IJN.

    3. Lord in place of sorrow, weeping, mourning and despair in your Church, let there be found in her joy and gladness and songs of thanksgiving IJN

    4. Lord let all the scorners and mockers of God’s people in Nigeria and the whole earth be devoured by moths as it devours clothing and let them be eaten up by worms as worms eat wool IJN . Isaiah 51:7

    5. Lord let your righteousness reign forever in the church and your salvation continue from generation to generation . Let not the church and the light of God be extinguished in our land and the world at large IJN.

    6. Lord let every sea of evil raging against the church in Nigeria and Universal dry up as you dried up the Red Sea for your Children Israel to cross over.

    7. Lord in the sea of evil and wickedness that is flowing against your church in Nigeria and universal, in your mercy make a way of escape for your children to cross over IJN. Isaiah 51:10

    8. Lord ransom the church in Nigeria and universal and let her return to you in righteousness IJN . As your church returns to you, Lord crown her with everlasting joy.

    9. Let everything that represents Babylon warring and standing against the Church in Nigeria and Universal wither like the grass and disappear IJN.

    10. Lord release the Church from every form of captivity IJN. Let every evil sentence of spiritual and physical imprisonment, starvation and death over the church be cancelled, nullified and overruled by the blood of Jesus Christ and let the Church be set free and begin to prosper spiritually , physically and otherwise IJN - Isaiah 51:14

    11. Lord, revive and restore your church back to yourself IJN and reign in your church IJN. Lord let your people return to you in repentance, holiness and righteousness IJN.

    12. Lord take away your terrible cup of fury from the Church and hand it over to her tormentors IJN. Isaiah 51:22-23

    The above prayers can also be used to pray specifically for our brethren in the North.

    1. Lord let the church, the people of God and our spiritual leaders in the church in our nation make God and His commandments the center of their personal lives and in their sphere of influence .

    2. Lord give your children in this nation, particularly our church leaders and the world at large godly wisdom to know the right things to do and the will to do those things.

    3. Lord give our pastors and church leaders in our nation and all over the world the will to deal effectively with unrighteousness, sin, and evil in the church and not to compromise and encourage same in the church.

    4. Lord keep our church leaders and your people away from entering into ungodly alliances for power and material gain.

    5. Lord let our pulpits in this nation radiate holiness and righteousness and release holy and kingdom and power packed messages that will transform the lives of Gods people for the best.

    6. Psalm 24:7-10
    Lord Let all the ancient doors and gates of our churches and the hearts of Gods people open up and be lifted up and let Jesus the king of glory come in and take his place in the church and in the hearts and lives of Gods people in our nation.
    Let Jesus the king come in sit, reign and rule in the hearts and lives of Gods people.

    7. Psalm 18: 44-45
    Let all strangers of pride, arrogance, envy, jealousy, immaturity, foolishness, self, confusion, ignorance , lack of understanding and spiritual insight, compromise, unrighteousness etc hiding anywhere or manifesting in the lives of our church leaders, Gods people in our nation run out trembling from their hiding places and strongholds in the lives of Gods people.

    8. Exodus 19:4
    Lord carry us your people; your church on eagles wings and bring us your people and and our nation to yourself IJN.

    9. 1 Samuel 11:7(b)
    Let the fear of the living God fall upon Gods people in this nation and the world and let the church come out in one accord IJN .

    10. Zechariah 13:1-2
    Lord open your fountain of cleansing for your church , your people and our nation and cleanse us from all our sins and impurity and falsehood IJN.

    11. Lord erase Idolatory from your church and our nation and let all the names of the idols be forgotten in our midst IJN.

    12. Zechariah 10:3-12
    Lord enter into your church and the lives of your people to look after us. Make your church strong and glorious like a proud warhorse in battle.

    13. Lord make your church like mighty warriors in battle to trample upon her enemies in the mud under their feet.

    13. Lord empower your church in the battle of this end times, be with us as we fight the enemy and cause to overthrow the enemy's horsemen. IJN.

    14. In your mercy Lord hear our cries, strengthen your church and save us and restore us IJN. Make your people to become like mighty warriors and fill our hearts with joy and gladness IJN.

    15. Lord redeem your church. Bring your church back from bondage and captivity and resettle your people.

    16. Let every wave of the sea of distress raging against your church be held back and dry up and cause us your people to pass through into safety by your mighty power.

    17. Let the dominion and reign of the enemy in the lives of your people be brought to an end and make your church strong by your mighty power IJN.

    18. Zechariah 9:11-17
    Lord by the power in the blood of Jesus set your children free from every form of captivity and every evil sentence of the enemy hanging over your church and bring us your people into your place of safety.

    19. Lord for every trouble and attack brought upon your church repay with two blessings IJN.

    20. Lord protect and rescue your people as a shepherd rescues his sheep. Let your people sparkle in your land like jewels in a crown. Let our young men thrive and our young women flourish on new wine from heaven IJN.

    21. Lord let all the enemies of your church shake with terror and destroy their pride. Guard and protect your church closely from foreign oppressors who want to overrun our land IJN.

    22. Lord in the midst of the shakings in our nation and the world at large, economic, financial, political etc create your Goshen for your children that we may not lack and be consumed IJN .
    Don't let us stray from the Goshen you have created for us and mix with the multitude so that we are not consumed IJN.

 MONDAY – PRAYERS FOR SELF based on Paul’s prayer Col 1:9-12 & Eph 1:16-20

Thanksgiving & repentancefor personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.

  1.     Pray to understand God’s will for your life – His purpose for  you - Eph 1:18
  2.     Spiritual wisdom – Col 1:9
  3.     Pray to know God better and better- Phil 1:9
  4.     Ask for power to live a holy life that pleases God ( to be sincere & blameless) – Col 1:10
  5.     Pray for power to bear fruit for Christ so that you will not be cut off from the Vine – John 15:1-2
  6.     Ask to be strengthened spiritually by the Holy Ghost,  not to be weary – Gal 6:9
  7.     Pray for power to persevere in enduring faith & righteousness – Col 1:11
  8.     To stay full of Jesus joy & be thankful for your redemption – Col 1:12-14
  9.     Never to lose the hope of eternal life & experience Christ’s nearness & know His love
  10. To be filled with God’s fullness – Eph 3:19
  11. Grace to show love & kindness to others so that your faith will have works – James 2:17-21
  12. Ability to discern evil no matter how it is packaged - -Math 24:24
  13. To eagerly await Christ’s return



Thanksgiving & repentance for personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians & Nigeria.

  1.      Ask God to protect, guide and uphold our President, Governors and their entire families. Pray God to foil all evil plans against His purpose for their lives. Pray God to enable them fulfill their divine purposes. Also ask God to bless them with good health, (Zech 4:9).
  2.      Pray that the seven Spirits of the Lord manifest in their lives, i.e. the Spirit of God, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of Knowledge and the fear of the Lord,(Isa. 11:2).
  3.      Pray for all Governors, Ministers and Ministers of state, Directors General, Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries that they do their work with

divine ability, fear of God and in truth. Also pray that they hate covetousness, (Exo. 18:21).

  1.      Pray that the Lord guides the President to choose men and women who share the vision for national transformation and grant him courage to get rid of people who are covetous and have no professional ability.
  2.      Ask the Lord to brood over Aso Rock and shield the presidency from every evil influence of enchantments, spells, divinations, sorcery, curses and other wicked imaginations of men,(Num. 23:23).
  3.      Pray God to make our President, his cabinet, Governors and Political leaders willing instruments in His hands to transform Nigeria.
  4.      Pray that all physical and spiritual veils covering the eyes of the president from seeing how Nigerians are suffering be removed. Emphatically ask the Lord to sweep across the presidency to remove all pretenders and liars deceiving the president at the expense of Nigerians. Pray the Lord to open the eyes and heart of the president to know those who are truly his and those who are not.
  5.     Pray that our leaders strive to leave behind enduring legacies built on character, sacrifice for the people, genuine leadership, etc and not legacies built on corruption, political thuggery, assassinations, arson, electoral violence, rigging, that have alienated Nigeria from the committee of nations.
  6.      Pray God to grant our Governors the wisdom to building last infrastructures and develop systems that will benefit the people while in office instead of making laws to aid corruption in the name of pension after their tenure.
  7.  Pray that through honest, dedicated and transparent leadership, God restores the glory of Nigeria as the pride of the black race.
  8. Ps. 72:2, 4. Pray that God will help the leadership of the nation to give justice to the people and be able to defend the poor and the needy. Let Him break in pieces the satanic princes and the oppressors in all sectors of the economy.
  9. Ask God to give the President the political will and courage to prosecute & punish corrupt government officials, fuel subsidy scammers, implement the recommendations of the various committees he established to investigate & advise on various issues that would make for good governance.
  10. Pray that the recommendations of the national conference will be implemented in a way to fulfill the agenda & purpose of God.
  11. Ps. 72:8- 9. Ask God to give spiritual charisma to the President, and enable him to exercise dominion over all classes of people and nations in the world.
  12. Ps. 72:16 Ask God to cause our economy to boom and make life to be comfortable so that the people would bless & not curse the government and glorify God.
  13. ’..Africa does not need strongmen. Africa needs strong institutions. Every African nation needs men, leaders, who are knowledgeable, patriotic, skilled, talented and sacrificially-minded who will build strong institutions at all levels. We need men and women who fear God.’ (Extract, Highlights, AHOP Conf, Tanzania 2011) “A cursory look at our economy would reveal that as soon as Nigerians take over the management of some companies, they either diminish and/or eventually collapseNigeria has become a dumping ground for fake & substandard goods. Some of these products have been the cause of several deaths. There are saboteurs who control certain aspects of our economy. Dubious Nigerians collaborate with foreigners to wreck the economy. This lawlessness has created a wrong work ethic in our society. Unemployment is a major problem in our nation. Consequently, idle youths have resorted to various deviant acts in order to survive”.

The Government of Nigeria is on the shoulder of Jesus; He is our Judge, our Law Giver and our King.  He is our Wonderful Counselor! Ask God to lead the Legislators (both federal & state) to make RIGHTEOUS LAWS and create strong INSTITUTIONSthat would enforce these laws at Federal, State and Local Govt. levels.

  1. Ask God to lead the President, governors & Legislators to restructure, reform and strengthen these institutions- judiciary, EFCC, ICPC, police, immigration, customs & excise, prisons, army, navy, FRSC, civil service, Standards Organization Of Nigeria etc; let these righteous laws and institutions facilitate the rebuilding of our desolate cities to become Cities of Praise, Towns and villages.
  2. Ezek. 37:11-14, John 11:43-44. Speak to all sectors of the economy. Ask God to open the graves and bring out all sectors of the economy from the graves of corruption, occultism, idolatry, bloodshed, violence, injustice, witchcraft, water spirits, new world order, etc. Prophesy to the dry bones situations to arise and shine!




This sector remains problematic despite its privatization by government and colossal amount spent. This has resulted in investment losses and affected our economy negatively.

  1.      Pray God to break into this sector and judge all the enemies of progress frustrating provision of steady electric power supply through embezzlement, stealing/illegal power connection, vandalization of electrical installations/ gas pipe lines, stealing of equipment, unimplemented and inflated contracts, (Zech 5:1-4).
  2.     Pray for wisdom & strategy to be revealed to the companies that bought PHCN for a quick turnaround & revival of the power sector.
  3.      Ask the Lord to raise godly people to run this sector and turn it around.
  4.      Pray God that through the new owners and other participants in the power sector, Nigeria begins to experience uninterrupted electric supply.
  5.      Pray that the efforts of the government in this regard are not frustrated by the former PHCN staff and politicians who may have gained so much from the old system.
  6.      Pray God to give the government courage and wisdom to deal with the menace of importers and sellers of generators, diesel, inverters & generator mechanics who may fight back following the sale of PHCN.







Thank you Lord Jesus for finally bringing us into this much-talked-about 2015.

My persuasion is that it is a Year in which we shall record many outstanding victories both at personal and national levels. The Almighty will not disappoint our expectations. He has purposed to manifest and display His greatest glory over NIGERIA in this Year.

He will have His way in the whirlwind and in the storm. He will take vengeance on His adversaries and reserve wrath for His enemies. He is a stronghold in the day of trouble and He knows those who trust in Him. (NAHUM 1: 1-8)

Fear is therefore not an option in 2015 because He will never leave nor forsake His own.

I charge us to embrace the Year with great confidence and boldness. Be assured that every Philistine “Dagon” must fall prostrate on the ground before the Ark.1 SAM. 5: 1-4

As Mordecai and Esther did in Shushan, let us use this PRAYER GUIDE to mobilize believers to pray and fast as never before so the hand of God will come down strongly in our favour. Circulate the GUIDE widely among Intercessors and Prayer Warriors.

My prayer is that God will depend on you to make every Prayer Watch strong whether at personal or corporate levels.

Do not let the GUIDE stifle the leading of the Spirit, which is actually, what makes the Prayer time exciting and rewarding.


Happy New Year!

National Coordinator






DAY 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


Have you realized that the only sacrifices mentioned in the New Testament are the sacrifices of Praises and thanksgiving? Praising and thanking God remain the highest forms of prayer and worship. It helps us move into higher realms of faith for ourselves and for our Nation. Above all, it really brings pleasure to God’s heart. Reflecting over the mercies of God in 2014, we cannot but thank and praise Him.

  •   Begin today by proclaiming PSALM 107 : 1- 43
  •   Sing the song that is repeated at verse 8, 15, 21 and 31. Use it to dance generously before The Lord for all His goodness and the battles He fought to bring us and our nation into this new year. Continue with these listed songs:

Thank you, thank you Lord

Thank you, thank you Lord

Thank you Lord

For many things you have done.


That is why, you are called Jehovah

That is why you are called Jehovah

What you say, you will do

That is what, you will do

That is why you are called Jehovah

Add other songs of praise as led by the Spirit.

  •   Proclaim JOB 12: 13-25

Use the above scripture to declare God’s sovereignty over our lives and the Nation of NIGERIA.

  •   Praise Him according to JOB 12: 14-15

-       Whatever He breaks down in NIGERIA cannot be rebuilt

-       Whoever He imprisons cannot be released

-       He has power to withhold water to produce dryness

-       He also has power to send out waters to overwhelm the earth

  •   Proclaim JOB 26: 6-14

Use it to further extol God’s greatness and sovereignty over all things.

  •   PSALM 65:1-2

Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Zion: and unto thee shall the vow be performed. O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.

  •   Let us give advance payment of praise to the Almighty God for what He is going to do this year in pursuance of His divine agenda for NIGERIA, the Church and our generation.
  •   Let us also thank The Lord for counting us worthy to be men and women that can come into His presence to make Priestly supplications and Intercessions on behalf of NIGERIA...This is an honour from God alone.
  •   Let us thank The Lord for bringing us to mount Zion, the city of the living God and the heavenly Jerusalem ... This honour is wonderful beyond knowledge ... HEBREWS 12:22-24
  •   Bring quality thanks also for the multitudes of mercies we received last year from God our father... Gratitude is the best attitude some have said, thank God for all the good, the not so good and the so called bad conditions of our lives and society... Give Him thanks!
  •   Congratulate and thank God for all He achieved for Himself in NIGERIA all through the year 2014. Remember the following amongst many others:

-         The containment of the Ebola Disease Virus that would have wiped out NIGERIA. Only God would have achieved this for us, bearing in mind our usual culture of disorderliness and ineptitude.

-         Successful elections in some states of the Federation.

-         Success of the National Confab.

-         Peaceful and successful conduct of Primary Elections.

  •   Thank God for the position of Intercession the Church in NIGERIA is gradually gaining before God in this season.
  •   Thank God and worship Him for the various comforting revelations and visions received so far in the place of prayer concerning NIGERIA. He has not left us alone.
  •   Thank God for the growing understanding of unity and networking amongst watchmen in NIGERIA. Commit the INTERCESSORS WITHOUT WALLS PRAYER CONFERENCE from 21st - 24th January 2015 in Abuja into God's hands. Pray that God will use it to answer the Prayer of uniting the NIGERIANChurch and truly making them one.
  •   Read PSALM 135: 4-6

Thank God for choosing NIGERIA as a Nation in prophecy and as His peculiar Treasure and Place of His glory. Prophesy goodness and mercy into the womb of 2015. Dedicate the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds of the New Year.

  •   Read ISAIAH 14: 24:27

Thank God, because of His determination that only His counsel and purpose shall be done in NIGERIA irrespective of the tumult of His enemies.

  •   Read PSALM 34: 1-22

Use this to generally thank God for your life, family, personal blessings, vocation, answered prayers, provisions, forgiveness of sins, etc. redeem the womb of the New Year from troubles, distresses, perplexities, violence, calamities and premature deaths and dangers.

  •   Take personal and family prayers. Conclude by breaking bread.


DAY 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


Begin by singing this song many times and use it to magnify God for the gift of a brand new year –

Be thou exalted

Oh God above the heavens

Be thou exalted

Oh God above the heavens

Let thy glory be above all the earth

Let thy glory be above all the earth

Proclaim PSALM 65: 1-END (Repeat this proclamation)

  •      Repeat PSALM 65:1

Prophetically and elaborately, declare that praise awaits God in our personal lives, families, business, cities, communities, states and all over the Nation in this year 2015.

  •      Repeat PSALM 65:1

Prophetically and elaborately, declare that praise awaits God in our coming elections, in INEC, in the Executive Arm of Government, in the Legislature, the Judiciary etc. 

  •      Repeat PSALM 65:1

Use this same scripture to dedicate the whole of NIGERIA, the Educational Institutions, the Market places, the Banks, the Churches, Local Government, the Ministries, and Parastatals etc. Prophesy that God will be praised from all these institutions, and across the entire Nation.

  •      Repeat PSALM 65:1

Prophesy that Praise awaits God among all classes of people in our nation in this new year, 2015; youths, women, men, children, the elderly, the men in uniform, civil servants, the Labour unions etc.

  •      Repeat PSALM 148:1-END

Pray and mobilize all creation to join us in praising God for preserving us and our nation up till now despite the negative predictions of our detractors and all the onslaughts from hell to dismember NIGERIA since her Independence.

  •      Read PSALM 65:2; PSALM 121:1

Pray that in this decisive year, 2015 that NIGERIA and all NIGERIANS will look up to God, will seek God, the only one that hears prayers and gives help. Pray that all of NIGERIA will set their hope on God not on men. Let Him grant us to be satisfied with the goodness of His house.

  •      Read PSALM 65:3

Let us passionately confess and repent of all personal and national iniquities, transgressions and sins; they will include the sin of bloodshed, kidnapping, assassination, ritual killings, armed robbery, abortion, indecency, sexual immorality and sexual pervasion, idolatry-worship of the sun, the moon, the stars and other images of jealousy, child marriage, corruption, occultism, injustice, stealing, religious intolerance, human trafficking, lawlessness, indiscipline, wastage, selfishness, extortion, nudity, misappropriation of public funds, oppression, tribalism, examination malpractice, prostitution.

  •      Read PSALM 65:3

Plead with the Lord to forgive us as a people and that the blood of Jesus Christ will wash NIGERIA and make her whiter than snow. Ask God to turn us to Himself and accept us again as His people.

  •   PSALM 65:5

God is the God of our salvation and the confidence of the ends of all the earth. Ask Him to answer our personal, family and national prayers in 2015 with great signs and by awesome deeds in righteousness. 

  •   PSALM 65:6-7

God is strong and is clothed with power. Ask Him to arise and silence the noise of the wicked political class who seek to destroy this nation. Pray to God to quench the noise and tumult of all wicked people in the land.

  •   PSALM 65:9-10

Pray that in this 2015 God will specially visit NIGERIA, water her land with peace and greatly enrich her, economically, politically, socially and otherwise.

  •   PSALM 65:11-13

Pray that God will crown the year 2015 inNIGERIA and Africa with His goodness and mercy. Declare that the paths of this nation, contrary to all evil predictions will drip with abundance and fruitfulness.

  •   PSALM 57: 1-END

Prophesy that in 2015 God Himself will be exalted above NIGERIA and her numerous challenges and troubles. Declare that His glory will be strongly manifest in all the affairs of this nation.

  •   EXODUS 33:12-23

Pray passionately that God will show NIGERIA His glory in a very amazing and awesome manner in this year. Let Him do it in such a way that will evoke a lasting sense of wonder and satisfaction.

  •   EXODUS 34: 6-7

Use these exact wordings of the above scripture to proclaim the name of God over NIGERIA and to hallow the sum total of the human endeavours that will take place in NIGERIA. Do this proclamation 7 times.

  •   Bring yourself and your family into a new dedication and renew God’s hand of protection over you and all that belongs to you.

DAY 3, 10, 17, 24, 31



Sing this song many times to prepare for today’s prayers.

Let God arise

And His enemies be scattered

Let God arise

And His enemies be scattered

Let God arise

And His enemies be scattered

Oh! God Oh! God ARISE

  •   Proclaim NUM. 10: 35-36

Invite God to rise up in His glory and power over NIGERIA. Ask Him to go after all His enemies to scatter their plans, unity, counsels, sorceries, conspiracies, gang-up, witchcraft, enchantment, bomb factories, armory, confidence, supply lines, financiers, foot soldiers, champions

  •   Read ISAIAH 17: 13-14

Pray that God will rebuke His enemies in NIGERIA and cause them to flee far away. Let them be chased like the chaff of the mountains before the wind; let them melt and perish as wax before the fire.

  •   LAM 3:64-66

Ask God to arise in anger and judgment against this band of terrorists mindlessly destroying lives and properties in the nation. Let Him repay them according to their works. Let His curse be upon them. Request God to give them a veiled heart; let Him pursue and destroy them from under His heavens.

  •   Read PSALM 68: 21, 30

Plead with God in prayers to arise and scatter the people who delight in war in this country. Let Him wound the heads of all His enemies and destroy their priesthood and kingdoms.

  •   Read PSALM 69: 1-4

Use these scriptures and bring a lamentation before God against the enemies of NIGERIA. Ask God to arise in judgment against them and to save this great and chosen nation.

  •   Read PSALM 69: 22-28

Legislate that God will arise and bring these levels of judgment against the wicked in NIGERIA. Pray this verse by verse and elaborate on the prayers.

  •   Read PSALM 105: 13

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has put the number of Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) so far registered by their Agency between January to November 2014 at 678, 773. Let us ask God to arise over the pitiable plight of these fellow NIGERIANS who have become refugees in their own country. Let God show them mercy by bringing this insurgency to an end so they can again know the comfort of their homes.

  •   ISAIAH 51: 22-23

Beseech God to arise and take up NIGERIA’S case against all terrorist groups. Let God take the Cup of trembling and the dregs of the Cup of His fury from the hand of the Nation and put it in the hands of these wicked oppressors in the land; so that their wickedness will come to an end.


  •   Israeli elections are set for March 17, 2015.  Pray for God to reveal the one He wants to be the next leader of this nation. Let God raise up a stable, God-fearing and confident government through whom He can be glorified…
  •   Pray for the current government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who still needs to run this nation for the next three plus months. As we are seeing, this is no easy task. Terrorism is exploding throughout the world. There is also the war against Israel using international law as a weapon. This is very much a force to be dealt with today. Added to this is the increased threats from Iran, Hamas, Hizbollah, etc. Ask God for strength and guidance for the Prime Minister and his supporters.
  •   The war against Netanyahu and this nation coming especially from the UN and EU - is very hard to bear. Pray for protection and shielding from the lies and hatred coming at Israel. Much of this is aimed at influencing Israelis to vote for anyone except Netanyahu…
  •   Israel was in shock and outraged by of the anti-Israeli acts of the EU this past Month. First, Hamas was taken off the list of terror organizations because of a 'technical' issue. Then the EU parliament overwhelmingly voted to encourage EU nations to recognize a Palestinian state. Finally, most members of the Geneva Convention met to skewer Israel because of 'war crimes' committed in Gaza this past summer. On top of that, just recently a resolution was presented to the UN Security Council which demands peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians to be completed in one year and then, by 2017 Israel is to be totally out of the 'occupied territories', i.e., Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, all parts of biblical Israel. Nothing in any of these meetings concerned Syria, Iran, Boko Haram, ISIS, Ebola, the economy, Ukraine, etc. Just only if Israel would disappear!  Pray that God will be on the side of Israel , especially when Others rise up against her to swallow her alive. PSALM 124
  •   Lord, show your mercy and favor to Israel in this set time. (PSALM 102:13)
  •   Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion. Let them be as grass upon the housetops, which withers before it grows up. Lord, deal justly and swiftly with your enemies. (PSALM 129: 5-6)
  •   Destroy and divide the tongues of those who speak against Israel. In the name of Jesus, we bind every false religion and false doctrine that does not acknowledge Your eternal plan for the land and people of Israel. (PSALM 55: 9)
  •   The scepter of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the righteous. Father, break the strongholds of religion and pride and wickedness that seek to control Israel. (PSALM 125: 3)
  •   The Lord will not forsake His people for His great name's sake, because it has pleased the Lord to make Israel His people. Pray that God will use us to help others understand Your plan for Israel and Your love for the Jewish people. (1 SAM. 12: 22)
  •   The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; He makes their plans of no effect. We declare that God's purposes for Israel will be completely fulfilled and that He will be glorified. (PSALM 33: 10)
  •   Give God thanks for answered prayers and conclude by breaking bread.

DAY 4, 11, 18, 25


The upcoming general elections in the country this year have been generating needless heat and controversies across the nation. Many selfish politicians have been fomenting trouble by their inflammatory utterances and actions. The truth however, is that an election should best be seen for what it is- a peaceful process of electing people of characters to champion the course of a Nation and her people. Arising from this, let us pray the following prayers:

Begin today by singing a couple of songs of your choice.

Proclaim these scriptures –

  1. PROV. 21: 31, EZK. 21: 27, PSALM 127: 1, PSALM 33: 10-18, PROV. 16: 33 over the coming elections and decree that the results from the pools will only be a reflection of God’s will for NIGERIA at all levels.
  •   Cry to God to awaken all Christians in NIGERIA to their civic responsibilities of acquiring their permanent voter’s card so they vote the right leader into power. Renounce all forms of discouragement, non-challant and lethargic attitudes of believers towards politics.    
  •   Pray into the 14 and 28 of FEBRUARY 2015. These are the keys days of the 2015 elections. Speak into the womb of these days and pray the following prayers:

-         Declare that they are days God has made and we His children shall rejoice and be glad in them. PSALM 118: 24

-         Prophesy over these days and possess their gates by dedicating them to the Almighty God for His Praise and honour.

-         Declare that these days shall glorify the purpose and counsel of God for our dear Nation.

-         Pray and instruct the 14 and 28 of February 2015 to be in favorable alignment with NIGERIA’S ordained political destiny.

-         Decree that these days will not yield or answer to any form of demonic manipulation. Command any sorcery or divination projected into these days to be rendered null and void.

  •   EXODUS 7: 1

Disarm and paralyze all the agents of Satan that will seek to take advantage of these days. Let their rods be swallowed as in the days of Moses and Aaron.

  •   Read 1 SAM. 5: 1-4

Pray that in the Presidential and other elections all representatives of Dagon will fall prostrate on the ground before candidates that represent the Ark of God.

  •   PSALM 68: 17

Pray and invite the angels of our God in their numbers to come into our land on these days of election and turn the election to the favour of God’s counsel for the Nation.

  •   PSALM 18: 14

Send the arrows of election failure into the camp of God’s enemies and frustrate all their political ambitions and investment.

  •   2 SAM. 15: 31

Pray and commission divine wasters to visit the camp of all wicked politicians and their conspirators to waste their political efforts and turn their wisdom and calculations into foolishness.

  •   2 SAM. 17: 14, ISA. 54: 16

Ask God to employ His might in defeating any wise and strategic counsel that will make any wicked and cursed politician to prevail in this election.

  •   2 SAM. 17: 7

Pray that God on the other hand will position His own “Hushais” as human instruments that will thwart and destroy the counsels of the wicked in this election.

  •   Read ISA. 22: 15-19

Request God to use the opportunity of this election to judge the “Shebna” company. These wicked men and women do not trust God or reckon with Him. Let God become violent against them and toss them out of this nation.

  •   Read ISA. 22: 20-25

By the key of David, decree electoral victory in favour of all the new “Eliakim” company that God will use this election to enthrone over NIGERIA. Pray that God will cause them to triumph over their opponents.

DAY 5, 12, 19, 26


  •   Begin today’s prayers by singing this hymn –

“Thy kingdom come Oh! Lord”


Thy Kingdom come, O God,

Thy rule, O Christ, begin;

Break with Thine iron rod

The tyrannies of sin.


Where is Thy reign of peace,

And purity, and love?

When shall all hatred cease,

As in the realms above?


When comes the promised time

That war shall be no more—

Oppression, lust, and crime,

Shall flee Thy face before?


We pray Thee, Lord, arise,

And come in Thy great might;

Revive our longing eyes,

Which languish for Thy sight.


Men scorn Thy sacred Name,

And wolves devour Thy fold;

By many deeds of shame

We learn that love grows cold.


O’er heathen lands afar

Thick darkness broodeth yet:

Arise, O Morning Star,

Arise, and never set!


  •   Proclaim ISA. 22: 15-25

Pray that this election will witness a divine replacement occasioned by the hand of God – Let the “Esthers" replace the “Vashtis”; Let the “Eliakims” replace the “Shebnas”; Let the “Davids” replace the “Sauls”.

  •   DEUT. 23: 2

January is the 10th month of the Jewish calendar.

Pray that God will use the opportunity of this election to bring to an end the cycle of illegitimate leadership in NIGERIA. Let this evil political recycling come to an end.

  •   Read JER. 39: 1

Boldly request God to break every satanic siege that the enemy would want to foist upon this Nation riding on the back of the outcome of the 2015 election.

  •   Proclaim EZK. 29: 1-6

The NIGERIA political landscape is largely run by political godfathers and strongmen who sponsor candidates in order to reap financial benefits once the candidate takes office.

Use the words of the above scripture to judge these “Shylock” godfathers. Ask God to disgrace and subdue them in this season of election.

  •   Read JUDGES 9: 1-6

Pray that any sentimental strategy of the enemy to divide the vote of the church will neither prosper nor see the light of the day.

  •   Read JUDGES 9: 4-5

Pray and instruct the sun, moon, stars, to reject all the sorceries, covenants, ritual sacrifices, invocations, chants, spells, evil summons, bloodshed that satanic politicians will employ to win elections at all costs. Ask God to strip them of all their spiritual powers.

  •   Read JUDGES 9: 4-5

Release the terror of God to demobilize all political thugs, kidnappers and killers.

  •   PSALM 24: 1-9

Speak to the gates (mention them) of our nation to lift up their heads for the government of Christ to be enthroned over NIGERIA.

  •   NUMBERS 17:1-11

Pray that the forth-coming elections would be free and fair; that despite the evil imaginations and maneuverings of wicked men, God’s choice for NIGERIA's presidency and other positions will be made known with distinct, unequivocal proofs.

  •   2THES.3:16

Let us decree that God will grant us peace over NIGERIA at all costs and in all ways before, during and after the elections, both by day and at night. Ask God to overturn all the tables of violence and mass destruction of lives and properties.

  •   Pray that God would spiritually fortify, protect and preserve His own from the witchcraft, sorceries, enchantments and killings that go with the game of politics in NIGERIA.
  •   PSALM 77:16-18

Pray that God will use the occasion of this Election to do things that will compel creation in NIGERIA to take strong notice of Him. LetMountains, Hills, Geographical Expressions, Geo-Political Zones, People from different parts of NIGERIA witness what God can do and tremble with fear.

  •   PSALM 75: 10

In this coming elections, plead with God to sovereignly cut off the horns of the wicked and exalt the horns of the righteous.

  •   ESTHER 2:15-17

Esther received grace and favour from the King more than all her competitors. Pray that all God's candidates in these coming elections will as well register overwhelming and undisputed victories over their competitors.

  •   Oh earth, earth, earth, we command you to write as childless and write as desolate and write as powerless, all evil men who seek to rule this nation at all costs even contrary to the will of the Almighty and the people.

DAY 6, 13, 20, 27


Sing this popular song holding hands together -

Bind us together Lord,

Bind us together with Chords that cannot be broken,

Bind us together Lord,

Bind us together Lord,

Bind us together in love.

Proclaim ESTHER Chapter 3 - 10

Looking at Esther, Mordecai and the Jews in Shushan, we see a classic example of successful teamwork, and unity, which proved very crucial for the survival of God’s people amidst hostility. Satan knows that a united church would be his undoing and his strategy has always been to cause divisions in the church thereby weakening their strength. It needs to be repeatedly emphasized that the survival of the church largely depends on her unity and wakefulness.

  •   ESTHER 4: 13-14

Bring repentance before God for the sin of denominationalism, individualism and schisms that has been the hallmark of the Church. Ask the Lord to forgive the leaders for building their respective kingdoms and neglecting the kingdom of God.

  •   PHIL. 2: 3-4

Take authority over the spirit of strife, competition and selfishness and cast it away from the Church.

  •   Pray that the recent upsurge in violence against the church in many parts of the world especially in the Northern NIGERIA, Syria, Pakistan & other Middle East countries will work together for the good of the Church and that out of it a vibrant church will emerge that walks in the supernatural according to the ordination of God.
  •   Let the Almighty God raise the “Mordecais” for us whose voices would be heard at the “gates” of our land; who can gather “the Jews” together for a divine territorial intervention through sacrifices of righteousness and intercession.
  •   ESTHER 4: 1, 16; MATT. 26: 36-46

Lord please cause the church to arise and properly manage this season of response you have graciously granted her with fierce commitment and passion and understanding.

  •   ESTHER 4: 13

“Oh Lord cause the church in NIGERIA to arise and be not silent in this season in Jesus name Amen!. (Proclaim this 40 times without stopping)

  •   ESTHER 4: 13

Pray that the church will arise to solemn assemblies, corporate prayers, fasting, prayer actions, prophetic actions, prayer vigils, prayer walks and journeys etc.

  •   ESTHER 4: 1, 16

Notice that it was the price the Jews paid in prayer and fasting that brought down the hand of God’s intervention into their circumstance. Pray that the church in NIGERIA will rise up and pay huge price in unity and prayer that will move God’s hand to deliver Christians and Christianity in NIGERIA.

  •   ESTHER 4: 16

Esther was a first lady over 127 Provinces yet she did not allow recognition, success, wealth and luxury to dilute her spiritual commitment and ability to work with others. She still retained her perspective and integrity.

Pray that in this season, God will stir the hearts of believers despite their environment to join the army of the Lord in seeking for the deliverance of NIGERIA and Christianity.

  •   ESTHER 7: 3-4, ESTHER 8: 6

Pray that Christians in highly placed positions in government will use their positions to defend the cause of Christ and Christians.

  •   ESTHER 9: 2

The Jews in Shushan operated as one united people. They knew how to gather together. At no time were their ranks broken. All through the period of their travail, they spoke and acted as one camp.

Pray that the spirit of unity and love will pervade the church and for Christians to see eye to eye and work in harmony.

  •   Esther and Mordecai operated with spiritual intelligence, wisdom and patience. They knew when and what to ask the king for.

Ask God to give us such a central command and control that will provide strategic guidance to the church in times like this.

  •   ESTHER 9: 1

“…On the day that the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, the opposite occurred, in that the Jews themselves overpowered those who hated them”.

Pray that the day will come when this will be the testimony of the church in NIGERIA.

DAY 7, 14, 21, 28


Our power to overcome Satan is based on Jesus Christ’s exaltation in heaven, having conquered sin, death and the grave. He rose for our justification and is now exalted above every name that is named not only in this age but also in the age to come. At His name, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. It is on the basis of these indisputable facts that we make bold to instruct and pray to control the heavens, waters and earth of NIGERIA so they will align to the purposes of God for us in this New Year.

Sing this song many times to commence today’s prayer.

In heaven, He won the battle

On the Earth, He won the battle

In the sea, He won the battle

Praise Jesus, the Man of War

  •   Proclaim PSALM 148: 1-END
  •   Proclaim the victory of the cross over NIGERIA as we into this New Year that the Lord has made. Command the heaven to declare the Glory of God and the firmament to declare His handiwork, over the nation in this New Year.

PSALM 19: 1-6

  •   Speak to the heavenlies - the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets in the galaxies – to abort, delete and cancel whatever covenants, agreements and pacts that have been made with them to enable God's enemies prevail and dominate the most 2015 in NIGERIA.
  •   Pray to halt any powers or Agencies seeking to manipulate the courses and the ordinances of the moon for evil purposes against the peace and unity of NIGERIA in 2015.
  •   Prophesy into Satan’s archives in the heavenlies and destroy all files, records, programmes, handwritings and ordinances against the church and the Nation in 2015.
  •   Cancel and render null and void all incantations, divinations and enchantments made into the heavens to negatively manipulate and control the destiny of the land, government and people of NIGERIA in 2015.
  •   Renounce all evil inheritances, patterns and cycles of violence, deaths and destruction in all territories especially the North East of NIGERIA in 2015.
  •   Petition the Father, Jehovah the Man of war to shake the foundations of everything that is hidden in the heavenly bodies used to orchestrate violence, deaths, destruction, and evil hegemony over NIGERIA..
  •   We renew and strengthen the altars of the Lord in all locations in NIGERIA and provoke them to fight and destroy the works of the enemy over individuals, families, institutions, states, cities and the nation of NIGERIA in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  •   ISAIAH 27: 1

In that day the Lord - with His severe sword, great and strong – will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent; Leviathan that twisted serpent. And He will slay the reptile that is in the sea.”

Pray to break the powers of the leviathan and the waters spirits that inhabit all the bodies of waters in NIGERIA. Destroy all legal rights and grounds that give them reason to operate in the affairs of the Nation.

  •   ISAIAH 28: 18

We cancel, revoke and vacate and destroy all covenants, tokens and agreements made with you water Spirits by the leaders. Those covenants, pacts and agreements are hereby declared null and void in the name of Jesus.

  •   Every sacrifice (human or animal) made in any body of water in the Nation to draw power by wicked men is hereby rendered useless and declared null and void by the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God.
  •   According to Psalms 24:1, the land and all its fullness belong to God, therefore we proclaim and declare to all false gods and powers (claiming ownership of NIGERIA) - You have not made the heavens and the earth.

We command you to perish in the name of Jesus. For the scripture says in JER. 10: 11, “Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens."

  •   We revoke all contracts, pacts, agreements, covenants, obligations that evil men have made with the mountain gods, forest spirits, queen of the coast, queen of heaven, grave spirits and demon-ancestors. We forbid you to speak into this New Year in Jesus name.
  •   According to ISAIAH 2: 2-4, we proclaim the exaltation of the mountain of the Lord’s house over every mountain of this location.
  •   From this day, we decree that all who will work upon this earth of NIGERIA will begin to hunger after, seek for and submit to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and His church.
  •   This land will no longer devour its inhabitants thereof in Jesus name. In this year 2015, we silence all evil speakings from the earth of NIGERIA (graveyards, road junctions, mountains, forests, groves, all evil altars, all praying mats, witches covens, the rivers and all other water bodies) by the superior speakings of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  •   We proclaim a new dawn and a new day of peace, unity, progress, development, revival and sanity to you, oh land of NIGERIA.

Prophetic Word for Nigeria


Prophetic Declaration: Nigerian Christians

This prophetic declaration was first published in 2012 in Karis Christian Magazine. It is re-published as a reminder to Nigerian Christians. The revelation was shared by a Christian who has prophetic integrity.



In the revelation, the leader of a large congregation was leading the members of the church on a straight road towards a destination. All seemed to be going well when suddenly, the leader lost his sight and went blind. The members of the church could not see his face but only his back, so they were not aware that their leader had gone blind. Due to his blindness, the leader veered off the road and entered into the bush. The members of the congregation followed. As he went deeper and deeper in the bush, the people faithfully followed him.

The Lord wants to remind His people that they are called to fix their eyes on Him and to follow Him. (Heb. 12: 2) Many of His people are now following men. The position of the Lord in the church is being taken over by church leaders.

If you take your eyes off the Lord and end up on the wrong side in eternity, you will have no one to blame but yourself. You have the Bible, the Word of God, and you have the Holy Spirit.


  •  Intercede for ministers of the gospel that started well but are now forsaking the narrow path. Pray that God shall discipline them and turn them back to the right path.
  •  Pray for your salvation that you shall never lose this precious priceless gift of God.
  •  Pray for the Nigerian church that only Christ shall be honoured and served by Christians.

2015 President - What is God Saying?


“The Lord God of heaven has put a fire on the thrones of Nigeria that is waiting to consume those who come to the throne in self-will.”

Prayer Points for December 2014

Beloved Brethren,

To the glory of God, we have come to the last lap of year 2014. Isn’t God awesome to have preserved us despite or sinfulness? We glorify His holy name for great is His Faithfulness and steadfast is His Love.

These are evil times all over the world. The devil is getting bolder and bolder this season and has concluded in his small mind that, “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High” – Isaiah 14:13-14. But hear what the sovereign Lord says concerning him, “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms… But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcass trodden under feet” – Isaiah 14:15-16, 19.

This is the portion of the enemy despite his posturing. Believe it and you will see his activities dissolved sooner than you can imagine.   

As usual, please choose the hour that is most convenient for you between 12 midnight and 6:00 a.m.

Welcome to December. Shalom!





JEHOVAH ELOHIM, Wise in heart and mighty in strength. Who has hardened himself against You and had peace? You removeth mountains and they know it not, when You overturneth them in Your anger. You shaketh the earth out of its place and the pillars thereof tremble. You commandeth the sun and it riseth not and You sealeth up the stars. You alone spreadeth out the heavens and treadeth upon the high waves of the sea. Who doeth great things past finding out and wonders without number, things too wonderful for us to comprehend.

You taketh away and who will hinder You; who will say unto You what doest thou? You leadeth counsellors away spoiled and judges maketh You fools. You weakeneth the government of kings and bindeth their loins with a fetter. You leadeth Priests away spoiled and overthroweth the mighty. You poureth contempt upon nobles and slackeneth the girdle of the mighty. You discovereth the deep things out of darkness and bringeth into light the shadow of death. You increaseth the nations and destroyeth them. You spreadeth out the nations and bringeth them in. You taketh away the understanding of the chiefs of the people of the earth and causeth them to wander in a pathless waste. They grope in the dark without light and You maketh them to stagger like a drunkard. Sheol is naked before You and destruction hath no covering. You stretcheth out the north over empty space; You hangeth the earth upon nothing. You bindeth up the waters in Your thick clouds and the cloud is not rent under them. You covereth the face of Your throne, You spreadeth Your cloud upon it. You have traced a fixed circle over the waters unto the confines of light and darkness.

The Pillars of the earth tremble and are astonished at Your rebuke. You stirreth up the sea by Your power and by Your understanding. You smiteth through Rahab. By Your Spirit, the heavens are adorned. Your hand has formed the fleeing serpent.

O Lord You are exalted in Your power, who teacheth as You? You spreadeth Your light around You and covereth the bottom of the sea. You thundereth marvelously with Your voice doing great things which we do not comprehend. You saith to the snow, fall on the earth and to the pouring rain, even the pouring rains of Your might. You bringeth forth the whirlwind from the chamber of the south and cloud from the winds of the north.

By Your breath oh God ice is given, and the breadth of the waters is straitened. Also with plentiful moisture You loadeth the thick clouds, Your light dispels the cloud. You turneth the clouds everywhere by Your guidance that they may do whatever You commandeth them to do upon the face of the circuit of the earth. You set the measure of the earth and stretched a line upon it. You laid the foundations of the earth and set its cornerstone. You shut up the sea with doors when it burst forth, issuing out of the womb.  You set the boundaries for the seas and set bars and doors for it and You stayed the proud waves. You commandeth the morning and causeth the dawn to know its place. You  taketh hold of the ends of  the earth and shaketh out the wicked. You knoweth the dwelling place of light and darkness is not hidden before You.

You reserveth a storehouse of snow and treasures of hail for the time of distress, the time of battle and war. You parteth the light and scattereth the East wind upon the earth. You divideth a channel for the rain flood and a way for the thunder’s flash. You knoweth the ordinances of the heavens and determine their rule over the earth.

But these oh most excellent Jehovah, are only the hints of Your mighty power, only whispers that we have heard. Who can know how truly great You are. You are sovereign, the King of all ages and Your counsel stands. Lord we acknowledge Your authority and we worship You as the monarch of the universe whose power is unquestionable.


Repent for personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians &  Nigeria.


Thank God for Nigeria, for your salvation, for your calling, the Church, personal blessings, answered prayers, provision, keeping on the path of righteousness, forgiving sins etc.



Adoration, thanksgiving & repentance

God has called many of His children to serve in various capacities; Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Helps, Mercy, Healings, Drama etc. Ministers of God need prayers because the enemy knows that if he can get a spiritual leader to fall, he has succeeded in affecting the faith of many followers,(Zech 13:7, Matt 26:31).

  1.     Pray the Lord to give our Spiritual leaders a shepherd's heart to lead their followers with integrity and skillfulness,(Ps 78:72).
  1.      Ask God to give our Spiritual leaders the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, enlighten their eyes of understanding to know the hope of His calling and the riches of the glory of His inheritance and the exceeding greatness of His power for the saints, (Eph 1:17-19).
  1.     Pray God to grant His servants protection, provision, wisdom, good health, and grace to overcome temptations. Pray that they may have a deep hunger for God's presence and that they live prayerful lives.
  2.      Pray that the anointing of God should never diminish in their lives and that they continually manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit.
  3.      Pray that God may grant them favour, open heavens, insight and revelation, humility, love, and deliverance from powers of darkness.
  1.      Ask God to anoint our spiritual leaders with the Holy Ghost and fire afresh everyday to empower them for kingdom work,(Matt 3:11; Acts 1:8, Luke 24:49).
  1.      Ask God to burden the hearts of His servants with kingdom burdens of evangelism, discipleship, church planting and holy living.
  1.     Pray God to rid the Nigerian Church of false prophets and heretics.




Adoration, thanksgiving & repentance


Nigeria is presently facing monumental security issues occasioned by terrorist activities of Boko Haram. From 2002 to date this group has killed no fewer than 12,000 people, majorly Christians and burning hundreds of Churches. Most of their Christian targets that refuse to renounce their faith are hacked to death. As if that was not enough there are also reports of high ranking military officers selling arms and classified military intelligence to this terrorist group. This has compromised military efforts leading to high deaths amongst soldiers and other untold hardships. Nigeria is today number 1 on the global Christian persecution list with Boko Haram standing as the world number 2 terrorist group next to the Taliban.

  1.      Cry unto the LORD to arise over Nigeria. That for the sake of His name and glory, He should not allow His Church to suffer reproach.
  1.     Ask God to confound Boko Haram, their sponsors and sympathizers.
  1.      Ask God to unmask all persons behind Boko Haram.  Pray that all persons sabotaging military efforts should be exposed and judged.
  1.      Pray for the immediate release of the remaining 219 girls and all other people still in captivity. Ask God to give them the courage and will to withstand all difficulties. Pray that their faith in Jesus should not fail.
  1.      Ask God to console and strengthen families still awaiting the release of their daughters and loved ones. Pray that they find confidence and hope in God.
  1.      Ask God to comfort and strengthen northern Christians facing persecution. Ask God to provide, protect and preserve His children. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon them for a continued fellowship with God.
  1.     Pray God to enable northern Christians to have access to the Bible in the midst of persecutions.
  1.     Ask God to give our government the courage to face Boko Haram head on. Also ask God to help our armed forces overcome Boko Haram.
  1.     Ask God for a genuine fight against this group by neighbouring countries and the western forces deployed to Nigeria.
  1. Ask God to cause peace, unity and love to manifest amongst all people of various religious backgrounds, tribes and ethnic groups,(Psa.72:6-7).
  1.  Ask God to send the angel He sent to destroy 185, 000 troops of Sennacherib to destroy the enemies of the nation of Nigeria,(Isaiah37:36). Pray that they be looked for and not be found anymore and that their wickedness come to an end, (Psa.7:10; 35:4-6).
  1.  Ask the Lord to give wisdom to our President, Ministers, Lawmakers and Judicial officers to establish policies to improve our economy, create jobs, etc. Pray that the government puts proper infrastructure in place and that they lead the nation in righteousness to reduce crime rate in our society. Pray for a bridging of the gap between the rich and the poor to eliminate the vices.
  1.  Pray for better funding of our security agencies for improved security of life and properties of citizens. Pray God to protect His children in the midst of all the lapses in our security network. (Psalm 91; 79:11; 102:20; 23:4; 121; Jer. 50:33, 34).
  1. The threat by certain persons from the north that blood will flow if power does not return to the north by 2015 is most likely to cause religious and political crisis. Pray the Lord to give the president wisdom to manage such threats and people as this. Pray that where arrests, prosecution and imprisonment needed to be made it should be made.











Adoration, thanksgiving & repentance

Rigged elections, corruption and violence during electioneering campaigns and election days are problems that hinder true democratic governance in Nigeria and these happen despite billions of naira spent organizing these elections. The result is that those announced as winners are not the ones voted by the people. And all this is because of electoral malpractices. 2015 elections are a few months away we should therefore pray for the will of God to be done.


  1.     Let us thank God for the successful June 21, 2014 gubernatorial elections in Ekiti State where the sitting governor conceded defeat to his opponent. Pray that this election, which has been described as free, fair, and peaceful and a true reflection of the wishes of the electorates by local and international monitors, should be replicated and improved upon in subsequent elections.
  1.     Pray God to enable the electorate to shun bribes and all other electoral vices. Ask God to make Nigerians steadfast and never fall into the temptation to sell their votes.
  1.      Pray that INEC should be an impartial and incorruptible electoral body.
  1.      Pray that security agencies be properly equipped to bring unruly people to order and particularly political thugs.
  1.     Pray God to lead the electorate to vote into political offices people who are able, love the truth, fear God and who hate covetousness, (Exodus 18: 21).
  1.      Pray God to give us leaders with a shepherd’s heart; who will lead us with integrity of heart and skillfulness, (Psalm 78: 72).
  1.     Pray God to give us men after His own heart; who have not soiled their hands with blood in the place of occultism (i.e. human rituals).
  1.     Pray God to give us leaders who will not take or give bribe but walk uprightly and speak the truth always, (Psalm 15: 2 – 5).
  1.     Pray God to prepare men and women such as these before the elections so that wicked men and women are voted out through the ballot boxes.
  1. Pray that Nigeria experiences free and fair elections now to 2015 and beyond.
  1. Pray God to give us violent free elections now to 2015 and beyond.
  1.  Pray that there be honest and fair opposition and genuine leadership in Nigeria.
  1.  Pray God to use the present political upheaval in the ruling party to turn things around for good for this nation. Pray that this crisis may bring about the much-needed purging Nigeria so desires.
  1.  Pray God to upturn all plots by APC if their hidden agenda is to Islamize Nigeria. Also pray God to purge corruption in the opposition.



Adoration, thanksgiving & repentance

Family is the bedrock and foundation of society; a strategic and divine institution. It is God’s solution to the problems of humanity. If the family is godly, the nation will be godly and vice versa.

  1. 1.   Gen 1:28 Give thanks to the Lord for His five-fold blessing on the family.


  1. 2.     Offer repentance for breakdown in family values, wrong relationships, absentee parents, unrighteous parenting, setting of wrong examples by parents, dishonoring of parents, polygamy, single parenthood, abortion etc.
  1. 3.   Take authority over the spirit of rejection and Baal that works against the family.
  1. 4.   Malachi 2:15; proclaim God’s purpose in setting up families - to raise godly offspring unto Himself - declare that everything that contradicts this purpose will not take root including, homosexuality, same-sex relationships, single parenthood, immorality, godlessness, disorderliness.
  1. 5.   Malachi 4:6: Pray for salvation of families and genuine reconciliation to God.
  1. 6.    Release the blood of Jesus as a bomb in covens where satanic plots are manufactured against families.
  1. 7.    Rev.2:20: Take authority over the spirit of Jezebel that works against the order of God in families.


  1.       Jn.17:20-23: Pray for unity in families and for this unity to extend to the Church.
  1.             Jn.13:34: Pray for the love of Christ to permeate our families and extend to the church.
  1.     Job.8:7: Pray for progress and growth in our families.
  1.       Pray that Christian families will have a proper understanding of their role in the world especially in the area of enthroning God in their neighborhoods, and spreading the blood of Jesus across the land.
  1.      Proclaim Eph.3:14-20 on the families.


  1.     3John:2 & Dt.28:1-14: proclaim God’s blessings on families: Exaltation, Good health, fruitfulness, Prosperity, Victory, God’s favour and God’s friendship.
  1.      Ps.10:15: Proclaim God’s judgments against institutions that work against the family including; promoters of pornography, brothels, cigarette and alcohol manufacturers. Ask God to search out their wicked devices and punish it severely.
  1.      Proclaim a judgment of desolation against altars of wickedness in your environment. Mention beer parlors, prostitution joints, night clubs, gambling centers, occultic centers, satanic/idol shrines and such centers around you and command them to become desolate.
  1.      Pray that our government will have the wisdom and boldness to resist pressures from external countries to make laws that are anti family and offensive to God, like allowing gay marriages etc.
  1.      Malachi 2:16 Pray against the spirit of divorce which has increased tremendously even amongst Christians, that is destroying marriages. Malachi 4:2: Pray for healing and genuine reconciliation in our families.
  1.      Pray that families will be empowered to resist the wiles of the enemy and the lure into poverty related sins.
  1.      Ask the Lord to make Christian families into Altars of Prayer, Intercession & spiritual warfare for the land.
  1.   Bring a strong lamentation on behalf of families asking the Lord to empower them to attack their attackers.


Adoration, thanksgiving & repentance

  •          Ps.25:8-14: Worship the Lord for humbling Himself to teach us His ways and Covenants,  for His revealing His ways and purposes to us.
  •           Offer repentance for the misuse of education and its destructive influence on peoples and nations. Lord I am sorry that our education has laid a foundation in us that question your authority in our lives as our creator (Darwin’s Theory of evolution etc); Lord I ask you to break down those wrong foundations and build again, proper foundations that are in line with your original pattern and ordination. Lord, continue to build on the rebuilt foundation, according to your own plan and purpose.
  •          Col.1:9: Pray that the leaders will have revelation to understand God’s purpose for education which is to pass instructions on godliness. Dt.6:6-7
  •           I pray that our leaders will have boldness to appoint prepared sons into the mountain tops of education.
  •          That churches and ministries will have the means to adopt schools and influence them positively and in that way pass on the culture of the kingdom.
  •            Take authority over the spirit of Belial (Humanism, The principality behind education) and Beelzebub, the power that spreads humanist education and its destructive influences). I decommission the multitude of demons you employ as your land army including familiar spirits and witches. I bind them and cast them away. I command their influence to cease, in Jesus Name.
  •          Take authority over satanic agenda and ploys emanating from chambers of darkness to kill the educational system in Nigeria. Ask the Lord to cut off the perpetrators of such scheme.
  •           Eph.4:17-19: take authority and bind the spirit that uses education to darken the minds of the people.
  •           Col.2:8: take authority over the spirit of philosophy and human knowledge that is passed through education and declare deliverance from their clutches and hold.
  •                    Ps.33:6-12: Proclaim that the word of God will become the final authority in settling intellectual issues raised in our education  including the issue of creation and the origin of man.
  •            Pray for the empowerment of sons of God on this mountain who will have the wisdom and the boldness to introduce a God-centered curriculum in our schools.
  •          Take authority over satanic cults that have been raised in schools to raise a new generation for Satan.
  •            Ps.80:17-19; Ps.85:4-7: Pray for a fresh Revival to course through our universities according to prophecies declared by servants of God.
  •            Hos.6:2: Lord revive our educational institutions especially the universities that our sons and daughters may live in your sight.
  •             Renew the Altars of righteousness raised in different institutions in Nigeria and pray that the Altars will begin to speak judgment and righteousness according to the will of God.
  •          Release the blood of Jesus over educational institutions in Nigeria from Nursery to tertiary.


  •          Proverbs 1:7: Pray for the fear of God to be rooted in our educational systems as the basis for true learning.
  •             James 1:5: Cry out to God to release godly wisdom upon our young ones at all levels. Pray that they will have discernment to reject the destructive wisdom of the word.
  •          Declare: Lord our children will not be caught in the enemy’s web of deceit.
  •            Pray in the spirit and cry to the Lord to save education in Nigeria.


Adoration, thanksgiving & repentance

-          Rev.4:1-11: Worship God and declare His sovereignty over the universe

-          Ps.99: High Praise

-          Ps.150: Give glory and honour to His name

-          Bring repentance for the pollution, compromise and corruption released on this mountain of Celebration, Arts and Culture. Lord I bring repentance for the foolishness and godlessness of our leaders in trying to re-awaken ancient thrones and traditional stools in the guise of Eyo, osun Oshogbo and cultural carnivals.

-          Bring repentance for idolatrous practices by our leaders that gave Satan legal right over our nation including osun Oshogbo, Eyo festivals, etc.

-          Take authority over the spirit of seduction (Jezebellian spirit Rev.2:20), that rules on this mountain and the Hivite spirits employed as Land Army.

-          Ps.94:20-23: Take authority over cultural practices instituted to increase satanic presence in the land.

-          Job.22:28: Issue a Decree that those satanic cultural practices like Eyo Festival, satanic carnivals etc will no longer hold in Nigeria.

-          Zech.13:2: Ask God to cut off all idolatrous practices in the land.

-          Rev.4:9-11: Pray enforcing God’s purpose for arts and culture to be used to glorify and honour Him.

-          Remind the Lord of His promise to send David to the Remnant Church to teach us true worship.

-          Ask the Lord to pour our His Spirit on Davids of today who will lead the Church in worship.

-          Ps.40:3; Pray for the Lord to teach our young ones a new song that will draw them to Him.

-         Pray that God will pour grace upon His Church and especially upon the youth and cause us to delight to do His will in the mountain of celebration and arts, in using every conscious moment to worship, praise and give God thanks just like they do in heaven.

-          Lord we pray that our ministers and musicians will so minister in the Spirit that their instruments will talk to us about your majesty and glory and we will understand what they are saying even without words.

-          2Chr.5:13-14: Pray that the presence of the Lord will become so tangible in the Church that people will not be able to minister in the flesh.


Adoration, thanksgiving & repentance

-             Offer repentance for the destructive influence and pollution of the media in spreading fear, godlessness, immorality and indifference to God.

      -          Take authority over the spirit of Beelzebub (prince of flies) that rules on this mountain.

-          Eph.2:2: Bind the prince of the power of the air that spreads fear and unbelief through the media.

-       Pray against every stronghold the devil has established through the media on people’s minds as many lives are impacted through newspapers, radio, magazines, television, home videos, billboards, internet, etc. (2Cor. 10:3 – 5).

 -       Pray that the media will fall into the hands of God’s people who will use it as a platform to spread the good news of the gospel and to communicate the commandments of God.

-          Make a proclamation calling forth Evangelists to take over this mountain of media and to spread good news on this mountain.

-       Pray that publications in newspapers and magazines and programmes in our radio, television and internet be godly, moral, educative, inspiring, etc.

-       Pray that internet fraud by youths stop as well as addiction to pornography, home video and social media. Pray that the Lord redirects the attention of youths to use these media to His glory.

-       Pray that government regulatory agencies ensure that media owners keep to the core functions of the mass media; information, integration, enlightenment, socialization, education of the populace. Pray that the mass media stop concentrating on depraving entertainment, which is now the tool of the enemy to corrupt young and unsuspecting minds.

-       Also pray that the mass media uphold the three pillars of journalism in their daily reportage; truth, objectivity and accuracy.

-       Pray that our media should no longer be easy tools in the hands of politicians to propagate lies but one that keeps to the professional code that requires non partisanship.

-       Pray that Christians who already own or are part owners of radio or television stations have the boldness to influence morality in their broadcasts.

-       Pray for a genuine fight against corruption through the media.

-       Pray that the media imbibes in the hearts of the people true national values through their materials.

-          Call forth a Great Company of Publishers of the Word (Ps.68:11) on this mountain.

-        Pray that the government will have boldness to make regulations that will regulate the moral content of programs spread through the media.

-          Pray for Christians called in this mountain to have boldness to start small as the Lord has promised to give this mountain to His sons in this season.

-        Plead the blood of Jesus over all the media houses in Nigeria and declare them instruments of Evangelism and Praise.


-        Pray all intercessors: For God to deliver us from these three sets of people –

a) Those that covenant themselves to the devil to destroy us and God’s purpose (Acts23:12-14);

b) Those that say the time is not yet ripe for us to manifest (Ezk.11:1-4);

 c) Those that want to destroy us because of our star which they have seen and those who want to stop God’s purpose on earth (Matt.2:13).

Pray also for every battle raging against us to be scattered; For every evil arrow fired into our lives & families to backfire; For every obstacle on our path of victory to be scattered in Jesus name.

           -         Pray that God will reveal every accusation satan has against us that is preventing us from receiving the answers to our prayers and refute them with the blood of Jesus.

 -  Pray that God will continually refresh us with His anointing so that we will not be weary (Is.40:31)


Prayer Points for November 2014

PLEASE NOTE: There are two prayer schedules in this section. One is from the Remnant Fellowship and the other is from the Intercessors for Nigeria below it.



Beloved Warriors,

As we enter the 'ember' months, may the Lord God Almighty of all grace, who has called us unto His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, make us perfect, establish, strengthen and settle us in Jesus name.

Please, be not weary in praying some more. But above all, step into action and more action of what God has called you to do this season! A lot of praises and thanksgiving, repentance of the evil done around us, and declarations will do the most work even as we continue in the attached prayers (see attached 3 files).

Kindly ensure that you get as many Christians as possible praying these prayers until the atmosphere is saturated with effectual, fervent prayers of the RIGHTEOUS; and then the structure of the enemy will just crumble as a pack of cards - SUDDENLY IT WILL ALL BE OVER!





v  I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord. Come magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together.

v  Praise the Lord oh my soul & never never forget all His blessings, let all that is within me bless His name.

v  Psalms 47, 124, 148 


Repent for personal sins, the sins of your family, the Church, government, politicians &  Nigeria.


I sanctify you, this day…(state the date and day), by the blood of Jesus. I dedicate you unto the Lord. I command you evil gates over this day, lift up your heads O ye gates, and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory.

Prophesy over the day.


I worship you Lord for your good thoughts in choosing to create me in your image.

-          I thank you Lord for your great sacrifice in sending your Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to reconcile mankind Yourself. Jn.3:16

-          I thank you Lord for sending us your Spirit to adopt us into your family. Rom.8:14-15.

-          Lord I declare your purpose according to Rom.8:19 we will manifest as your sons in-spite of the enemy’s schemes.

-          Lord I re-affirm your word in Hab.3:3 that heaven and earth will reflect your glory.

  1.        Take authority over the religious spirits that cover the eyes of the people from the knowledge of the true God. Is.25:7; 2Cor.4:4.
  2.        Take authority over Apollyon, the spirit of religion and the powers of the Jezebellian and witchcraft spirit and cast away their influence from the church and the nation.
  3.        Declare Mic.4:1-4 over the Church and the nation.
  4.        Pray against the hindrances that are preventing believers from having dominion over the mountain of religion including rebellion, contrary thought patterns, evil covenants and ordinances, evil altars and occultism.
  5.       Take authority over evil altars that promote idolatry  Zech.13:2
  6.         Exercise the authority given by the Lord to the Church and close the gate of idolatry and false worship. Matt.16:18-19; Matt.18:18
  7.        Nah.3:4-6: Take authority over the Queen of Heaven and cut off her influence from the Church.
  8.        Joel.2:28-29: Pray in the Spirit for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  9.        Eph.1:18-23: Pray for revelation knowledge to multiply in the Church. That the Church will have understanding of the times and seasons.
  10.    Pray for unity of the Church according to the will of God. Jn.17:20-21; Eph.4:3-6,

 for spiritual strength and fruitfulness Col.1:9-11.

11.  Pray for the manifestation and establishment of the five-fold ministry.Eph.4:11-13



-          Is.9:6-7: Worship the Lord for His word that the Government of the nations will rest on His shoulder (The Church)

-          Bring repentance for the sins of idolatry, rebellion, godlessness, wickedness and injustice that are the hallmark of the mountain of government.

-            Bring repentance for audacious attempts by the leadership to re-awaken ancient Thrones and Gates as a means of exercising political control over the people.

-          Ask the Lord to bring judgment on the idols, altars and the idolatrous priests in Nigeria and their collaborators and human agents. Ps.94:20-23.

-          Is.27:1: Take authority over the leviathan spirit and bind his influence over our nation.

-          Ps.149: proclaim the written judgment of God against the wicked that they will not go un-punished,

-          Proclaim Job20:5-29 against these categories of the wicked in our land:

  •          Those who raise Altars of Blood as Thrones of iniquity to perpetuate satanic rule.
  •          Those who make covenants with Satan to frustrate the agenda of God.
  •          Those who sponsor and those who shed innocent blood.
  •          Those who plunder our nation for selfish reasons.

-          Pray in the spirit and war against altars raised in the sea to empower the wicked.

-          Pray against the hindrances that are preventing believers from having dominion over the mountain of government including power blocks, evil covenants and ordinances, evil altars and occultism, tribalism and bigotry, idolatry and godlessness.

-          Rom.8:19: Pray for the manifestation of the sons of God on the mountain of Governance and Government.

-          2Sam.23:3: Pray that those who meet God’s requirement for rulership will ascend the rulership thrones at every level including Local Governments, State Governments and the Federal Level in all tiers of Government.

-          Pray that the fear of God will reign in every sphere of Government in Nigeria.

-        Pray that the spirit of boldness will come upon those that God has called to government and that they will do all that is necessary in consecration, training and discipleship to ascend the thrones prepared for them. That like David they will combine integrity (character) and skill.

-          Ask God for angelic assistance; let Him release the Chariots and Angels to assist the Church in getting rid of the network of Cabals, Evil doers, Mischief makers, etc; let them search all towns/villages of the 36 states and Abuja FCT with His candles and fish out all loyal soldiers of Satan-the Sorcerers, Enchanters, Troublers of Nigeria and slay them; let the stumbling blocks, troublers of the nation, evil leaders and the wicked burn like stubble and be totally consumed.

-         Bring a strong lamentation before God asking him to deliver His inheritance from the Northern Army. Lord redeem us for Thy names sake that the nations may know that thou, whose name is Jehovah art the Most High over all the earth.

-          Ps.76:1-6: Ask the Lord to cut off the chariot and the horse of Islamic fundamentalism troubling the land.

-    Command all creation to become weapons in the hands of God to totally destroy book haram.

-        Remind the Lord of His promise that He will raise a David to sit on the Throne of Government in Nigeria. Ask the Lord to do whatever it takes to bring this to fulfillment.

-         Pray for unity of purpose among Christians. That they will respond to God’s yearning that they will be united in purpose and co-operate with the Lord in His plans to change the political equation in Nigeria for good.

-        That the Lord will expose every human and systemic element of corruption in Nigeria. Unmask the masquerades that defile and pollute our land and punish them.

-          Declare Ezk.36 as the Lord’s counsel concerning Nigeria and prophesy to the elements, the seas, the air, the mountains and all creation in Nigeria to co-operate in fulfilling the Lord’s counsel.



-          Pray for peaceful primaries and for the spirit of God to brood over the party conventions.

-          Pray for the perfect will of God to be done concerning the 2015 national elections, that only those that God has ordained to rule will win the elections.

-          That the elections will be free and fair and that all votes will count.

-          Pray against violence before, during and after the elections.

-          Pray against rigging and thugs.

-          Ps.55:9: Pray asking the Lord to divide the tongue of the wicked and bring to naught all their scheming towards 2015. Declare that only the Lord’s counsel will prevail (Pr.19:21)

-          Let us pray for the electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) led by Professor Attahiru Jega. Let us declare that God will use him just like He used Cyrus to fulfill His purpose for the elections. Let INEC serve as an impartial and incorruptible electoral body.

-          2 CHRONICLES 9: 4; 1 CORINTHIANS 14: 40

  •    Let us pray for every staff of the Commission, the adhoc staff, security agencies and all personnel  that will be deployed during the elections and ask the Lord to anoint them with fresh oil and fill them with his wisdom towards the conduct of the elections. Let us declare that just as in the palace of King Solomon that all things will be done orderly and to the glory of God.

-          Let us declare peace during the electioneering campaigns. Let us pray to abort every plan of the devil to cause bloodshed during the campaigns. As the embargo on campaigns is lifted on the 16th of November 2014, let us command all creation to yield peace to the campaigns and refute any contrary intention of darkness.

-          JOB 5: 12; ISAIAH 44: 25

  •    Let us declare all plans for assassinations, kidnapping, abduction, bombing and all other forms of violence to come to nothing. Let us declare that any altar from which any injustice or evil is orchestrated will be destroyed and their priests be turned mad. Pray that the wisdom of these crafty men will be turned into foolishness and that their judgment will be swift. Pray that Security Agencies will be properly equipped to bring unruly people to order.

-          2 THESSALONIANS 3: 2

  •    Proclaim the text 7 times and ask God to chase away every unreasonable and wicked men from the reins of power and to scuttle their plans for anyone to get in. Pray that men after God's heart as David will be propelled in their spirits to offer up themselves for elective positions.

-          Let us pray that many more genuine Christians will be encouraged to enter into politics and governance of Nigeria, this is the only way to redeem the nation and set her on the part of fulfilling her destiny in God.

-          There are certain wicked and evil men and women who have done great wickedness against Nigeria, and they are seeking to remain in power as senators, etc. Decree that no matter their political party affiliations, they will fail and be humiliated.



  •   Joel.2:1-11: Ask the Lord to mobilize an efficient and effective army for the Lagos project. Ask the Lord to empower them to be diligent.
  •   Pray that God will grant us favour before the groups/ individuals we will partner with for the Lagos project.
  •   Pray for synergy in the various groups that the Lord is raising for the Lagos project.
    •    That ever obstacle on the path of success will be uprooted and that God’s mind for Lagos State that He had communicated through his prophets will be fulfilled.
    •   Lord as we raise our voices in praise and worship, we pollute with the blood of Jesus every sacrifice that is being made to Leviathan, Mammon, the spirit of jezebel, the spirit of the grave and hell, the spirit of division and strife  and every network of altars that are in alliance to subvert Your agenda and plan for Lagos state.
    •       Ps.68:1-2: Call on the Lord to arise in anger and let all His enemies concerning the Lagos project to scatter.
    •     Ps.56:7: Ask the Lord to cast down all workers of iniquity in Lagos state.  Pray specifically asking the Lord to cut down all who invoke the spirit of death and grave through Eyo masquerade to perpetuate satanic rule in Lagos state.
    •     Is.19:1-2: Pray that the idols of Lagos State will be moved at the presence of God.
    •     Jer.22:29-30: Command the earth over Lagos State to be hostile to all who oppose the plans of God. Let the earth work against them. Let the air work against them and let all creation line up in opposition to their evil plan.
    •    Ezra.6:14: Pray that the Lagos project will be completed according to the sovereign counsel and ordination of God and that his pattern will prevail.
    •      Invite the Lord Jesus Christ to take over Lagos State and establish His Throne forever.


2Chronicles 14:11, 14

Sunday 9/11/14 has been declared the International Day of prayer for persecuted Christians.  About 400 million Christians in many parts of the world are facing persecution for their faith. Some like in northern Nigeria, Central African Republic, Sudan, North Africa, and Middle East are being persecuted on to death. Christians in Europe, USA, Canada and other developed countries face psychological persecution. They are not allowed to pray in the name of our Lord Jesus in public places i.e. schools. Preaching against unrighteousness is term to be hate crime. In addition they are being bombarded constantly in the media with promotion of unrighteousness like homosexuality, abortion rights etc. it is an uphill task for them to train their children in the way of the Lord.

‘’Remember the prisoners as if chained with them – those who are mistreated  –  since you yourselves are in the Body also.’’ Heb 13:3.

‘’ Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.’’ Romans 12:15.


‘’…… as much as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to me.’’ Math 25:40.

  •          Pray for the persecuted Christians all over the world. Pray that God shall give them grace and strength to remain steadfast in the faith.
  •          Pray for God to comfort all Christians who have lost their loved ones to persecution.
  •          Pray for healing for the injured.
  •          Pray for the release of the kidnapped Christians.
  •          Pray for the orphaned Christian children for resources to take care of them and that they should not grow up bitter.
  •           Pray for divine restoration of all that Christians have lost in the various religious riots and wars.
  •          Pray that Christians shall awaken to their responsibility of supporting the persecuted Christians prayerfully, financially and materially.
  •          Pray for supernatural provision of resources to meet the needs of Christians living in places of persecutions especially the ones in refugee camps.
  •          Pray for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to work mightily through them so that their persecutors shall bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  •          Pray that in places where Christians have been persecuted and maltreated, the gospel shall prevail and the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall cover that land, as the waters cover the sea.
  •          Pray for the Voice of Christian Martyrs and other organisations that God shall protect all their members and sustain them as they minister to the persecuted brethren.
  •          Pray for the raising of spiritual and financial resources and supporters for these organisations. Phil. 4: 15-19
  •          Pray that God shall protect and strengthen the hands and finances of the donors as they are used by God like Aaron and Hur who supported the hands of Moses as Joshua was fighting the Amalekites. Ex. 17: 8-16


  •   Bring repentance for the injustice and greed that is the hallmark of the mountain of economy, for corruption, injustice, wickedness and exploitation and ask Him for mercy.
  •    Take authority over all evil altars in the junctions, in the markets and in every market place that has been raised to give advantage to the wicked.
  •     Use the blood of Jesus to neutralize every sacrifice and command creation not to yield its strength to satanic altars again.
  •      Prayerfully tear down the thickets on the path of the economy mountain: corruption, power blocks, capital, skill, inexperience, occultism, mindset etc.
  •      Lk.10:19: Take authority over and displace the reigning principalities and powers on top of the economy mountain with their agents: Mammon, Leviathan, goddess of fertility, Sango, Ogun, Olokun, Occultism, Necromancy, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Prognostication, Freemasonry, Ogboni, Amorc etc.
  •      Is.19:16: Ask God to cause a shaking in all sectors of the economy; let Him uproot, destroy, overthrow, remove the mighty men, the men of war, the cabals, the corrupt people, selfish ambitious men and women, satanic gatekeepers, satanic princes, sorcerers, enchanters,  occultists, etc; let Him dig their graves and bury the enemies of progress.
  •     Job.15:34: Ask the Lord to judge bribery and corruption in Nigeria, expose all who are involved and bring them down.
  •     Pray for the cancellation of evil laws and practices that work against Christians engaged in the economy mountain.
  •     Gen.1:3: Pray for the overthrow of the cabal that benefits from the inefficiency of the power sector. That the light of God will shine in that sector and proclaim that there will be light.
  •    Pray that the light of God will expose every rot in the system and judge all those who perpetrate them.
  •     Repent of disobedience in the area of giving and waste of the Lord’s resources.
  •    Ps.44:1-8: Ask the Lord to give you the land in your area of calling.
  •     Pray for divine insights and strategy to expose and possess the hidden riches promised by the Lord in this season Is.45:3. 
  •   Pray to see opportunities as they open and also for the strength and resources to seize them.
  •     Pray for the Lord to increase your faith and for angelic assistance.
  •    Pray Ps.5:12, for the Lord to bless you according to His word an declare Is.60:20:


Ebola has no human cure, therefore, thank God for healing the victims that have survived, for eradicating it from Nigeria & Senegal.

PRAY FOR EBOLA PLAGUE IN WEST AFRICA that it is God that healed the victims that survived in Nigeria and the nurse Nina in the USA. Let this plague make the people to turn to the true God. Let the attack bring spiritual revival to these countries.


  1.     Thou power of God penetrate my spirit, soul & body in Jesus name.
  2.     Every evil deposit in my spirit, soul & body be flushed out by the blood of Jesus
  3.     Every stranger in my body, ministry, life, calling, marriage, home, family, business, career etc jump out in Jesus name.
  4.     Holy Ghost arise and destroy the habitation and works of the wicked in my life, ministry, finances, foundation, marriage, home, family, business, career etc in Jesus name.
  5.     Every serpentine spirit spitting on my breakthroughs roast by fire.
  6.     Every pharaoh in my life destroy yourself in Jesus name.
  7.     Garment of sorrow that is upon my life be removed by fire in Jesus name
  8.     Thou power of impossibility in my destiny die in Jesus name
  9.     Every task master assigned against me somersault and die in Jesus name
  10. Any power that wants to draw me away from the presence of the Lord to destroy me die in Jesus name
  11. Blood of Jesus destroy all foundational evil covenants prospering in my life in Jesus name 
  12. Oh Lord reveal all ignorant ways in me by Your Holy Spirit
  13. Power in the blood of Jesus redeem my destiny in Jesus name
  14. Every spiritual cobweb on my destiny burn to ashes by the fire of the Holy Ghost
  15. Every serpent in my foundation swallowing my destiny die in Jesus name
  16. Every power of darkness following me about die in Jesus name
  17. Evil cord of wickedness, sin or iniquity blocking my communication with God, be cut off by the blood of Jesus
  18. Every power, spirit or personality listening to my prayers in order to report them to the demonic world, Father scatter them in Jesus name
  19. Every authority of darkness upon which wealth and blessings are based, crumble suddenly in one day in Jesus name
  20. Oh my Father, expose and destroy all workers of iniquity.
  21. Pray for God to deliver us from these three sets of people –

 a) Those that covenant themselves to the devil to destroy us and God’s purpose (Acts23:12-16)

 b) Those that say the time is not yet ripe for us to manifest (Ezk.11:1-4)

c) Those that want to destroy us because of our star which they have seen and those who want to stop God’s purpose on earth (Matt.2:13).

22.   Pray also for every battle raging against us to be scattered; for every evil arrow fired into our lives to backfire; for every obstacle on our path of victory to be scattered in Jesus name.

23. Pray that God will continually refresh us with His anointing so that we will not be weary (Is.40:31).



1ST NOV. – 30TH NOV. 2014 (12MIDNIGHT – 3AM)


From the sounding in the Spirit, it is very clear God is calling on all watchmen in the Nation to once again stir up the Spirit of travail in them.

It is true we just won the battle against the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) but the victory will be complete when the entire West African Region is delivered from the same scourge. And this can be achieved as we continue to sacrifice and stretch ourselves in the place of Strategic Intercession and Spirit-Directed prayer actions.

Again, now that the political tension across the nation is building up as a result of the coming 2015 general elections, the indication for deep travail in prayer to help quiten the polity has now become so strong.

It is against this background that I send out these prayer points for the month of November. Hoping that we shall all be faithful and committed to pray them as a matter of covenant.

This Prayer Guide will last for all of NOVEMBER.

As usual, the FIRST and the LAST days Fast/Prayers will be observed by all WATCHMEN in the Houses of Prayer. Thereafter every Intercessor must choose at LEAST one or two other days to observe the fast/prayers every week.

Where possible, central places of Prayers should be arranged where Intercessors on prayer duty on any given day can come together and observe the prayers.

Let the Guide serve as a mere outline. Intercessors are free to enlarge the prayer points as the Spirit of the Lord may lead. Leaders should remember to take off time to study the referenced scriptures well ahead of the prayer times.

I encourage you to PRINT OUT the Prayer Guide and circulate them widely amongst praying and concerned WATCHMEN/CHURCHES.

May the Lord richly bless all who made contributions to this Prayer Guide and continue to depend on them. NIGERIA IS IN GOD’S HAND!!!


DAY 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


Take this chorus a couple of times to prepare for today’s prayers.

“Forever oh! Lord

Thy word is settled in heaven”

PSALM 124:1-2

Thank God who was on the side of Nigeria and helped us become an Ebola Free Nation. Notice that we are in no way better than Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where the Virus has claimed about 4,500 lives.

PSALM 124:3-5

Just try imagining the magnitude of the calamity that the spread of Ebola among our population of 170million with all our extensive porous boundaries. Let us therefore praise Him with deep understanding. Let all creation in Nigeria join in praising this merciful God.

PSALM 124:6-8

Let us bless the name of the Lord who frustrated the wicked plans of Western Nations against us. They were determined to reduce Nigeria’s population using such lethal bio-engineered diseases like Ebola but God did not permit their intentions.

PSALM 124:6-8

Thank God who has caused Nigeria to escape from all their wicked traps. Their snares are broken forever and Nigeria has been helped by the God of Heaven, whose ways are past finding.

Proclaim PSALM 126:1-6

The Ebola victory in Nigeria is still like a dream. It is almost unbelievable. Let us thank God who has filled our mouth with laughter and our tongue with singing. God has indeed been good to Nigeria and Nigerians.

Proclaim PSALM 127:1-5

While we acknowledge the good leadership shown by government and the unprecedented spirit of collaboration in fighting the Ebola war in Nigeria, we ultimately still owe the victory to the Almighty God. Let us worship and glorify Him because He made all the difference.

PSALM 130:1-2

Let us bless God who heard the cry of the Church and banished Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) from Nigeria. He honored the prayers and petitions of His people. Give Him quality thanks one more time.

PSALM 130:3-4

Thank God who did not treat Nigeria as our iniquities rightly deserved. He forgave us and had mercy on us. Tell Him how grateful we are.

Read PSALM 3:3

Declare and proclaim that God remains Nigeria’s shield, her glory and the lifter up of her head. The wicked desires of enemies will never prosper against this beautiful Nation.

PSALM 125:2

Declare and proclaim that as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so shall the Lord surrounds Nigeria from this time and to all generations.

PSALM 125:3

Inspite of the international conspiracy against us as a Nation, declare and proclaim that the scepter of their wickedness shall not rest upon the Land of Nigeria because the Almighty has elected her to be a Missionary nation.

PSALM 129:1-6

Declare that all who hate Nigeria whether Nations or 5th Columnists shall be put to shame. They shall never prevail but like grass on the housetops, they shall wither before they grow up.

Proclaim PSALM 121:1-8

Turn every verse into a prayer of declaration for the Nation. Pray that God’s hands be strong over Nigeria in this season.

PHIL. 1:6, PSALM 107:19-20

Now that Nigeria has become Ebola free, declare that the same mercy of God that helped Nigeria will work in the whole of West Africa to eradicate the Virus from the entire sub-region. Let God send His word and heal them and deliver them from their destructions.

DAY 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


Take 2 or 3 worship songs to come in to the Presence of The Lord.

Proclaim ISA. 51:15 (Repeat this proclamation three times)

Let us pray and acknowledge God as our LORD who is powerful and able to do all things. Let us pray and renew our confidence and faith in Him as the LORD OF HOSTS who has all things in creation under His command.

Read ISA. 15:16

Pray to consciously embrace and enter into the many fold blessings of His call/assignment upon us as the Church, which includes:

  •    His companionship – (The Lord our God)
  •    His words in our mouth – (Not man’s word)
  •    His protection (The shadow of His hand)
  •    His purpose – To plant the heavens and establish the earth

Read NUM. 23:1-5; 13-16, 27-30

It is a man’s sacrifice that speaks for him in the Spirit, hence Balaam always asked Balak to stand by his burnt offering. Sacrifice is truly the currency of transaction in the Spirit realm. Pray that God will stir up the Church in this season to pay a huge sacrifice in prayer that will move Nigeria forward in every area of our national life.

Read 2 SAM. 24:24-25

David was given an opportunity to make sacrifice without the cost of purchasing the sacrificial animal. But he insisted on paying for it. So he bought the threshing floor and the Oxen and paid fifty shekels of silver for them. He built an altar to the Lord there and sacrificed burnt offerings and fellowship offerings. Then the Lord answered prayer on behalf of the land and the plaque on Israel was stopped.

Pray for the out pouring of the Spirit of sacrifice upon all watchmen in this season. Like David, pray that we cease to pray for this nation in the manner that costs us nothing. Pray that our sacrifice will purchase healing for this land.

Read REV. 4:8 (Repeat it three times)

There is no way the will of God will be done in Nigeria if the Church is not prepared to stretch herself in Intercession. The above scripture shows that the four living creatures are on duty every day and night praising God’s holiness, omnipotence and eternity.

Let us pray to renounce every laxity, excuses, personal ambitions and encumbrances that will seek to stand in the way of all faithful and covenant watchmen in Nigeria.

Read NUM. 25:7-13

Pray that God will raise and multiply the "Phenehas" company in the Church. These will be people of uncommon zeal and initiatives who will be used mightily to appease the heart of God in this nation.

EZK. 22:23-31

God has made it clear that intercession releases the power of God to work in the affairs of men. Let us pray that the eyes of the Church will be enlightened to see the great need for intercession in this hour and to give it the required priority time and attention.

EZK. 22:30

The ministry of Intercession costs time, energy, sleep, purity of motive, greater faith than most other things we do. Sometimes immediate results to prayers are not seen and we may need to wait to see them. Let us therefore pray that the price and sacrifice that is required will not make Intercession a passive issue in the heart of believers. Ask God for grace and strength for the Church in the place of prayers.

REV. 3:14-22

Bring general repentance for laziness, lust, lukewarmness and all vanities of the world system in the Church. Pray that the Church will awake to holiness, Intercession, Evangelism, Discipleship and Mission. Pray that the Church will be diligent in keeping her watches in prayers and to understand and discern the times and seasons. Let God bring us to the point where personal concerns will no longer mean more than the cause God and the Nation.

MATT. 16:18-19 (Repeat it three times)

Pray that God will stir up the Church in this season to do the following:

  •    To overcome every degree of Spiritual slumber.
  •    To pray everywhere and every time for our nation.
  •    To raise altars everywhere and do prayer walks to possess the land.
  •    To stretch herself in fasting, midnight watches and worship.
  •    To assemble prophetic intercessors in the nation to pray and seek God’s counsel on warfare strategies.
  •    To locate and confront satanic altars, thrones, gates, satanic priests and gate keepers.
  •    To teach believers how to sacrifice and embrace the “if I perish, I perish mindset”.

JER. 51:20-24

Pray that the Church in Nigeria will transform into the Lord’s battle axe and weapons of war against all forms of wickedness in the land.

Ask the LORD to wake up the sleeping army and cause our hands to be strong for the end-time battles, let God reset our minds to be combat-ready against the wiles of the enemy. 

Let the voice of the church be strong to condemn the evil activities in the society, wicked polices in various sectors and false teachings and prophets in our congregations.

Lament over the increasing rate of divorce among Christian families and its effects on their children, let God bring restoration. Declare God’s visitation upon our families to remove every weight and besetting sins that have affected our spiritual growth.   

DAY 3, 10, 17, 24


Begin by singing a couple of songs to prepare for today's Prayers. 

Read ZECH. 6:1-8

Plead with God to release the four chariots from between the two mountains of brass to execute His sovereign judgment against all the camps of wickedness in the nation. Ask God to give these chariots specific instructions and matching orders against satanic altars, evil spirits, satanic sacrifices and all evil gatherings.

Read PSALM 75:2-3

Let us pray that God will choose this season as the proper time to judge wickedness from the womb of Ishmael in the Nation. Ask God to dissolve all mayhem they have planned against Nation.

PSALM 74:22:23

Invite God to arise as the one who created all these lives that are being wasted daily, to plead His cause against all terrorists and mischief makers in the land. Let God silence their voices and the tumult of all who rise up against His purposes for Nigeria.

PSALM 75:4-5

Ask God to serve notice of warning to these wicked terrorists who are boasting themselves out of measure. Pray and deal with their horns in all sectors of our national economy.

PSALM 75:6-7

Ask God as the judge of the earth to stamp out the forces terrorism and the stronghold of religious fundamentalism in our nation. Let His anger and indignation not depart from their camp.

PSALM 75:8

Pray and compel the wicked enemies of this nation to drink from the cup of God’s fury and judgment. Command them to drain and drink it down. Let them find a place with drunkards.

PSALM 76:1-3

Pray that God will reveal Himself in Nigeria. Let Him be jealous for His name. Ask Him to make Himself known. Invite Him to break the arrows of the bow, the shields and the swords of the wicked.


PSALM 76:5

Prophesy that God will plunder the proud and stout hearted people who have stolen this nation blind. All the satanic mighty princes in this nation must loose the use of their hands in this season.

PSALM 76:6, 2 KINGS 19:35

Pray and stir up the rebuke of the Lord against the wicked so that their chariots and horses be cast into a deep sleep.

PSALM 76:8 (Repeat this seven times)

Oh Lord cause your judgment to be heard from heaven against all oppressors in the land who oppress by sorcery, intimidation, discrimination, corruption, cultism etc.

ISAIAH 40:23-24

Proclaim the above scripture 7 times with lifted up voices. Pray and fasten this 7 fold judgment against the wicked Princes and Judges in the nation. Pray it verse by verse.

Take personal prayers and thank God for answered Prayers.

DAY 4, 11, 18, 25


Start with two or three Choruses

Proclaim EZK. 37:1-14 – (Repeat the proclamation)

Let us acknowledge GOD over Nigeria as the ALMIGHTY who is able to do everything, even dry bones to live again.

JOB 42:2

Let us declare that there is none of HIS purposes over Nigeria that shall be withheld from HIM.

Let us declare in prayers that the numerous “dry bone” situations in Nigeria are not greater than GOD and His people.

Let us prophesy and declare as follows that: (Please pray it one after the other)

  •    The insecurity challenge in Nigeria is solvable.
  •    The destiny of Nigeria is achievable.
  •    The energy/power problems of Nigeria are redeemable.
  •    The peace and unity of Nigeria are attainable.
  •    The educational problem of Nigeria is fixable.
  •    The problem of corruption in Nigeria is surmountable.
  •    The infrastructural transformation of Nigeria is possible.
  •    The judgment of all wicked thrones and altars together with evil

Priesthoods are realizable.

  •    The emergence of Righteous leadership at all levels in Nigeria is

LUKE 1:37

Let us programme all these legislations into the Sun that rules the day and the Moon that guides the night. Let us boldly affirm that with GOD nothing shall be impossible in Nigeria.

EZK. 37:5

Let us ask GOD to cause His breath to enter into the “dry bone” situations of all our institutions and sectors of life in Nigeria, so they will live and not die. (Mention them by their name)

EZK. 37:6

Some of these institutions are emaciated so badly. Ask GOD to bring flesh on them and cover them with beautiful skin.

EZK. 37:7-10

Ask GOD to raise a company of obedient and committed prophetic watchmen over this nation who will not be silent or hold their peace until GOD makes Nigeria a praise in the earth.

EZK. 37:12

Ask GOD to open the graves and bring all aspects of our National life out of the grave. That includes – Our Politics, our PHCN, Education, HealthCare Delivery, Agriculture, Family Life, Church etc.

EZK. 37:14, ISA. 32:15

Pray that the Spirit of GOD will be poured upon the Nation of Nigeria so that every wilderness will become a fruitful field, and the fruitful field grows to become a forest.

ISAIAH 40:9.

Proclaim this scripture strongly 3 times and prophesy it over all the cities  and States of Nigeria. Command them to behold and look up to the God of Heaven for their Salvation, Deliverance, Redemption and Transformation.

Bring your personal challenges and needs to GOD and give Him thanks for answered prayers.

DAY 5, 12, 19, 26


According to the timetable for the 2015 general elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on the 1st of October 2014 gave the statutory notice of elections. There have been several declarations of interest especially to the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is scheduled to pick his nomination form on 29 October and declare his interest soon thereafter. November 16, 2014 is the date set by the commission for the embargo placed on campaigns by the parties and candidates for the Presidential and National Assembly elections to be officially lifted. From November 30, the campaigns for parties and candidates interested in the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly seats will be allowed to commence their campaigns. The 4th- 11th of November is the period for collection and return of nomination forms for all elective positions.

PSALM 89:1-2

Let us thank God for the peaceful and successful holding of all the political events that have held in the last month. Unlike in times past, there hasn’t been any incidence of stampede or deaths. This is the finger of God. Thank God also for the successful inauguration of the Ekiti State Governor despite the odds and controversy that arose from his victory.

PSALM 127:1

Let us pray to bring the covering of the Most High over the entire territory of Nigeria for peace and tranquility during the electoral events of this month. Let us declare that the evil plans of the wicked will not stand neither shall it come to pass. Let us invite Jesus, the prince of Peace and the captain of the heavenly host to breath upon the electoral process and cause His counsel to stand.

ISA. 60:18

Declare with a loud voice “Violence shall no longer be heard in Nigeria!! Wasting and Destructions shall no longer occur within our Borders!! The walls of Nigeria shall be called Salvation and her gates shall be Praise.

ISA. 33:22

Let us pray that God who is our Judge, our law Giver and our King will intervene in the law suit over the proposal to create about 30,000 new polling stations in Nigeria now before the Federal High Court in Abuja. Let us declare that though there may be a selfish reason why this is been proposed that God will turn it around for the good of those who love him and are the called according to his purpose. Let us decree that the wisdom of God will be the basis of the judgment and that His counsel will stand.

JER. 22:30

Let us ask God to begin to eliminate those who are not in His enteral plan for Nigeria from the electoral process. There are certain wicked and evil people who are seeking reelection in various capacities. Let us decree that no matter their political party affiliations. They will fail and be humiliated out of office!

ACTS 4:29

Let us ask God to silence the voices of all apostles of violence and confound their plans and strategies of inciting violence and restiveness in the polity.

PSALM 75:10

In this forth - coming election, pray that God will sovereignly cut off the horns of the wicked and exalt the horns of the righteous. Elaborate on this Prayer point.

PSALM 77:14

Plead with God to do wonders in Nigeria's 2015 Elections. Ask Him to use unique ways to declare His strength among the people of this nation.

PSALM 77:15

Pray that God will redeem Nigeria with His arm like He redeemed Israel out of Egypt and the wilderness. Let us ask Him to redeem us politically as we enter into this season of Elections.

PSALM 77: 16-18

Let us pray that God will use the occasion of this Election to do things that will compel Creation in Nigeria to notice Him. Let Mountains, Hills, Geographical Expressions, Geo Political Zones, People from different Parts of Nigeria  see what God will do and tremble with fear.

DAY 6, 13, 20, 27


Take 2 or 3 hymns to prepare grounds for today's prayers.

ISA. 8:8-9

Let’s pray against the intrigues of outgoing governors and others political officers to frustrate the election process in any way.

PSALM 33:10- 11

The opposition party in the House of Reps recently is planning a court action to stop Mr. President from contesting. Pray that in the end only the counsel of The Lord will prevail.

ISA. 44:25

Let’s ask God to deal with ritual killings and others diabolic activities of political office seekers. Anyone involved in it shall fail woefully and if they don’t repent, may they lose their lives like the ones they have wasted.

Ask God to visit the shrines and other strong places where people go for fortification against opponents, Let God stir up the anger of people against such places and cause them to be burnt down and the patronizers disgraced publicly

PSALM 119:29, PROV. 25:5

Let God overtake INEC and its officials in the discharge of their duties both before and after the elections, every corrupt official shall be discovered and removed before the election commences.

PSALM 24:1

Declare as many times as possible that: 2015 ELECTION SHALL BE FREE, FAIR AND CREDIBLE TO THE GLORY OF GOD. Command every element of creation to carry and enforce this declaration.

2 THESS. 3:16

Overturn all the tables of violence and mass destruction of lives and properties. Insist that the LORD OF PEACE will give us peace by all means all through this Election period.

ISA. 45:1-3

Proclaim that the righteous and the Cyrus company who God has truly spoken to will triumph and be properly positioned in the various political offices.

Reverse every decree and satanic laws that have frustrated and shut out the righteous from the governance of our nation.

REV. 11:15

Declare that the government of Nigeria shall be upon the shoulder of our LORD JESUS and His church in our nation.

DAY 7, 14, 21, 28


Take 2 or 3 hymns as led by the Spirit of GOD. If you can lay hands on Sacred Songs and Solos then make SSS 38 one of them.

Proclaim PSALM 34:1-22

Use it to thank GOD and bless Him for His numerous acts of faithfulness over your life, family, business, academics and ministry.

Thank God for bringing you into this day. Reflect over all the things that happened in Nigeria in the last month and thank God for protection, provision and preservation.

Read ISAIAH 58:11

Pray for yourself for Spiritual revival and restoration according to the provision of the above scripture.

PSALM 32:8

Ask God to instruct you, teach you in the way to go in all areas of your endeavor.

JOHN 12:24

Pray and request for the grace to daily die to self  and to become more fruitful in your walk with God

Pray that the Lord will increase your zeal and fervency in the service of GOD on daily basis.

Ask the LORD to do a new thing in your bible study and prayer life. Pray for the grace to bring it to the level of an unbroken daily covenant.

Read GEN. 41:47-52

Beseech GOD to move you from one level of harvest to another as it was in the life of Joseph.

JUDGES 13:2-5

Pray for angelic visitation and intervention in every area of your personal life and endeavour.

1 SAM. 3:3-10

Pray that the voice of God will henceforth become louder and clearer in your life. Request God to give you the ears of Samuel.

JOB 22:26-29

Take authority and speak into the womb of the month of This day. Abort all forms of danger, tears, sorrow, calamities, disasters and untimely death.

Read PSALM 122:6-7

Speak to the sun, moon and stars and forbid them from cooperating with the agents of Satan to smite you and your family and business/ministry.

NUM. 23:23 

Pray against any sorcery and enchantment by the camp of darkness to frustrate your business and endeavour today. Nullify their Sacrifices and retrieve your day from their hands.

ESTHER 3:7, 12

Cancel every decree that have been made on any altar or projected from any coven against you  and your family.

Pray and redeem every moment, second, minute, hour of this day by the blood of Jesus and program the will, blessings, peace, favour and breakthrough of God into them.

Read ISAIAH 56:6

Use this scripture to break every yoke, oppression and bondage you have noticed over your life.

Read HEB. 4:1-END

Beseech GOD especially in this season of perplexities in NIGERIA to bring you into His rest on every side – financial, health-wise, martial, academic, in relationships etc. Conclude with breaking of bread and give God all the glory.

2015: Who Is God's Will?


I am a firm believer that it is the nature of God to reveal His will to His Church through His servants the holy Apostles and Prophets in all matters (Am.3:7).

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