PRAYER POINTS - Prayers And Fasting Against Islamic Agenda



Fasting and Prayer for Nigeria at 100 Years

14th January – 14th February, 2014


 If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, …

 2 Chr. 7: 14


  14th Jan.              -              Ps 150

$1·         Give thanks to God for your life, salvation of your soul, health, family and for divine protection.

$1·         Give thanks to God for His faithfulness to Nigeria despite our unfaithfulness to Him as a nation. Ps. 115: 1-3

$1·         Thank God for preserving Nigeria in the past 100 years for the sake of His glorious purpose for the nation. Is. 46: 9-10 Decree that the purpose of God shall stand in Nigeria.

$1·         Thank God for not permitting Satan to have his way in Nigeria. Thank God for frustrating the tokens of liars and making the sorcerers and diviners mad. Is. 44: 24-25

$1·         Thank God for frustrating every effort of the forces of darkness to cause another major war in the land and thereby shed innocent blood. Job. 5: 12 - 14

$1·         Thank God for aborting every evil conceived in the womb of darkness concerning Nigeria.

$1·         As Nigeria enters its 1ooth year, nullify with the blood of Jesus, every evil that has been projected and invoked into the Nigerian atmosphere. Whatever sorcerers, occultists, and evil spirits have done or invoked upon the nation is cancelled in the name of Jesus Christ. Is. 8: 9-10

15th Jan.           -              Daniel 9: 7-10

$1·         On behalf of the Nigerian Church and the nation, ask God for forgiveness for every sin, transgression, and iniquity that are in the church and in Nigeria. 2 Chro. 7: 14

$1·         Stand in the gap and repent on behalf of Nigeria for the sin of blood guiltiness in the land. The nation is guilty of the sin of shedding innocent blood.

$1·         Pray for the church in Nigeria that the purpose of God for the Nigerian Church shall be fulfilled. Is. 46: 10

$1·         Pray that every assignment that God has committed into the hands of the Nigerian Church shall be accomplished. Eph. 2: 10

$1·         Nigeria is the “trigger of Africa”. Pray that the Nigerian Church shall experience genuine Holy Ghost revival and it shall carry revival all over Africa and all over the world. Jer. 51: 20

$1·         Pray that the Nigerian Church shall have a Godly focus. Mark 16: 15

16th Jan.

$1·         Pray and cancel every religious agenda against Christianity in the land. Every plan that any religion has made to destroy or oppress the Church of Jesus Christ in Nigeria shall not stand. Matt. 16: 18 – 19

$1·         Pray that anyone in government that is using the instrument of governance to attack or suppress the church and Christians shall be dismissed by God in the name of Jesus. Ps. 105: 15

$1·         Pray that God shall repay with tribulation, anyone that is troubling the Church/Christians in Nigeria. 2 Thes. 1: 6

$1·         They shall scatter in confusion, whosoever shall gather against the church. Is. 54: 15 Whether it is a political party, an arm of government, an organization or nations of the world – whosoever shall gather against Nigerian Church/Christians, they shall scatter in total confusion. Decree it so.

$1·         Whatever weapon, tactic, strategy, or cunning craftiness that is formed against the Nigerian Church/Christians shall not prosper. Is. 54: 17

$1·         Pray that every enemy of the Nigerian Church shall be confounded and put to shame by the Almighty God. Deut. 33: 29

$1·         Pray that every false religion that is fighting Christianity in Nigeria shall wither and die. Jer. 10: 11

17th Jan.

$1·         Pray for the leadership of CAN in Nigeria that God shall strengthen and guide them to take a Godly bold stand for the Church against evil religions in the land.

$1·         Pray for the Chairman of CAN South West that God shall protect, preserve, and nourish his life to provide Godly leadership for the church in these times of trouble.

$1·         Pray for unity and oneness of purpose for the leaders of the Church in Nigeria. Ps. 133

$1·         Pray for every member of Christian Welfare Initiative (CWI) that God shall protect them from every attack of Satan and his forces of evil religion.

$1·         Pray that everyone that is championing evil religion against the Church/Christians in the South West, and in Nigeria, shall be paralyzed and rendered powerless by the Almighty God. Ps. 11: 6

$1·         Pray that any public office holder that is using his office to fight the Church of Jesus Christ shall be dismissed from heaven, never to hold public office again.

$1·         Pray that God shall give authority, power, and divine unction to genuine leaders of the Church. Whatever they decree shall stand. Jer. 1: 9-10

$1·         Pray that genuine leaders of the Church in these times of crisis shall be immovable and unconquerable to forces of religious evil in the land. Jer. 1: 18-19

18th Jan.

$1·         Pray deliverance for the church in Nigeria, from every form of defilement. This includes immorality, covetousness, greed and lusts of the world. 1 Cor. 3: 16-17

$1·         Also pray that every corruption that has entered into the church shall be destroyed by the Almighty God. Pray that ungodly favouritism, nepotism, theft, embezzlement of church funds and bribery shall be exposed by the Lord. 1 Pet. 4: 17

$1·         Church politics is fast becoming an acceptable norm in the church. It is actually satanic conspiracy of brethren against each other. Pray that every form of politicking in the church shall die a natural death and it shall be replaced with trust and faithfulness. Job. 5: 12-14

$1·         Come against the spirit of witchcraft that is contaminating the church. Every one using witchcraft power to do ministry or to manipulate people must be exposed by the Holy Spirit and the powers of darkness must be destroyed. Ex. 22: 18

$1·         Bind and nullify every counterfeit spiritual authority in the church. Every one exercising authority in the church outside of the perfect will of God is a counterfeit spiritual authority. Pray that such manipulative powers shall be destroyed by God. 2 Cor. 11: 13-14

$1·         Pray that the fire of the Almighty God shall expose every servant of Satan pretending to be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that their evil congregations shall wither and die.

19th Jan.                             Prayers against evils in the land

$1·         By the spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning, (Is. 4: 4) pray down the judgment of God upon every Christian ministry that has witchcraft and occultic foundation. Pray that such ministries shall be exposed and destroyed by the hand of God.

$1·         Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted up. Mt. 15: 13. Pray that God shall uproot every minister of the church that is in any secret cult.

$1·         Pray against armed robbery attacks, kidnapping and terrorism in Nigeria. Decree that the hosts of heaven shall arrest every one of those criminals. Ps. 11: 6

$1·         Take authority over every evil spirit behind bomb blasts and the shedding of blood in the land; pray that all those forces of evil shall be bound. Mt. 18: 18

$1·         Pray against the evil spirits behind corruption in the nation; take authority over the spirits of greed and covetousness. Pro. 14: 34

20th Jan.                          Joel 2: 25

$1·         Pray for divine restoration of all that Christians have lost in the various religious riots in the North.

$1·         Pray that Christians in the South shall awaken to their responsibility of supporting the persecuted Christians in the North, prayerfully, financially and materially.

$1·         Decree that no religious riot shall take place again in northern Nigeria.

$1·         Pray that all the arms of the government in the North shall awaken to their responsibility of providing quality education for all the children and the youths in the North.

$1·         Pray that God shall raise responsible leadership for the North of Nigeria.


21st Jan.                              Mt. 16: 18-19

$1·         Pray for Jos and the entire Middle Belt. Pray that every demon let loose from hell to shed blood in Plateau State and in the Middle Belt shall be bound.

$1·         Cancel every satanic agenda for Jos and the entire Middle Belt. Nullify every satanic conspiracy against this part of the nation.

$1·         Pray that God shall expose and bring to judgment all the people used by evil spirits to initiate, fund and sustain this crisis in the North and in the entire Middle Belt.

$1·         Pray for immediate and lasting peace in Plateau State and in the entire Middle Belt.

$1·         Pray for peace, reconciliation and mutual respect for all the people of different religious beliefs, ethnic groups and political groups in Plateau State and in the entire Middle Belt.


22nd Jan.                             Ps. 5: 12

$1·         Pray for strength and courage for the faithful pastors in the land, those who have shunned covetousness and worldliness. Pray that they shall not be discouraged and they shall not compromise the Word of Truth.

$1·         Pray that God shall promote to prominence and influence the servants of God that are faithful to God and to His purpose.

$1·         Pray that the faithful ministers of the gospel shall not be corrupted by the pollution that has entered the church.

$1·         Pray that God shall raise more faithful ministers of the gospel committed to carrying the cross and following Jesus.

$1·         Pray for yourself that you shall be numbered amongst the faithful people of God in the land.

23rd Jan.                              1 Cor. 12: 26-27

$1·         Pray that Christians in the South shall be committed to the evangelization of northern Nigeria.

$1·         Pray that the church in the South shall release resources to support missionaries and other gospel workers in the North.

$1·         Pray that the ministries in the South shall be challenged to establish free education schools, hospitals and other welfare services in places unreached by the gospel in Nigeria.

$1·         Pray that every religion, culture, tradition or attitude that is contending in Nigeria with salvation of souls in Jesus Christ shall be silenced and dismantled by the Almighty God.

$1·         Pray that genuine missions’ agencies shall not lack funding or support.

$1·         Pray for all missionaries on the field that their labours shall be fruitful.

24th Jan.                             Is. 62: 6-7

$1·         Pray for Nigeria that every satanic agenda for this country shall be frustrated by the Almighty God. Job 5: 12-13

$1·         Pray that every foundation of evil that was laid for Nigeria before, during and after independence shall be uprooted and destroyed by the power of God.

$1·         Pray and nullify every satanic utterance, decree, or mandate that was issued against the unity and progress of this nation at Independence in 1960. Is. 7: 7

$1·         Take authority over the spirit of lawlessness that is causing chaos and disorderliness at every level in Nigeria.

$1·         Pray that every covenant, initiation, incantation, or invocation of evil that is troubling Nigeria shall be destroyed by the power of God in the name of Jesus Christ.

$1·         Pray that God shall paralyze the powers and the influence of agents of darkness in Nigeria

$1·         By the power that is in the Blood of Jesus Christ, nullify the power and the influence of every satanic sacrifice, covenant, or manipulation that is in the atmosphere in Nigeria that has cast a spell upon the people and rendered them unable to rise against corruption and injustice.

25th Jan.                             2 Thess. 1: 6

$1·         Pray for the persecuted church in northern Nigeria as well as in other nations of the world. Pray that God shall give grace and strength to our brethren facing persecutions to remain steadfast in the faith.

$1·         Pray for supernatural provision of resources to meet the needs of Christians living in places of persecutions.

$1·         Pray for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to work mightily through them so that their persecutors shall bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

$1·         Pray that in places where Christians have been persecuted and maltreated, the gospel shall prevail and the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall cover that land, as the waters cover the sea.

$1·         Pray for the Voice of Christian Martyrs that God shall protect all its members and sustain them as they minister to the persecuted brethren.

26th Jan.                            The President – 1 Tim. 2: 1-2

$1·         Pray divine protection for the president of Nigeria from every evil. Pray that he shall be shielded by God from every evil attack and every evil influence.

$1·         Pray that God shall pour His fire into his spirit and soul and he shall become zealous for truth, righteousness and justice.

$1·         Pray that God shall give him a different spirit from the spirit of corruption that operates amongst the ruling class in Nigeria.

$1·         Pray divine boldness for him to take drastic measures to curb corruption, indiscipline and lawlessness in Nigeria.

$1·         Pray that God shall give him divine wisdom to run this country and provide solutions to the many problems of Nigeria.

27th Jan.                              Job 20: 15-29

$1·         Pray that God shall raise faithful men and women to contest and hold political offices in the nation.

$1·         Pray that everyone who has rigged election at whatever level shall be vomited out of that office. The office which he/she illegally occupy shall rebel against him/her and vomit him/her out.

$1·         Pray that God shall diminish and dismiss from prominence whosoever is using, or has used, political office to embezzle public funds.

$1·         Pray that God shall judge and destroy anyone using political power to shed innocent blood and commit atrocities in the land.

$1·         Pray that the fiery judgment of God shall come expressly upon the corrupt and evil rulers in the land and teach them righteousness. Is. 26: 9-11

28th Jan.                            2 Tim. 2: 22 – The youths

$1·         The youths represent the future of this nation. Pray for God’s divine intervention that they shall be firmly rooted in godliness, diligence and integrity.

$1·         Pray that the current tide of immorality, drugs addiction, and irresponsibility prevalent among Nigerian youths shall be stopped by the power of God.

$1·         Pray that God shall raise godly role models for the youths to emulate.

$1·         Also pray that the stronghold of deceptive pleasures, entertainment and fun shall be destroyed in the lives of the youths in this nation.

$1·         Pray that the youths of Nigeria shall be disciplined, responsible, morally upright and Godly.

$1·         Pray that the licentiousness that has wrecked morality in Europe and U.S. shall not have power over Nigerian youths.

$1·         Pray that God shall intervene and destroy in our youths the growing negative culture of cheating in examinations and short cuts to make money.

29th Jan.                             1 Cor. 12: 12-13

$1·         Pray that God shall intervene and destroy every denominational barrier that is dividing the church and hindering the people of God from fellowshipping, praying, and working together as ONE.

$1·         Pray that God shall raise faithful Christian leaders that shall maintain unity of the church.

$1·         Pray and bind the spirit of envy and the spirit of competition that will not allow the various denominations to work and pray together.

$1·         Pray and bind the spirit of the taskmaster that is creating a master/servant relationship in the church.

$1·         Pray that the spirit of love and brotherly kindness shall saturate the church as it was in Acts 2: 42-47.

30th Jan.                             Prov. 29: 2

$1·         Pray for God’s divine intervention that righteous people shall be in power in Nigeria to provide the needed social amenities and infrastructure.

$1·         Zech. 1: 18-21      Pray and take authority over the spirit of crime and lawlessness that is prowling all over the nation. Pray that those forces of darkness shall be bound in the name of Jesus.

$1·         Take authority over the evil spirits behind religious violence, the shedding of innocent blood and destruction of lives and properties. Bind all those evil spirits in the name of Jesus Christ.

$1·         Come against the atmosphere of fear and insecurity that the devil is progressively developing in Nigeria. Bind all those forces of darkness and cast them into hell.

$1·         Pray that God shall release His mighty angels to arrest all the perpetrators and supporters of religious violence in Nigeria and bring them to judgment and justice.

$1·         Pray that the spirit of justice and righteousness shall dominate government at every level in Nigeria.

31st Jan.

$1·         Pray for yourself that the grace of God shall daily abound in your life.

$1·         Pray that the purpose for which God created you shall be accomplished to the glory of His holy name.

$1·         “We wrestle not against flesh and blood.” Pray that no weapon fashioned against you by the forces of darkness shall prosper in the name of Jesus.

$1·         It is necessary to pray that no manipulation of the forces of darkness shall destroy your salvation. Pray on Rom. 6: 14 that sin shall not have power over you.

$1·         Pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon your life.

$1·         Heb. 1: 7—God makes His ministers a flame of fire. Pray that you shall remain on fire  for God

1st February                      Hab. 2: 14

$1·         Pray that nations will bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ as the missionaries carry out their assignments in the nations.

$1·         Pray that all false religions and all forms of occultism will bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ as these missionaries carry out their assignments.

$1·         Pray for the protection of the missionaries and their families as they carry out God’s assignments in the nations. 

$1·         Pray that these missionaries will in boldness and even through their lifestyle declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the nations.

$1·         Pray for the raising of spiritual and financial supporters for missionaries and mission fields. Phil. 4: 15-19

$1·         Pray that God shall protect and strengthen the hands and finances of missions’ supporters as they are used by God like Aaron and Hur who supported the hands of Moses as Joshua was fighting the Amalekites. Ex. 17: 8-16

2nd Feb.

$1·         Pray that churches in Nigeria shall cease squandering resources of the kingdom of God on vanity projects and shall henceforth release funds for missionaries to penetrate unreached places with the gospel.

$1·         Pray that the burden for lost souls shall rest upon Christians so that they shall see themselves as partners with missionaries.

$1·         Pray that all the believers called by the Lord into missions but are afraid shall receive boldness from the Holy Spirit to obey the call of God upon their lives. Acts 4: 31

$1·         Pray that missionaries will be willing to spend quality time in the presence of the Lord and will not be distracted to do their assignment in a carnal way.

$1·         Pray that they will not fight spiritual battles with carnal weapons. As God fought for the children of Israel against the Egyptians, God shall fight all their battles for them. 2 Cor. 10:4-5.

$1·         Pray that God will grant them wisdom in their relationship with one another in the field and also wisdom to relate to the unbelievers they seek to reach with the gospel.


3rd Feb.                                Is. 26: 6-11

$1·         Pray for God’s divine intervention that the Nigerian judiciary shall be purged of every form of corruption and lack of integrity.

$1·         Pray that the spirit of justice and righteousness shall dominate the judiciary in Nigeria.

$1·         God is the Judge of all men. Pray that all those that have been denied justice in Nigeria shall be given justice by the Almighty God.

$1·         Pray that all the oppressors in the land shall be diminished and rendered powerless in Jesus name.

$1·         Pray that God shall Himself dismiss, disgrace, and diminish every Judge and Justice that collects money to pervert justice.

$1·         Pray that no unrighteous man or woman shall sit anymore as judge in any court in Nigeria.

4th Feb.                               Prov. 14: 34                        

$1·         Pray for quality reforms in the Nigeria Police Force that every corruption that is associated with the police shall come to an end.

$1·         Pray that from the top to the bottom, the police shall be righteous, just and God fearing.

$1·         Pray that God shall intervene and expose all the personnel of the police force that partner with criminals. Pray that all these corrupt officers shall be prosecuted and dismissed.

$1·         Pray that God shall grant the President the boldness and zeal for truth to purge the Police Force without fear or favour.

$1·         Pray for God’s protection over the righteous police officers that as they conduct their assignments in truth and honesty, no evil shall befall them.

$1·         Pray for the security and safety of every Nigerian.

5th Feb.                                Is. 54: 13

$1·         Pray that the evil spirits that have penetrated the institutions of higher learning with cultism shall be bound and cast down into hell.

$1·         Pray for Holy Ghost revival to sweep throughout the higher institutions of learning in Nigeria and bring an end to campus cultism and campus prostitution.

$1·         Pray against the rising wave of drug abuse in Nigeria. From primary school, school children smoke hemp. Pray that every spirit bent on destroying the future of Nigeria by destroying the youths with drugs shall be bound.

$1·         Pray that the drug barons and farmers of marijuana shall be exposed and heavily prosecuted.

$1·         Pray that all the drug channels into Nigeria shall be blocked by the Almighty God

$1·         Pray that the Nigerian church shall awake to its responsibility to combat drug addiction as a major evil in the nation through prayers and awareness campaign.

6th Feb.                               Prov. 29: 2

$1·         Pray for God’s divine intervention that righteous people shall be in power in Nigeria to provide the needed social amenities and infrastructure.

$1·         Pray that funds shall be released in righteousness and spent in honesty to repair and construct roads all over the nation.

$1·         Pray for the rail project. Pray that every ungodly influence that is hindering the rail project in Nigeria shall be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

$1·         Pray for modern houses to be provided by the government for the populace at affordable rates.

$1·         Pray for a national Health Insurance scheme to meet the medical needs of the poor and the less privileged.

$1·         Pray for schools that Government in Nigeria shall accord education top priority and provide righteous policy to promote good education.

7th Feb.                        Zech. 1: 18-21

$1·         Pray and take authority over the spirit of crime and lawlessness that is prowling all over the nation. Pray that those forces of darkness shall be bound in the name of Jesus.

$1·         Take authority over the evil spirits behind religious violence, the shedding of innocent blood and destruction of lives and properties. Bind all those evil spirits in the name of Jesus Christ.

$1·         Come against the atmosphere of fear and insecurity that the devil is progressively developing in Nigeria. Bind all those forces of darkness and cast them into hell.

$1·         Pray that God shall release His mighty angels to arrest all the perpetrators and supporters of religious violence in Nigeria and bring them to judgment and justice.

$1·         Pray that the spirit of justice and righteousness shall dominate government at every level in Nigeria.

8th Feb.                               Ps. 126

$1·         Millions of Nigerians are unemployed. Pray for God’s divine intervention that the corruption that is creating unemployment in Nigeria shall be destroyed.

$1·         Pray for wisdom for Nigerians to set up enterprises that shall provide jobs for people.

$1·         Pray that Nigerian banks shall begin to play a positive role in nurturing enterprises to growth.

$1·         Pray wisdom for government to formulate the right policies that will result in economic growth for the nation.

$1·         Pray that suffering and poverty shall end in the land. Pray for the mercy of God.

$1·         Pray for the proposed NATIONAL CONFERENCE that it shall take place and no power of darkness shall hinder or frustrate it.

$1·         Also pray that the Constitution of Nigeria shall be reviewed and revised to reflect the genuine needs of the people of Nigeria.

9th Feb.

-      Is.9:6-7: declare the heart of God that the government of Nigeria will rest on the shoulders of Christ (i.e. His Church).

-      Ps.122:5: Pray, releasing the Thrones of judgment of the House of David and set their dominion over every market place, public institution and government at all levels.

-      Is.2:1-4: Declare that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be exalted on top of all other mountains according to the will of God.

-      1Cor.15:20-49 (proclaim in faith): Declare the victory and dominion of Christ.

-      Jer.1:10: Declare the prophetic mandate of God that the Church has been set over the nations, to root out evil and to establish righteousness.

-      In the name of Jesus, I root out the source of violence and evil in this nation, at the Local Government, State and Federal levels. I dismantle and destroy utterly their altars and cut off every reinforcement

-      Is.51:16: I plant the heavens over every part of Nigeria. I declare the judgment of God over evil and wickedness and His righteousness over our nation.

-      Ex.14:13: I declare that every Egyptian we see today in Nigeria, we will soon see them no more. I release the judgment hand of God against them.

-      Ex. 14:14: I declare that the Lord will fight for us according to His promise, even as we hold our peace

-      Rev.11:15-19: Declare in faith the certainty of God’s victory.

-     Ps.122:5: I declare in faith that come 2015 (according to the word of God to His Prophets) His anointed ones will be seated over the Thrones of my nation at all levels.

10th Feb.
-      Ps.103:1 - 22 ‘The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy’. Cry out to God in repentance for self and for the Church in particular for every laxity on our part that let things deteriorate to this point without raising a finger.

-          Ps.79: A supplication to the Lord to save His people from reproach

-          Ps.83: A prayer against all the enemies of God

-          Dan2:36-45 (Proclaim in faith) Declare that the Babylonian system is in its last days according to the sure word of Bible Prophecy.

-          Is.59:17: Ask the God of vengeance to avenge of His Saints that are slaughtered in various places by the enemies of God (Rv.19:2, 6:9-11).

-          Ps.94:1: ‘O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongeth;
O God to whom vengeance belongeth, show thyself.’

Lord as a prophetic company, we are standing at the Gate of Time, and we turn again the page of history as we come to the time of the counsels that led to the formation of Nigeria, and Lord we pray:

-          Every wicked counsel that went into the formation of Nigeria, we overturn in Jesus Name.

-          Every weak material that was deliberately inserted by the colonial powers to form a weak nation incapable of standing upon its feet and fulfilling the mandate of God, Lord we pray; though there be a shaking we forcefully remove all those materials in Jesus name.

-          We turn again to the blue print that YOU designed for our nation, and we insert in the foundation of Nigeria, the original pillars that you designed to carry the nation in Jesus’ name.

-          Lord having inserted the pillars at the four corners of the East, West, South and North, we ask for the concrete beams, the rods, the proper mixture of cement and sand, the piling and every other material that goes into making a proper foundation to be put in their place NOW in Jesus’ name.

Lord we stand on the gate of time and we visit again the foundation of Nigeria. We undo whatever Lord Luggard, his wife, all the colonial Governors of Nigeria, the colonial power of Britain and our founding fathers who they handed over to, have done that is contrary to your will for our nation.

11th Feb.

-          Lord we declare in accordance with your counsel revealed through the Prophets and Apostles you have set over the nation of Nigeria, that you set President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in office for the sole purpose of supervising this work on the foundation of Nigeria, and we constrain him prophetically to face this work squarely now in Jesus’ name.

-          We close his ears to every distraction and we declare to the hearing of the Holy Spirit, the sovereign representative of the Godhead on earth, that we NOW separate President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for this work of REBUILDING THE FOUNDATION OF NIGERIA just the way you asked the prophetic company to separate Paul and Barnabas to the work of taking the gospel to the nations (Acts 13:1-3).

-          O President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, we close your ears to the voice and counsel of men, and we open your ears to hear only God and His counsel and to follow Him alone because He is the one that put you on the Throne of Nigeria.

-          We pray the spirit of courage and boldness upon you, and we disentangle you from every cobweb of witchcraft and manipulation that is holding you back including the seven altars that are set against you

(i. The Northern altar,

ii. The Caliphate altar,

iii. the Indian altar,

iv. the Arabian altar,

v. the occult altar,

vi. the traditional altar from your homeland working as household witchcraft and

vii. The Religious altar).

We release the power of God upon you and we strengthen you to begin to use the sword of God in your hands (Rom.13:4) to kill every enemy of God and every enemy of our nation that will stand in opposition to this work commanded by Almighty God for which you are on the Throne.

-          We pray God’s protection and favour upon you and we declare that the Lord who has put you on the Throne will sustain you as long as you follow His counsel, and appoint divine helpers to you even from unusual quarters, in Jesus’ name.

-          We separate you from household enemies and all sons of Belial that are around you and we ask the Lord to judge them swiftly.

-          We pray for you President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that you will do God’s will for therein is your protection, your life and your power.


12th Feb.

-          Jer.22:22: Pray commanding the wind over Nigeria to eat up all the prophets and priests that are working against the purpose of God for the Church, Israel, Nigeria and the Nations of the world.

-          Jer.22:29: command the earth to hear the word of the Lord and write them childless, that they will never produce any seed that will further their evil programs.

-          Jer.48:42: Pray commanding the destruction of Moab (Boko Haram etc). They shall be destroyed from being a people because they have magnified themselves against the Lord.
-        Is 16:12: Pray that when Boko Haram and the wicked go to their altars to draw strength, they will never prevail!

-          Ps.55:9: ‘Destroy O Lord and divide their tongues for I have seen violence in the land.’

-          Jer.49:45: May they be consumed by the very thing that they are turning to for refuge. As they have trusted in charms they shall be consumed by charms. As they have trusted in the sword, they shall be consumed by the sword. As they have trusted in enchantments and prognostication, they shall be consumed by enchantments and prognostication.

13th Feb

-          Let the evil planned by the wicked against the remnant church slay the wicked (psalm 34:21)

-          Lord condemn the foes of the righteous in Nigeria & make their habitations desolate (Psalm 34:21)

-          Lord take Nigeria/the church by the edges & shake out the wicked (Job 38:13)

-          Let the violence orchestrated by the mischief in Nigeria fall upon their own heads(Psalm 7:16)

-          I throw down all the altars of the wicked erected in the heavenlies against the will of God for Nigeria.

FOCUSING on satanic priesthood that promotes and sustains evil:

-          Ps.7:10: Ask the Lord to bring destruction on all category of satanic priesthood including diviners, sorcerers and witches.

-          Ps.9:15-16: Pray that the pit they are digging for the righteous in politics and governance, economy, family and other mountains will swallow them up.

-          Ps.10:15: Ask the Lord to break the arm of every wicked in the land.

-          Ps.11:6: Ask the Lord to rain snares, fire, brimstone upon them

-          Zech.13:2: Ask the Lord to swiftly destroy the idols in the land and the priesthood that services their altars.

-          Co.2:15: Ask the Lord to disgrace and make a public spectacle of all agents of satan against the Church including those hiding in churches.

-          Blow the shoffar 7 times to mobilise the angelic host to continue the battle until victory is total.

14th Feb.

I declare, as touching the elect of God, that they shall grow from strength to strength, and in this season where many are crying that there is a casting down, I declare that there is a lifting up for all who have set their heart to follow God (Job22:29).

Gen.1:26: The elect of God shall have dominion over the fish of the seas, over the fowl of the air, over the cattle and over all the earth from East to West and from North to South and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

-          I declare that all the elect of God shall take root downward and bear fruit upwards in all areas of life.

-          Gen.1:28: I declare that we shall be fruitful, we shall multiply, we shall replenish the earth, we shall subdue it and we shall have dominion over our nation according to the will of God.

-          I declare that we are a city built on a hill and we cannot be hidden or overshadowed. Our destiny is to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world and we will fulfill this purpose of God especially in this season.

-          Is.52:1-3: Command the Church to arise and put on strength!!

-          I declare in accordance with the prophetic word of God that has gone forth over the nation of Nigeria that the best season of this nation is yet ahead.

-          I declare that even if men fail us, the Lord, the Creator of the heavens and earth will not fail us, for He created this nation for a purpose and that purpose MUST be fulfilled.

-          I declare that from Nigeria, a mighty Church and ministry will spring forth that will proclaim the word of God in truth, holiness and in the power of His Spirit.

-          Jer.33:6-26 (Please proclaim): Declare the Covenant of God over Nigeria. (In the text, replace Judah and Israel with Nigeria) and declare it in faith.



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Twitter: @houseofkaris




Sister Toun Praise, The Ten Virgins Ministries

In the early hours of December 4, 2009, I saw in a dream that my body was suspended and was moving at a very high speed.

100 Days Fasting And Prayers For Nigeria

100 Days Fasting & Prayer for Nigeria

MORRIS CERULLO - Prophecies About Nigeria

Morris Cerullo

“The Lord your God has opened the windows of heaven over Nigeria.”
That open window will result in judgment first and then revival,

The Prophetic Destiny Of Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan



Spiritual mapping of north central zone,Nigeria

When God led me in the year 2006 to build a spiritual base in Abuja, I did not know what to expect until I started making initial visits to the city.

What is cooking in nigeria?

On Sunday 31st March, 2013, a sister in our fellowship led us to pray and cancel a vision that she saw early that morning after her Sunday morning prayers. In the vision, she was taking care of some young female virgins when she noticed that one of them strayed out of the place where they were gathered. She quickly went after the stray member and saw her close to a cave where people were stacked upon each other and they were being cooked. It was a fearsome sight and she quickly rescued the stray virgin and hid both of them so that the people doing the cooking would not see them. She was surprised to notice a former head of state, who is a genius at doing evil, as one of the chief people cooking them.

The strategic relevance of national youth service corps


The prophecy given by Pastor Elton about the government sponsoring missionaries was fulfilled in 1973. The administration of General Yakubu Gowon instituted the NYSC—Nigerian Youth Service Corps scheme as part of the programme of rehabilitation, reconstruction, and reconciliation.

Prophetic declaration to Nigerian Christians

In the revelation, the leader of a large congregation was leading the members of the church on a straight road towards a destination. All seemed to be going well when suddenly, the leader lost his sight and went blind. The members of the church could not see his face but only his back, so they were not aware that their leader had gone blind. Due to his blindness, the leader veered off the road and entered into the bush. The members of the congregation followed. As he went deeper and deeper in the bush, the people faithfully followed him.

Where is the church?

Every Christians should ask the same question: WHERE IS THE CHURCH?

The church is the light of the world. If the light is shining, how come so much darkness covers the land?

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