• Whither the Nigerian Church? No. 11

    Desolate Land

    When God  led me to start this series on the Nigerian church in 2010 a few years after He had told me to make Abuja the country’s capital my major base to pray for Nigeria, I did not realize that He will propel me into transiting from praying for the church as He insisted then, into making inroads into the totality of the nation- her spiritual, political, governmental, and economic activities which I now realize was His reason for causing me to do a critical searchlight into the ills of the nation whose human and material resources He had planned to use to evangelize and re-evangelize the nations in this End-Time. From Oct. 1994 when God caused me to know He wants to use the nation in this way, He had revealed over the more than twenty years many issues and had propelled me in stages as revealed by Him to pray, preach and write about issues which will make us know, be prepared and key into His assignment for us. He has over the decades caused me to go through various challenges which at many times would try to stop me or limit me from carrying out His assignments effectively. For example, when in Dec. 1994, I went through spiritual brutalization after I had obeyed Him to pray in Paris and returned to Nigeria and for seven years had stopped answering His call, He had caused me to be marginalized in other spiritual areas where I had tried to key myself into so that in 2001 when I was stampeded to start all over again after an angelic visitation, I had no choice but to obey Him.

  • Whither the Nigerian Church? No. 14


    I am writing this current Newsletter for the sake of real Christians especially leaders of the church in Nigeria and the nations. My intention is not to scare believers and hinder them from doing God’s work but they should be totally obedient to their calling. This edition will mostly zero into my calling and personal experiences about things of God. I know some people will say, “here she goes again, can’t this woman who is over 70 years of age, leave the global spiritual issues to the younger generation of Christians?  In any case Jesus is coming soon and what will happen will happen anyway,”

  • Whither the Nigerian Church? No. 16


    On the  21st of Dec. 2016 while praying for the nation in Abuja as God had ordered me to be doing since 2006, I dreamt I was in a gathering of a special group of young Nigerians. It seems I was not really supposed to be there because they were a special group of people. It took me time and much effort to be with them. Somehow at last I was able to be in a seat in the back row and the mostly young people were being interviewed one by one majorly to ascertain whether they should be part of the gathering or not. The hall was not large and people gathered there could not be more than fifty.

  • Why ASUU is On Strike


    1. Less than 10% of the universities have Video Conferencing facility.

    2. Less than 20% of the universities use Interactive Boards.

    3.More than 50% don’t use Public Address System in their lecture OVERCROWDED rooms/theatres.

    4. Internet Services are non-existent,or epileptic and slow IN 99% of Nigerian Universities

    5. Nigerian Universities Library resources are outdated and manually operated. Book shelves are homes to rats/cockroaches.

  • Why Nigeria Needs to be Restructured for Peace to Reign


    The search for an acceptable type of government for the entire people of the country has brought unhealthy competition between the three major groups: Igbo, Hausa/Fulani and the Yorubas. The consequences of this unhealthy competition between the three majority ethnic groups brought the destruction of the country and have done great injury to other ethnic minority groups, who are continually marginalized. Besides, the actions and behaviours of the major groups have made Nigeria one of the most unjust societies in the world. One can be justified to describe them as indigenous colonialists and blind materialism. 

  • Yoruba Muslims don’t need Fridays as public holidays, says group


    The Oodua Muslim Progressive Council, (OMPC) has warned those calling for Fridays to be declared as public holidays saying  such calls are similar to turning Yorubaland to a theatre for religious bigotry and dirty conflict.  The OMPC is an arm of the Yoruba self determination groups.

    In a statement on Monday and made available to Irohin Oodua (Oodua News), the OMPC warn of a desperate attempt by sponsored agents to demolish the age long tradition of the Yoruba people as the bastion of religious tolerance, peace and understanding. The group also called on the Federal Government to spread the dragnet to include Islamic non-governmental organizations that may be connected with trans-terrorists Islamic groups  

    “Those calling for Fridays to be observed as a work free day are the arch enemies of the Yoruba people. They are a few despotic elements who probably receive their grants from some foreign countries, including the Islamic Movement of Egypt and need to work hard on the pages of newspapers to justify the blood money they collect”, the OMPC said in a statement issued by Mallam Abdulnasir Kadir Araoye. He said that millions of Yoruba Muslims who work as artisans and self-employed go to work on Fridays and return to the Mosque during the holy hours of prayers. If you are declaring Fridays as work free day, are you going to provide work and food for Yoruba Muslims who need to work on Fridays to earn a living? Last week, Prof Ishaq Akintola, an Islamic scholar called for Fridays to be declared as a work free day for Muslims.

    The group also dismissed the claim that the Sultan of Sokoto is the head of Muslims in Nigeria. “This is a false and malicious claim. The Sultan cannot be the head of Yoruba Muslims. He is an usurper. He came to Nigeria in 1804 through violence, killings, looting and cold-blooded brigandage. How can the offspring of such a movement be the head of Nigerian Muslims? There was no record of the position of the Sultan until , this is 300 years after Islam had been established in Yorubaland as a religion of peace.” Even the Sultan did not introduce Islam to the North. There was a Muslim ruler, Umme- Jilmi who reigned between 1085 and 1097. He was converted to Islam by Sheik Mohammed Ibn Mani. In Hausa land, Islam was introduced by Wangarawa merchants. In Yoruba land, Islam came long before Mansa Musa of Mali (d.1337C.E). Islam was a strong religion in Yoruba land from the time of Alaafin Ajiboyede (1560 to 1570 C.E). So how did Sultan become the head of Nigerian Muslims including Yoruba? Who made him the head? Where was the meeting held where he was chosen? The idea of promoting the Sultan over several Yoruba Islamic scholars is a myth and a continuation of the political domination of Nigeria by the Fulani oligarchy. This is unacceptable to the Yoruba people. “Our concern in the 21st century is to go to space, build a Yoruba territory with cherished values, technological development, industrialization, peace and harmony. To achieve this feet we would want to see Yoruba people go to work everyday including Sundays and Fridays. It is a primitive idea to be fighting on Fridays being declared as a work free day.”

    The group said Fridays as a working day was not imposed on Nigerians by any Christian group but by the British overlords. Nigeria has been living as a “give and take country.” The British handed over power to a reactionary Muslim Fulani North. There are Islamic inscriptions on Nigerian currency adding that asking for Fridays as a perpetual public holiday will lead to the loss of jobs and dwindling employment opportunities for the Muslim population.

    “If you ask Muslims not to work on Fridays, we can assure you that many private employers will not like to employ Muslims any longer even if this policy is restricted to the Government employees. We also wish to know if we as Muslims will have to work on Christmas day and on Sundays. Will these elements also advocate for a change in the Western Calendar which is used in Nigeria? This is an irresponsible demand, a clear attempt to set the Yoruba nation and Nigeria on the cause of violence and disorder. We call on Yoruba people, especially youths to watch out for paranoid scholars who are using the name of religion for financial gains from some foreign countries at the expense of the poor Muslim population who desire happiness, justice, food and security.

    Araoye added “We are watching these wicket plots. Yoruba people will rise up and prevent our territory from sliding into bloodletting and violence through the evil plans of the enemies within, who go by Yoruba names but their hears are filled with evil plots against their  own people.” The group said those who want to exploit religion to eat should do so but should not drag Yoruba land land into their “business and unbridled exploitation of the Muslim population.” An official of the OPC, Mallam Idris Olukehinde at Ibadan said his groups support the OPMC adding that the OPC and Yoruba self determination groups are worried about “evil plots to "Talibanise" Yoruba land.”

  • Zamfara State Demolishes Churches

    Youth Corpers.
    I am creating awareness on the destruction of the Auditorium of the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) by the Zamfara state government this afternoon (19th January, 2016).

    I am creating awareness on the destruction of the Auditorium of the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) by the Zamfara state government this afternoon (19th January, 2016).

    The reason why I say it is religiously motivated is because only two other buildings were demolished in Gusau and they are the Dominican Catholic Church and the Anglican church.

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