• The major reason why I am writing this specific message to the Igbo nation emanates from what I have heard and observed about the Igbo nation in the past few weeks. I will first of all give out extracts of my  report on the Igbo prayer crusade I carried out between 2005 and 2006 and then analyse what God caused me to see in visions and dreams in the past few days that caused me to go back to Nnewi in Anambra state to pray for Igbo nation afresh.

    Incidentally, my two Igbo names I mentioned above were given to me directly by God. – Maduegbunam: - No man can kill you; I was going through attacks while preparing for the 2006 crusade. And Ogbonnaya: - True child of the father on the 16th of April 2017 because of my concern about the happenings in Igbo nation. On the 14th of April God called me Joel. I believe He expects me like Joel in the Bible to declare His message whether people believe, accept it or not.
    In Feb. 2005, as I was praying one evening in the compound of my house, the Lord spoke to me the following words, “Go to Onitsha the citadel of mammon worship in Igbo nation and throw missiles at it.” In obedience to that command I travelled to Onitsha in March 2005, stayed in a hotel at Nkpor and prayed over Igbo land. I also went to Onitsha main market and the water-front of River Niger and prayed for the land. As I waited on the Lord and prayed in the hotel in Onitsha and pondered on the assignment over the following months, the Holy Spirit downloaded into my heart through dreams, visions and other avenues the following points:

    1. Part of the prophecy given to me by Prophet Dick Mills on the 9th of April 1993 was that God was going to use me to bring healing to nations that have seen strife and turmoil. Igbo land had been through the civil war in Nigeria.

    2. Igbo people lost a lot of material things during that war and this has engendered bitterness in their hearts with a determination to make as much money as possible to show the rest of Nigeria that they can make their mark in the nation.

    3. In the process of making money by all means they sold their soul and their land to mammon. They also neglected other things like education, helping their community members to rise up etc. for the sake of making money at all costs. Unlike in the 50s and 60s when the Igbo people were in the fore front educationally and would jointly put together resources to educate their compatriot within and outside of Nigeria, the Igbo men especially would make do with little or no education and would opt for doing any kind of business rather than seek further education. A half educated man would rather pour his money on sending his wife to school even up to PHD level and would not seek further education for himself.

    4. Because of the controlling influence of mammon on the Igbo nation, the system whereby a master would train his servant in business and seek to start up for  him a business of his own after some years, has been thoroughly abused where each seek to dupe the other and would go to any length including occultic ways to achieve this.

    5. The Igbo man would do anything to travel out of the country to various countries of the world. Indeed there is hardly any country in the world you would not find an Igbo man. Many have been known to travel on foot across the Sahara desert to North Africa in order to get to Europe. In the process many die on the way for lack of food and water. Many abscond to Europe while on pilgrimage to Israel etc.

    6. In the process of making money the Igbo man had gotten himself into all kinds of fraudulent businesses including drugs and 419 thereby giving his nation a bad name in many countries of the world.

    7. Onitsha as God revealed to me is the gateway to Igbo land and it is also the stronghold of mammon worship. In fact Pastor Nelson Emerenini of Revelation of God’s Arm Ministry in Epe said he saw in the Spirit, the prince of Niger come out of the river to hand over something to Onitsha traders. Communities in Igbo land encourage this by giving heed only to the voice of those who have money and putting so much financial demands on the first born son. So to make money, young men make covenants with the devil using their relatives and also their own lives for the deal.

    8. The second major demon that God asked me to deal with in Igbo nation is religion. Religion and mammon and all kinds of idolatry have become interwoven in Igbo land. Igbo people majorly belong to religious organizations which encourage idolatry and worship of the dead. (Necromancy). They pray through images of dead people and all kinds of objects in the belief that God hears their prayers. When they perceive their prayers are not answered they go back to their ancestral shrines to consult household gods. I have heard and seen in the Spirit many churches being set up on occult and sometimes human blood sacrifice in order to gather people and money and many times these have branches outside of the country thus pandering to the whims of mammon. On my latest visit to Nnewi, I was happy to hear that the notorious Okija shrine has been dealt with and that the town is being opened up to true gospel and economic development. Thanks be to God!

    9. God revealed to me the main reason for sending me to Igbo land:

    1. There is a core of Igbo people who are determined to walk in righteousness and integrity and are refusing to serve mammon but the enemy is resisting their progress. As I have stated above even the Pentecostal churches are being defiled by mammon and occultism.

    2. The Igbo people are about the most traveled people in Nigeria. As God has purposed to use Nigeria and Nigeria’s resources human and material in His End-Time plan to reach nations. God has put the passion to travel in the Igbo nation to make them readily available for use to reach the nations of the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, God could not use Igbo nation as they are. His plan is to first redeem their soul which they had sold to mammon and religion and send them back to those countries where they have defiled His Name in their quest for money by all means.

    3. God caused me to know what mammon does to those under his control. He takes over their:

    1. Mouth- so that they only tell lies and fabricate words to get things they do not deserve. It is difficult for them to tell the truth.

    2. Sight- so they only see things the way money wants them to see it for selfish motives. They will not see the things God wants them to see. They only see those things they can use to make money physically or by occult means.

    3. Hearing- money language is all they hear. They have itchy ears for information on where and how to make money.

    4. Sense of smell controlled by money. They smell shady deals and businesses from afar. They don’t smell danger even if it is under their nose.

    5. Hands only move to do things that deceive in order to make money.

    6. Feet lead them to go anywhere for the sake of money and there they commit atrocities including ritual murder.

    7. Intellect directed to 419 etc. They do not understand any other language.

    When God gave me the assignment for Igbo nation I did not realize how unique it was until I started facing serious challenges from the demons of the land. God showed me a vision, where I saw the kingpins of the occult in Igbo land, wearing red garments sitting on thrones and a man in animal skin reporting me before them. There was so much attack against me physically, financially, against - family, friends, supporters etc. That was when God gave me the name ‘Maduegbunam’ in my dream to sustain me and He also showed me white intercessors praying for me in my dream.

    The day I took my banners and handbills for the crusade in Onitsha was the worst day of the riot when many Hausa men were killed in Onitsha. I was determined to go to Onitsha that day even though many people tried to stop me from doing so. I actually saw a man’s body still burning on the Niger Bridge as we crossed from Asaba to Onitsha. On the last day of the crusade, a stormy wind broke all the equipment I had borrowed to do the crusade. I asked ministers of God at the crusade to come up the podium so we could point our hands toward the river Niger to pray against the water spirit in the river. Only one came up. Another minister later told me that a voice told her to leave me alone and go home. After the crusade, God revealed to me that we had hit that strong man with several heavy stones which resulted in the release of many people from his bondage.

    However, a few days after I returned to Lagos, riot broke out in many areas of Anambra state- Onitsha, Nnewi, Awka etc. which resulted in the death of many people. Many reasons were given for it. I phoned Rev. Dominic of the National Evangelical Mission Onitsha who was then the chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Onitsha, who had lent me the equipment that was damaged. He said that rioting was the manifestation of the anger of the water spirit we had dealt with at the crusade.
    The reason why I am currently concerned came partly from my experience when I recently went to Ugboukwu to attend the burial of late Rev. Mrs. Ezeokeke, the wife of late Bishop Benson Ezeokeke, General Overseer of Salvation for all Missions, Onitsha who had hosted and encouraged me when I did the 2006 crusade, It appears that the spirit of clannishness, arrogance, mammon worship and occultism that I had led the people to deal with in 2006 has come back full blast and it is the major thing that is hindering the Igbo nation from fulfilling her God given assignment to be key Nigerians in the forefront of evangelizing nations. The Igbo peoples’ God given passion to travel and do what they believe in is supposed to be used to evangelize nations. But the way they are behaving they are killing the vision. That is why God is allowing them to suffer xenophobia and all kinds of harassment in other nations because of His love for them. - It is the child that you love that you deal with seriously when he offends. To make matters worse, I learnt that many Igbo people are going into Islam for the sake of money. In fact I met an Igbo man in Abuja who told me their elder brother led them into Islam. This young man was a drug trafficker until he was arrested and jailed in America. He died in prison and was resurrected by God who caused him to return to Christ. He said that their elder brother is victimizing him for abandoning Islam. Igbo people are called to evangelize Muslims not to go into Islam. I sent out text messages to mostly Igbo people on these issues so they can pray for their deliverance. Then on the 11th of April 2017, I saw a tall man wearing Igbo hat standing beside a black wall on which was pasted - # mark- dripping with blood. God caused me to know that it means Igbo people had made and sealed blood covenant with the devil. This vision caused me to send out afresh prayer request to cancel by the precious blood of Jesus Christ every blood covenant the Igbo nation may have made with the devil.
    I know that many Igbo people including my friends would do when they see this message, as I have shared with some of them and have noticed their negative reactions- some in silence and some out rightly telling me I am wrong in my assessment of the situation. Yet there are some like Bro. Obi Okwudili of Harvest Force International, a man from Onitsha who is in total agreement with what I am saying. In fact he suggested I should write this message specifically for Igbo nation. God bless him and others like him in Jesus Name. Apart from what I have stated about the two Igbo names God gave to me, God also gave me the first message in my - His Word For Now Series in Igbo language “Elebe Ndi ugbono Oginni ne me” which my Igbo friends translated to mean “Where are the laborers? “What is happening?” These I believe is His way of authenticating “this Ijebu woman married to an Ijebu man” the boldness to share this message. Also many of my spiritual and financial encouragers over many years have been Igbo people. In fact, one Igbo friend from Enugu State almost singlehandedly financed three of the four major crusades I carried out in Nigeria between 2002 and 2006. Some have even contributed to my international travels. I will still carry out God’s assignment as instructed by Him even if I end up not having friends any more. I have also delivered castigating messages to the Ijaws, Tivs, Ijebus and to UK as led by God over the past 15 years. Incidentally, after my current visit to Nnewi to pray afresh for the Igbo nation, I have been experiencing some spiritual attacks. On the 30th of April, the day after my return to Lagos, I saw a man in the spirit rushing towards me with a machete in his hand. I stood waiting to see what will happen. Suddenly, just before he hit me something veered him away from me and he became illuminated. My prayer is that anyone who had sold himself to the devil to do havoc either against me or the work of God will not succeed but will be transformed to be a holy vessel to work the work of God. I am still repeating and praying that - the Igbo nation will need to cast away and be delivered from the bondage of clannishness, arrogance, necromancy, syncretism, occultism and most especially mammon worship so they can be useful as God intends them to be as ‘evangelizers’ of nations before Jesus comes. - Every church, ministry or enterprise built on occultism, human sacrifice, water spirit foundation in Igbo land and anywhere in Nigeria should be exposed and scattered along with their tentacles in the nations. - That God should cause the perpetrators of this evil to repent and bow before God so that they will not be destroyed along with the works of their hands in Jesus Name.

     God will not ask on the final day their blood from my hand just like He warned me when I was reluctant to deliver His judgment message to the United Kingdom in 2010 Eze.3:18. If I am in trouble with man God will deliver me. But if I get into trouble with God who will deliver me?

    God bless the Igbo nation!


    Yours in Obedience to God’s Assignment,

    Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs.)

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   



    Southern Kaduna Peoples' Union (SOKAPU)

    26th Dec. 2016


    Once again the Southern Kaduna Peoples' Union (SOKAPU) has had to painfully send out condolences to the murdered people of Goska village in Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State. Ironically, on a day that our people ought to be joyously celebrating the Christmas festivities, was the day they were reduced to burying their loved ones, treating the wounded in hospitals and coping with a fresh batch of internally displaced people of Goska village whose houses were burnt down. 

  • A fortnight ago, a Rapid Response Fact-Finding Mission (RRFFM) from the Diaspora visited Nigeria and in addition to the South East IPOB inquiry also visited North Central Nigeria to investigate the latest massacre by Killer Herdsmen.

    In part two of its interim report and observations, the RRFFM finds as a fact:

    1. Fulani Herdsmen attacked and killed a confirmed number of 21 people in the Miango area of Plateau state in September 
    1. About 11 of the victims were children including in some cases siblings from one family and a mother and child
    1. The massacres occurred a few days after an altercation between a Fulani herdsmen and a farmer over encroachment on his land.
    2. The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to tell Nigerians if he has freed Kabiru Sokoto, who is the only Boko Haram terrorist convicted for the killing of over 50 worshippers at the Mandalla Catholic Church near Abuja.

      HURIWA recalled that only few months back, Justice Ademola Adeniyi of the Federal High Court in Abuja had sentenced to life imprisonment Mallam Kabiru Abu baker Dikko (aka Kabiru Sokoto) and as at 2015, he was being held in Kuje prison following his conviction over his role in connection with the 2011 Christmas Day bombing of St. Theresa Catholic Church, Mandalla, Niger State.
      The blast in respect of which he was given life conviction, claimed about 44 lives and wounded 75 others.

      The National Coordinator of HURIWA, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, and the National Media Affairs Director, Miss Zainab Yusuf, in a statement yesterday, recalled specifically that prior to his sentencing, the terror mastermind, Sokoto, was accused of withholding information on the plan to bomb St. Theresa Church.

      The non-governmental organisations (NGO) called to remembrance that Sokoto was also charged with failure to disclose the plan to law-enforcement officer as soon as practicable, an offence contrary to Section 7(1) and punishable under Section 33(1) of Terrorism and Prevention Act 2011.

      Part of the statement read: “Sokoto was further accused of supporting act of terrorism by training 500 men and inciting them to commit terrorist act, contrary to Section 4(1)(a) and punishable under Section 33(1)(b) of Terrorism and Prevention Act 2011.

      “The accused allegedly facilitated the commission of terrorist act to wit by planting and encouraging some boys (now at large) at Mabira, Sokoto in Sokoto State with the intention to bomb the police headquarters and some other government agencies in the state. "The alleged offence is contrary to Section 15(2) of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (Establishment) Act 2004 and punishable under the same Act.”

      However, HURIWA has affirmed that since the current President Buhari administration accepted to free some Boko Haram terrorists being detained in exchange for the elusive Chibok school girls allegedly kidnapped over two years ago, the social media platforms are replete with reports of the release of this notorious terror mastermind who is one of the very few already convicted.

      The rights group said it would amount to dancing on the graves of the innocent souls slaughtered by these terrorists for the current government to enter into this sort of satanic arrangements to set free a man who plotted the bombing of a Catholic Church filled up with worshippers thereby resulting in the slaughter of scores of Nigerians including babies and the elderly.

      HURIWA also lambasted the current federal government for failing to aggressively prosecute the terror suspects in detention but has decided to engage in subterranean deals with dreaded armed terrorists for whatever considerations which are however unconstitutional, illegal and undemocratic.

      The rights group also asked the president to address Nigerians and clear the impression that his government has decidedly released a hardened terrorist convicted for his crimes against humanity even when political prisoners like Mr. Nnamdi Kanu is languishing in prison.

      Source: Thisday Live


      As the Daughter & Servant of Ijaw Nation, l need to remind Gov Dickson that Bayelsa state represents the identity of Ijaw people.

      I am therefore calling on Ijaw people home and abroad to join me in condemning the decision of the Bayelsa state government as lead by Governor Dickson to donate 1,200 hectares

    4. The following prayer is to be done in understanding and in the Spirit for at about thirty minutes or for as long as the Lord keeps the burden of prayer in your heart.

      We are to pray that every single jihadist sent into various parts of Nigeria to lie in wait for a war against the Church will be arrested in their whole numbers for judgement by fire and for conversion to faith in Christ for those who repent in Jesus Name.

    5. Comments: I have attached some very controversial portions of the curriculum as it relates to religion. It is rather unfortunate that this curriculum was approved by President Goodluck Jonathan's administration who is supposed to be a Christian from the South-South when Prof. Mrs Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufa'i was minister of Education. It is more annoying that Chief (Barr) Ezenwo Nyesom Wike was the Honourable Minister of State for Education at the time or approval. Wike is the current Governor of Rivers State, another Christian from the South-South and to worsen matters, the document was signed by Prof Godwill Obioma: a Christian Iboman!!

      1. As a Mission Statement, the NCEF is committed to the Unity of Nigeria and the duty of the Leadership of the Nation to ensure that this Unity is not sacrificed on the altar of sectarian interests and biases.
      2. In its exercise of the Biblical "Issachar Mandate," the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) is purposed to draw national attention, as Senior Citizens, to the issues as they stand in Nigeria at present. The NCEF Press Release of July 2017, titled: Correct Assessment of Situation in Nigeria, presently under contention by some Muslim groups, was sent as "non-violent communication" (NVC) to keep Nigerians abreast with the disturbing threats packaged no doubt, by Islamists (political Islam), to destroy NIGERIA as one indivisible and all inclusive Union State under GOD. NCEF position still stands on Truth as the only pillar of national strength and unity.
      3. A Youths Wing’s Chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kaduna South Local Government, recently convened a meeting of stakeholders, and deliberated extensively on ways to contain the consistent attacks and killings of their Christian members in the Northern part of Nigeria by Muslims, describing the act as a deliberate ploy to enslave them.

        Participants in the meeting, which held on Wednesday evening at Albarka Church premises in Kaduna south, expressed displeasure over the continuous and unwarranted attacks and killings of Christians by their Muslim brothers at all times without any punitive measures against the attackers.

        Youths participants, drawn from across different church denominations, dwelt mostly on the recent killings and attacks in Kano and Kaduna states. Members expressed dismay that mere condemnation of the act perpetrated against Christians by the opposite religion would no longer be condoned, as no religious faithful has monopoly of violence. 

        Also worried and discussed was the public commentaries ascribed to some top government functionaries in Kaduna state that tend to play down the population of Christians, describing it as ‘derogative and disparaging’ Southern Kaduna population or sized.

        Specifically, they condemned the statement by the APC government in its “30%” population estimation of Southern Kaduna and others, saying it’s unfair. They also pointed out that the habit of describing penetrators of the callous act of attackers as criminals and non-Muslims, without any public capital punishment, would no longer be tolerated.

        Numbering over a hundred, the youth, which involved non-indigenes, resolved to continue to watch with curiosity, actions that would be taken against the recent killings and attacks on Christians in Kano, Kaduna, Niger and others States in the north, adding that the outcome would determine their reaction in cases of future occurrence.

        Officials, led by its chairman, Solomon Tanko, however appealed to the Youth CAN to avoid any act that would jeopardize any peace process, saying, it’s following the issues judiciously with a view to report back to them.

      4. Relative calm has been restored to villages in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, where 33 people died in clashes between villagers and Fulani, Police source has said.

        A total of 27 Fulani people living in the area were allegedly killed by the villagers in two separate attacks, while six native villagers died, the police said today in Kaduna.

      5. Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna and Metropolitan Kaduna Ecclesiastical Province, KPC, Most Rev. Matthew M. Ndagoso, Thursday, said the killings in Southern Kaduna are part of the larger historical policies of exclusionpursued by successive governments in Northern Nigeria against Southern Kaduna and its people.

      6. A pro-democracy and non-governmental organization, the Human Rights Writers
        Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, on Thursday handed a 74-hour ultimatum to the Kano State government to reopen the prosecution of the five suspects linked to the killing of the 74-year old Igbo woman in Kano, Mrs. Bridget Agbagheme.




        NIGERIA, 1921-1926

        In November 1921, after a good holiday, Pat bade farewell to his mother and family at Tristaun and made his way to Dublin and then Liverpool. With him were classmate John Cadogan, Cork, and Michael O’Donohuem Laois; both were two years younger than Pat who was twenty-seven. In Liverpool they spent a few days at the African Missions transit house on Ulett Road, while waiting on the departure of the Elder Dempster liner bound for West Africa. In the city they bought suitable clothing and footwear for the tropics, a pith helmet for protection against the sun, and quinine for Malaria. On boarding ship, the purser directed them to first class cabins; the 1918 Provincial Assembly had decided that the confreres should travel first class. The trio appreciated the comfort, but were a bit ill-at-ease at the thought of rubbing shoulders with colonial nobs in the first class dining hall. As the ship got under way, the new sailors in the Roman collars clutched the rail and spoke quietly as they watched the land recede.

      8. PREAMBLE

        Leaders and people of Yoruba nation met in a solemn gathering at the Lekan Salami Stadium,Adamasingba Ibadan (7th September 2017) to deliberate on the restructuring agenda and the future of Nigeria, The summit was attended by Yoruba leaders, governors, parliamentarians, Yoruba social-cultural groups, professional bodies, market leaders, youth groups and friends of the Yoruba nation

        After exhaustive deliberations by the largest gathering of Yoruba people from the six south-west states, Kwara and Kogi states, the following communique was adopted.

      9. Thousands of villagers from various communities in Southern Kaduna Thursday staged a peaceful, solemn procession in Gwantu, headquarters of Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna state, against what they termed unrelenting deadly sieges of their communities by alleged armed herdsmen and the confiscation of their lands for Cattle Grazing Reserves by Kaduna State Government.

      10. The Iranian military attaché discussed the lack of professionalism of the Nigerian military and its incompetence. He wondered how the Nigerian army chief could travel to any location without reports from his scouts on the security of the area at least a week before his journey. He wondered how the Nigerian Military could killover one thousand unarmed civilians while they had failed to kill even two hundred Boko Haram insurgents. He wondered how a national military could commit a sacrilege as to bomb a place of worship.



        On Tuesday December 22, 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari walked into a joint session of the National Assembly and presented the first annual budget proposal of his administration, ambitiously tagged: “The Budget of Change”.



        The attention of the Patriotic Christian Youths of Nigeria has been drawn to news reports of PastorMusa Kallamu Dikwa’s claim that the CAN leadership attempted to bribe him with One Million Naira to cover the alleged Seven Billion naira campaign gift. Under normal circumstances, we would not have responded to this allegation knowing that Musa Dikwa and his sponsors are attention seekers and would love to distract from the real issues facing the Church and Nigeria. 

      13. The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) commenced meetings with political parties in its quest for politics of NATIONALISM instead of the current politics of religion and ethnicity that is threatening to tear the nation asunder. So far, NCEF has met with APDA (Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance) and PDP (People’s Democratic Party). Please find below the paper presented during the visit.


        The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) wishes to thank the leadership of your Political Party for granting us the opportunity to meet with you to discuss issues that are critical to the peace, progress, and prosperity of Nigeria.  NCEF is made up of distinguished Christian Elders from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.  It is not a political party and NCEF has no intention of transmuting or transforming into a political party, either now, or in the future. NCEF is not holding brief for any political party neither is it on a mission to denigrate or discredit any political organization. The main objectives of the NCEF could be summarized as fostering Unity and Reconciliation in the Body of Christ, advocating for Democracy as the only National Ideology that could sustain a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious society like Nigeria, and encouraging Christians to participate actively in providing God-fearing leadership for Nigeria.


        The NERDC team was led by the Executive Secretary, Professor Ismail Junaidu in the company of five Directors of the Council including the Director of Book Publishing and Curriculum Development.
        The paper presented was by Prof. Charles Adisa and Prof. Funmi Adesanya-Davies. The Delegation was led by Dr. Sam Itina, National President of the NCGF and other members of the delegation were:


        1. Prof . A  Adisa (NCGF)
        2. Dr. Mrs Ejiro Iwuoha (NCGF)
        3. Pst. Onyenachi Nwaegeruo(NCGF)
        4. Dr. Josiah Kantiyok (NCGF)


        1. Bishop Jude Arogundade (Catholic Church)  (CAN) - (ABSENT)

        2. Prof. Bishop Funmi Adesanya-Davies (Protestant Church) (CAN)

        3. Dr. Mrs. Ofoegbu(Catholic Church) (CAN)
        4. Rev. Fr. Patrick Balogun (Catholic Church) (CAN)


        Following a brief introduction of the NCGF and CAN, obvious lapses in the new curriculum which included the list below were presented:

        1. Inciting/Derogatory statements which attack the foundation of Christianity. For example, that Jesus was not the Son of God, Jesus was not crucified and did not resurrect and the supremacy of Quran over the Holy Bible, supremacy of Muhammad over Jesus Christ, etc.
        2. Textbooks in print that combine Islamic Religious Knowledge and Christian Religious knowledge in a single textbook thus exposing children to other religion which negates the principles of our constitution.
        3. Absence of approved list of textbooks as an appendix in the curriculum/ NERDC website 
        4. Watered down content of the various subjects, as a result, creating an omnibus textbook.
        5. Making religious studies compulsory without the adequate provision of Teachers in those subjects. The implications are that a Christian student in the core north will be forced to take IRK and ditto a Muslim student in the South. In addition, a student that refuses to take the subject as a result of conflict with his/her religion is short changed of marks for that compulsory subject and may have his educational career truncated.
        6. Absence of subjects like History, Geography and Economics in the new curriculum.




        1. That the five (5) subjects: Religious Studies (CRS/IRS), Civic Education, Social Studies and Security are combined under one umbrella in the Curriculum is sacrosanct.   

        2. NERDC asserts that CAN was part and parcel of the stakeholders invited to air her views and input on the development of the New Curriculum. However the NGGF has never been invited and represented and are welcome from now on.

        3. It was acknowledged that the Curriculum on Religion and National Values needs to be reviewed as the Christians and Muslims are of the same viewpoints that the New Curriculum is unacceptable.

        4. Curriculum for Religion and National Value is assuredly for the three Basics (Lower, Middle and Upper) of the BEC 9-year Program.

        i.e 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9. (Thus, there are 3 curriculum booklets)

        5. That the design was that Text books for CRS and IRS are to be separated by Publishers as different Text books but they are written together in the same Curriculum Booklet with Civic Education, Social Studies  and Security.    

        6. That the status of the Subject Religious Studies is Compulsory is sacrosanct and a pupil must offer either but not both.
        7. That NO Publisher's Textbook has been approved by NERDC yet. So ALL BOOKS in the market for now are FAKE and fictitious and should be checkmated immediately.
        8. That CAN could bring professionals to Review  the Content of the said present Curriculum  under assessment -  (I volunteered to do the review

        with Prof. Charles Adisa and it was approved.)

        9. That CAN could participate fully in the production and review of yet to

        be accepted /approved Textbooks - I also volunteered.

        10. That they will endeavour to list out the finally approved books right

        in the Curriculum and we can make recommendations.

        11. The Executive Secretary approved the team as partners in progress from hence.
        12.  All participants we well pleased at the end of the discussions.


        • NERDC will be willing to collaborate with groups like the NCGF (based on their educational endowments)                                                                              • Two different teachers manual for IRS and CRS were made to reflect the separation of the two subjects.
        • Religious study is compulsory so as to provide a moral framework for adherence to the teachings of civic education, social studies and security education.
        • He accepted the recommendation of listing the approved books in the appendix of the curriculum as well as on their website
        • NERDC will not be able to exercise oversight function on what the schools are using, rather schools should verify from NERDC, the books that have been approved
        • NERDC is in the process of achieving a regulatory statue like NAFDAC to enable them prosecute publishers that are in deviance of the standard and principles of the curriculum
        • Accepted the need for further public hearing, sensitization and review of the new curriculum.
        • He insisted that it is the responsibility of government at various levels to provide Teachers for the subjects, and where this is not observed, parents should sue the government and demand for the requisite teachers.                                                                                                                 • He explained that they have re-introduced History.




        • Publishers should be supervised so that the textbooks in print are a reflection of the principles and standard of the curriculum.
        • List of recommended textbooks should be incorporated as an appendix in the curriculum. In addition, these lists should be freely available on the NERDC website.                                                                                                                 
        • Curriculum developers should ensure that the content conforms with the curriculum and our constitutional provision.

        • Curriculum developers should be conscious of the religious and cultural sensibility of Nigerians.                                                                                               •Re-introduction of History, geography, economics and accounting back into the curriculum.


        Now that all the cards are on the table, as a minister and a professional  who had lectured and still lectures in a University of Education in the past thirty years, I wish to recommendation  as follows:

        1. ChristianRK Curriculum and IslamicRS should stand alone, as individual subjects on subject listing as it was before.

        2. Civic Education, Social Studies  and Security should be combined under one umbrella in the Curriculum as a subject i.e.                                                (Nigerian  National Value).

        3. ChristianRK Curriculum and IslamiRS should be made compulsory, only for the religion adherent.

        4. NERDC should produce separate curriculum booklets of IRS and CRS as it was before, statuesque ante, as it is done with the Teachers manual.

        5.Christian RK Curriculum must be reviewed immediately with inputs from our old CRK Curriculum in the 3 BEC of the 9-years.

        6. Islamic RK should be reviewed  by editing off all grievously offensive phrases/frivolous expressions about Christianity in the 3 Basics Education Curriculum because the material is in the public domain and we Christians said nothing about Islam which existed 600 AD after the  death of  Christ in our curriculum.

        7. Correction to the Curriculum and the Implementation of the Text Books must conform with the Constitution, National Policy on Education, as well  as the Cultural, Social and Religious  Values  of the Republic

        8. All publishers of the FAKE Books should be written for discussions,  that  the dissemination of the Books must stop immediately. The Church should seek court injunction immediately to enforce this.

        9. We need to work with such and some other publishers to peacefully resolve the issue if they so desire and to ensure that their reviewed books on CRS would be acceptable to us.

        10. NERDC should be advised to always produce separate textbooks for ChristianRK Curriculum and IslamicRS and supervise their publishers to ensure the books are produced separately 


        12. CAN and NCGF should urgently set up a committee to review the content of the present CRS to reflect the true teachings of Christianity as the current curriculum is inferior to the previous curriculum.

        13. It is necessary to adequately mobilize and sensitize the churches to pray about the challenges posed by this curriculum to our faith.


        14. If the recommendations are not acceptable and implemented by NERDC, CAN and NCGF should consider other actions and litigation.


        1. We recommend separation  of the two (2) Curriculum in same booklet for the three (3) Primary Basics:  If they refuse the separation in the  Curriculum as in the  text; just like Christian children, Muslim children would also  have access  to the Christian curriculum  and this could be evangelical  as light is not afraid of darkness.

        2. CRS/IRS OPTIONAL/ COMPULSORY: Making CRS/IRS a Compulsory Subject is advantageous, but it must be separately compulsory as the religion of the pupil, parent or guardian that is Christians must offer CRK and Muslims IRS. We should remember it was also compulsory in the Old Curriculum.

        On behalf of the team, I hereby express our gratitude to CAN for affording us this rare opportunity to serve in our Lord's Vineyard.

        Our God reigns!  Jesus is Lord!! Praise the  Lord!!! Amen.   

        Amb. (Bishop Prof.)  Mercy Funmi Adesanya-Davies

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