• Let me start this auspicious article in this manner. On Friday11th march 2016 before 3am while in pain talking to God (for suddenly calling my beloved friend, companion and wife home on Wednesday 3rd February 2016) I had a spiritual encounter via a dream. 

    I saw a very sloppy brown coloured mountainous rock with a lot of green vegetation and growth. I saw little dogs, sheep, antelopes and lions all playing and skipping together on the rock. As I watched from afar, it was a marvel to me. Suddenly I was in a living room of a house with American preacher John Haggee and other white folks and they shared the word of God, I listened to them intently in the corner where I sat. Then John Haggee said, “Tell Nigeria that GU, BUIK and many USA Corporations want to come and set up but not until you have at the presidential palace SARAI birds that fly and take snapshot.

  • I am starting this current edition of my write-ups in this series with the subject with which I concluded my most recent write up in my U.K. Saga series NO. 8 about my observations during my most recent visit to the UK concerning the judgement message God gave me to declare against the apostasy of that country. I said that on the 1st of August 2017, while I was still in the UK, God showed me a vision about 20 minutes after I had a telephone conversation with a Nigerian pastor based in the UK. I saw in the Spirit several soldiers equipped with guns, the top of their helmets painted red sitting on the floor of a large hall. The Lord caused me to know, they represent believers equipped and anointed by God to carry out Spiritual assignment against the enemy and to possess nations for the Lord, sitting idle not interested in the assignment and even sitting down in a place where they could be easily annihilated by the enemy. God caused me to know that these represent Nigerian Christians who are called to evangelize and re-evangelize nations who are not interested in carrying out their God given assignment but are sitting down idly and ‘bad mouthing’ unbelievers who dare to criticize or indict them for their occultic, corrupt activities within and outside Nigeria.

    To buttress the above-mentioned issues, I have seen in the Spirit, read about and heard about the corrupt and resource decimating activities of so-called Christian political, governmental and spiritual leaders in the country. It appears that we Christians are the ones causing occultic religions including Islam to have its way in the country. This is because as God has led me over the decades, I have been a Christian and have carried out His assignment in the nations. Any believer, who carries out similar demonic activities to that carried out by unbelievers is in the same camp as the unbeliever and cannot overcome the wiles of the devil. In fact, he has become cannon fodder for the devil and can be easily destroyed if he dares raise his finger against the devil whom he has allowed to become his master he will take over in every area of his life.Since I have become troubled by what is happening around me in the nations especially Nigeria, I have asked God several times to give me understanding of the issues and reveal to me the solution to the apparently insurmountable problems Nigeria is facing physically, governmentally and spiritually so I can share them with other believers around me so that together we will pray and act in ways orchestrated and approved by God so we can fulfill our assignment in the nations before Jesus comes.

    Even when discouraging incidents happen like the recent death of my friend, pastor Federal Wonni with whom I carried out prayer walk in Amapere an oil producing Ijaw territory in Ondo State in 2012, and into whose hands God had told me He was committing the  evangelization of that territory, who became a victim of the water spirits orchestrated by the agents of that demon who were angry with him that he did a crusade titled “Amapere for Christ Crusade”. Though I visited him two times in the past one year or so, to pray with him and I also asked many of my Spiritual friends to do the same, he still died.

    We still need to carry out our God-given assignment in the nations. This incident shows that the oil-producing Niger Delta is demon infested and God will have to raise more intercessors and ministers of the gospel to deal with what is happening in that territory even though it is the main source of the financial resources of Nigeria, it is still the stronghold of the enemy in this nation. That is why the resources are wreaking more havoc like corruption, occultic practices, unnecessary rivalry and strife among the traditional rulers of the territory and wasteful activities which causes many of those who have access to these resources to hide it away instead of investing it in meaningful enterprises to bless the nation.

    To buttress the happening in the church and the nation, on my latest visit to Abuja to pray for the nation as God had ordered me to be doing since 2006, He instructed me to emphasize, for now, prayers for the Igbo nation. I had just given out a special Newsletter, His Word for Now series which I titled ‘Message of God for Igbo nation’ in which I enumerated many issues that have been hindering the Igbo nation from fulfilling her God-given assignment in the nations. Of all the major groups of Nigeria many would assume the Igbo nation is supposed to be one of the largest groups of Nigerians that call themselves Christians. Unfortunately, I have discovered that many of them are just churchgoers immersed in the worship of water spirit and of mammon under which they have submitted and have made them not to be true Christian vessels that God expects to evangelize nations.

    Rather, because of their submission to mammon control, they have given themselves a bad name in the nations which has caused many to suffer xenophobia (rejection by nations) all over the world. It has caused many of them to lose their lives while travelling to nations in search of where to make money by all means. In my God ordered message for this group of Nigerian Christians, I have highlighted that for the sake of the Igbo people who are determined to walk in righteousness and integrity, and because as God has caused me to know He loves the Igbo nation, He has been insisting that I should pray that the Igbo nation should cast off their occultic mammon controlled, blood covenant relationship with the devil so that they can be the core of Nigerians He wants to use to evangelize the nations in this End-Time before Jesus comes.

    He wants me to pray for the sustenance and enlargement of Igbo people who are determined to obey and serve Him in nations. Incidentally, I know and have been connected with many of such in the past 20 years or more that I have been in Ministry. When I see and observe what these ones are going through compared to what people observe, see and say about the Igbo nation, I get cast down.

    Unfortunately, of all the major groups of Nigerians, they are the ones who always complain they are being marginalized whenever anyone alludes to their demonic, corrupt, mammon worship activities. I will like to point out here that they are the ones marginalizing themselves in the nations! Many people know that some other major Nigerian groups such as the Hausa Fulani and Yoruba groups have strong connections with Islam and demon worship. Islam came to Yoruba land before Christianity. I discovered that the first mosque in Epe, Lagos State, is several years older than the first church. Many of us Yoruba Christians have family members who are Muslims and other demonic god worshippers. For an instant, my own family background is worshipping of the masquerade and my maiden name ‘Ojemuyiwa’ -‘Masquerade has brought this’ shows my occultic background. I was told that my grandfather came out of masquerade worship by an encounter with Jesus Christ and became a true servant of the Living God. My father (his first son) became a musicologist and also became a church planter under the Anglican church. My mother told me that when I was a baby and became seriously sick and dying, my father knelt beside my cot and in tears prayed and vowed before God that if He spared me, he will give me back to Him. That is why today I have no choice but to carry out God’s assignment in the nations.

    My father also dedicated my son who is the only grandchild he saw to the Living God and gave him his two names-Gabriel (servant of God) and ‘Olumuyiwa’ (God has given us this) as opposed to his own family name. This is why today my son who is a medical doctor by training is now a full-time pastor in Abuja. I am alluding to my own background to show that many of the tribes of Nigerian Christians have an occultic demonic background which God expects us to shed off through repentance. Also in my write-up about the UK, I alluded to the worship of five major demons- “Oya”, “Ogun”, “Oshun”, “Obatala” and “Sango” that Portuguese slave raiders took from Yoruba land to Europe, West Indies and America. Many of these demons are still being worshipped by some churchgoers in Yoruba land. One can easily talk and castigate the Yoruba people about these issues without the people saying you are ‘bad mouthing’ them because they know it is true.

    However, many Igbo people do not want to be castigated concerning their connection with demonic strongholds. They will say you are bad mouthing them. That is why it has been difficult to get them delivered from these demonic strongholds. It is when a sinner gets convicted and accepts that he is truly a sinner that he can effectively ask God for mercy and forgiveness so that he can be totally delivered. Unfortunately, from my observation, because of this attitude of the Igbo people,  majority of them who are really going through stress and poverty are being taken advantage of by a small group of them who have had access to financial fortunes illegally acquired which they are not using positively to create industrial development that will bring employment to the land and which they are not sharing with the majority of their people but they are causing these majority to join them in saying anybody who castigates them for what they are doing is marginalizing them. In the process, because of ignorance and manipulation by this small group, the large majority of them will continue to suffer until their eyes open to cast off their subjection to this clannishness syndrome.As God has been telling me over the past 20 years or more, that He is holding the Nigerian church responsible for everything concerning the political, governmental, economic and spiritual issues of the nation and as He had caused me to know by the revelation He gave me on the 20th of October 1994 that He wants to use Nigerians to evangelize and re-evangelize nations, I have no choice but to ask Him to show me what is preventing us from keying into and fulfilling our calling. On this my latest stay in Abuja to pray for the nation, He showed me in the Spirit between the 27th and 29th of Sept. 2017, the throwing out of various thrashes from buildings and other premises. He also showed me the cleansing of my kitchen sink and bathtub in Lagos. Then after the cleansing of my bathtub, He showed me a bunch of keys at the base of the bathtub. I prayed that God should cause me to understand the meaning of this revelation especially about the bunch of keys which I believe means either revelation or authority concerning issues. Then He showed me the dirty floor of a particular church and in that dream, I pointed it to a man beside me who I recognized that the ground of the church was dirty and he said to me why don’t I clean it myself? Then I woke up from the dream and saw the picture of a young man who looked like Michael Adebolajo, the young Nigerian Islamic fundamentalist I mentioned in my latest write-up about the UK. However, in the vision, he was neatly dressed in a white T-shirt. I only recognized him because of the small bump on his forehead I had noticed in the picture in UK Metro Newspaper of 6th July 2017. Then the Holy Spirit caused me to know that we cannot pray for and evangelize such people until we first cleanse ourselves, our environment and become real Christian vessels that can be used to evangelize and disciple people from Islamic and other occultic backgrounds. The Nigerian Christians truly need to admit our filthiness, repent and ask God to thoroughly clean us so we can be useful vessels for this End-time harvest. The journey of a thousand miles has to be started by taking the first step. God is determined to use us in the nations. He will create situations - no matter how tough and harassing it can be - to achieve His purpose on it. May we be available as true vessels of the Kingdom and may He on the final day tell us individually, “well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of thy Lord!”
    Yours in Obedience to God’s Mandate,
                       Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs).
                       M: +2348035619236
                       E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • (For Christian consideration)

    Let me start by declaring that I am not a prophet. Nevertheless, I wish to invite you to kindly consider the issues stated below. I have no doubt that Nigeria would overcome its travails, due to the mercies of God, but I am apprehensive that it should not get worse, before it gets better.

  • I am writing this current edition with much heaviness in my spirit because of what I have observed and experienced during my most recent visit to the UK concerning my God given mandate dated Aug. 2010 to deliver His judgment message to the UK concerning their apostasy. Even though many people said I should just put the message on the internet and forget about it and also because God had given similar messages to late Wilkerson the author of the Sword and the Switchblade in the 70s and an Israeli prophet, Lance Lambert in Aug. 2011, God insisted in my own case that I should hand deliver it and pray that He should speedily carry out the judgement to cause the UK people to be stampeded to come back to Him to stem the flow to hell of the descendants of those who have served Him and suffered martyrdom in nations.

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