• The Future of Nigeria


    Let me start this auspicious article in this manner. On Friday11th march 2016 before 3am while in pain talking to God (for suddenly calling my beloved friend, companion and wife home on Wednesday 3rd February 2016) I had a spiritual encounter via a dream. 

    I saw a very sloppy brown coloured mountainous rock with a lot of green vegetation and growth. I saw little dogs, sheep, antelopes and lions all playing and skipping together on the rock. As I watched from afar, it was a marvel to me. Suddenly I was in a living room of a house with American preacher John Haggee and other white folks and they shared the word of God, I listened to them intently in the corner where I sat. Then John Haggee said, “Tell Nigeria that GU, BUIK and many USA Corporations want to come and set up but not until you have at the presidential palace SARAI birds that fly and take snapshot.

  • The Pale Horse Must Not Be Released


    (For Christian consideration)

    Let me start by declaring that I am not a prophet. Nevertheless, I wish to invite you to kindly consider the issues stated below. I have no doubt that Nigeria would overcome its travails, due to the mercies of God, but I am apprehensive that it should not get worse, before it gets better.



    I am writing this current edition with much heaviness in my spirit because of what I have observed and experienced during my most recent visit to the UK concerning my God given mandate dated Aug. 2010 to deliver His judgment message to the UK concerning their apostasy. Even though many people said I should just put the message on the internet and forget about it and also because God had given similar messages to late Wilkerson the author of the Sword and the Switchblade in the 70s and an Israeli prophet, Lance Lambert in Aug. 2011, God insisted in my own case that I should hand deliver it and pray that He should speedily carry out the judgement to cause the UK people to be stampeded to come back to Him to stem the flow to hell of the descendants of those who have served Him and suffered martyrdom in nations.

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