The Challenge Of Islamic Fundamentalism In Nigeria

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+1 #9 Olutoyin Ogunmuyiwa 2015-01-16 13:21
That's another clean clear factual unsentimental revelation to be sensitive of channeling our wisest and costliest voting rights of careful choice.

Watch and pray. Says the BIBLE. DANGER looms ahead . Almighty God, please rescue this nation - Nigeria from the imminent calamity in the mighty name of Jesus Christ (amen).
+1 #8 Yelli useni 2015-01-13 20:59
Thank you very much for that revelation. Generally Islam is bad and deadly. Whoever is in islam and claims he/she is in the light, is just decieving hiself/herself. they pretend by saying Islam is a religion of peace but that is a pure lie and i must clearly say here that the problem of Nigeria and indeed the world is Islam. Check all around the world you can never here of Christian terrorist group. Islam is totally a false religion, if not how can a religion that professes God will be so wicked, selfish, inhuman and unloving.
+1 #7 Jesus People 2014-12-14 18:26
I don't quite understand what OYG is trying to bring up here. If you have gone online to confirm all that this man have said, then you will know that what he has said is nothing but the truth. Now I ask, Is it not selfish for OIC to come up and tried to enshrine Sharia into the constitution of this nation. If the right to belief any religion is free, why trying to indoctrinate the nation into sharia. If Islam is a tru religion, why is it being enforced by any deadly means. Also, why the word Real Islam and Moderate Islam? Is a tru religion supose to be sharing blood. A religion is surposed to save and not destroy. How can we defend dis? Well if christians refuse to do something about this, we should all know that one day, the same Islam that we are trying to exalt will turn out to be what put the nation in bondage. Just to ask one question, for the first time sharia was being enforced in this nation, Is it a good thing that we have many Northerners that a being amputated today all in the name of enforcing a religion? Nigerians should wake up. We should see this as an issue of dehumanization and not just a fight between Christians and Muslim.
+1 #6 OYG 2014-12-10 08:21
Your knowledge on Nigeria history by far is greater than mine. However you seem to be appeasing, or afraid to call a spade a spade when you speak on islam. Did I hear you say "the great faith of islam"? And also "Moderate islam is true islam"? (Real scholars of islam attest to the fact that moderate islam lacks jihad, and therefore is no true islam). For you information, boko haram is true islam (believe it or not) because all fundamental islamists display the fruits and practice the deeds of mohamaad the inventor of islam by what he claims are the commands of some arabian allah. I advise you to read the Koran and the life history of mohammad as recorded by reliable Islamic authorities before you water down the dangers of what true islam is. islam in its true form is fundamentally radical and deathly especially with or without any aspect of the sharia. In summary, all of us to include muslims, are innocent potential victims of either radical islam or your so called "moderate islam". Thank you.
0 #5 Oluwafisayomi Elliot 2014-12-10 07:28
We should not be intimidated, if we join hands together and pray the LORD GOD in heaven will definitely hear us and avenge us


+1 #4 patrick owobi 2014-11-29 21:47
Chistain is high time we unite and pray for our mother land mostly our dieing breadren in d far north.
+1 #3 Adaeze 2014-11-24 22:35
God will help us against d islam
+1 #2 Ajigo Joseph Ikpoko 2014-11-22 17:09
Thank you for the passion you have on Nigerian's Christian, may God revival Nig. IJN Amen!
+1 #1 Theophilus akanmu 2014-11-22 12:43
May GOD help and lead us not to go astray

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