Prophetic Border Lockdown

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In every land there are spiritual and physical gateways that control access to the region, just as we have gateways into houses; we also have spiritual gateways into homes.

As Adam was the keeper of the garden, Gods men and women are expected by God to control access for spiritual events in every sphere of human life. We seem to have given the power to control access to our governments; it is our duty as the Ecclesia to control spiritual access and operations

We are required to control access into our spiritual and social space. Jesus has the keys of David, which are the same as keys of the kingdom we are authorized to use. With this keys (authority in his name on the basis of his perfect eternal sacrifice) we can grant irrevocable access to Gods move and deny access to satanic ploys

We need to control the access of foreign gods and satanic cultures into UK, Europe, U.S., Africa and other regions.

The enemy has been using migration as a tactic to spread Islam as a religion and culture of fear, terror and death, which is a counterfeit of the movement of disciples out of Jerusalem everywhere to preach the gospel as a result of persecution, the disciples in contrast spread faith, joy and life!

We have left immigration in the hands of the government to curtail, they are not equipped to deal with a spiritual operation based on daily bloodletting of animals and humans to demons, only the Ecclesia has the authority because of the blood of Jesus to negate their blood contracts and control them.

As you know, we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, so whilst the government deals with the physical border control, let us exercise our authority and mount spiritual border controls and deny access to the spirits of false religion and the antichrist agenda to enter and prosper in our lands

Let us pray:

▪In agreement with the fellow believers I declare a lockdown within and outside our cities, nation an continent on the migration of the demonic operations of Islam, witchcraft and every curious art, we forbid them access and deny them rights to operate and propagate their activity

▪We command their work, structure and operation to grind to a halt and the principal spirits be apprehended, we command in the name of Jesus that they be dislodged from their human hosts and curse them with disagreement and disunity, we curse the root of the Nation of Islam and command it to dry up

▪We command the flow, growth and fruit of satanic culture to dry up instantly within our walls, towards and around our borders (Europe) and we release the Angels of God to enforce that which we declare and make it steadfast

▪Lord we pray raise us as watchmen to keep our lands from infiltration from these demonic hordes, we declare that we dwell in safety, and wisdom is given to the civil leaders to expose evil, uphold righteousness, and rule the society well

▪Lord we also control the access on the airwaves, Internet, airways, road ways, spirit ways, ground ways, waterways and every accessible portal of entry, we put all on immediate lockdown to the forces of hell and their accomplices

▪Lord we demand that the created order in its entirety and all elements under the sun and moon, will cease to obey the voice of the unregenerate man and his demonic accomplice, let the works of your hands o lord begin to act in favor of your Ecclesia in all lands.

From The Remnants


0 #1 Sede O 2017-04-11 11:17
We believers must arise, take responsibily & take charge of our borders using our authority in the Name of JESUS & by the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT.

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