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Sister Toun Praise, The Ten Virgins Ministries

In the early hours of December 4, 2009, I saw in a dream that my body was suspended and was moving at a very high speed.

Many Christian homes in their fallen states were brought before me and I was told why many would not make heaven as the Lord said He would judge us with the happenings in our homes.

Parents whose children indulge in sin and who refuse to warn them of the danger of hell consequent on their behavior would go to hell for this.

Husbands unbecoming attitudes, particularly husbands who oppress their wives and or indulge in extra-marital affairs would end up in hell.

Parents whose homes are soiled with the blood of aborted babies would go to hell.

Wife's insubordination to her husband and unforgiving behavior would lead her to hell.

Lying, cheating, murder, lust, greed, covetousness, stealing are the order of the day in several Christian homes which have consequence of hell and the Lord said this standard of living is not the standard of God's kingdom.

At the end of the chat, I became aware of Jesus' Presence and realized that He had been pointing out all I had seen, interlacing them with the question,

"is this what your brethren call RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS?"

Suddenly, I noticed two angels approach with the instrument called REED in their hands. I recognized this instrument though I had never seen one physically. They came to report to Jesus that they had gone round the city of Ibadan to count, and found only twenty - four people!

I had been standing with my back towards Jesus all along, but then, I turned and asked, "What 24? What are they referring to as 24?"

Jesus replied that Father had decided that rapture should take place in spite of believers compromising attitudes.

I was stunned because I could not bring myself to accept what Jesus just said. "How could there be only 24 saints whose garments are not stained in the whole of Ibadan, or has God rejected us?"

However, I took a look at the instrument in their hands and then, at Jesus, and knew in my heart there is no lie in Jesus and the angels, but I could not bring myself to accept they came up with only 24.

I was overwhelmed with great sorrow which caused my wailing to increase but Jesus would not budge. In fact, His countenance was fixed with a look that was neither ready to change the verdict nor accept any plea.

The next day, some brethren and I gathered to pray and plead with the Lord on account of this revelation and His response was that He would give the grace of WARNING  and repentance if only we do like the people of Nineveh.


Pastor Iyiola, Bible Based Church, Ibadan

I was in my house one day when I received a call by some pastors that a woman saw a revelation concerning Ibadan land that only 24 Christians were ready for rapture. This situation bothered me so much that it gave me a lot of burden that troubled my spirit that night when I got home. I could not do most of the things I was used to which led me to seclude myself to seek the face of God in prayer over the matter that night.

I started praying with tears, when it was a few minutes to 3 a.m., I rested my back on the wall and slept off. While I slept off, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a dream asking. "son, why are you crying?"

I said it was this case of 24 people ready for rapture in Ibadan. Just 24! Not 24 thousand or 24 million.

He answered me, "do you know the reason why it was so?"

"No, sir", I said.

He said, "let me take you round some churches in the city of Ibadan to know the reasons why only 24 Christians are considered."

"There is a car outside which I want you to enter; go and enter and let me take you round."

Not quite long, we landed in front of a church, He said I should come down and enter the church instructing me that I should take a proper look at what I saw there.

I saw four cardboards that were used to partition the church as if it were Sunday school classes. These four cardboards were divided and hanged on the ceiling of the church to separate them from one another. I discovered some writings on each of these cardboards, which go like this:

  • The first had on it DISOBEDIENT CHRISTIAN
  • The second had on it, NONCHALANT CHRISTIAN
  • The third had on it, UNFORGIVING CHRISTIAN
  • While the fourth one had on it UNFAITHFUL CHRISTIAN

We visited 99 churches and finally visited my own church making 100 churches. In all the churches, I saw the same inscription.

DISOBEDIENCT CHRISTIAN: The Lord said the church of God is full of disobedient Christians today. In the church, how  many Christians are committed to Bible reading? Ask the people in your church that how many of them finished reading their Bible last year.

NONCHALANT CHRISTIAN: They will tell God that their service starts by 8 a.m.  but will not keep to their word; they will arrive late to church service. They will not get to church in time until 9.30 or 10 a.m. What they cannot do with any earthly judge or doctor, they do unto ME, their God, to proved their attitude of disdain.

UNFORGIVING ATTITUDE: These Christians are rubbing shoulders with each other in the church, but they will not forgive those that offend them. There is no unforgiving person that will enter into My rest.

UNFAITHFUL CHRISTIAN: He told me to look at them as they were sitting down they were not faithful … They were unfaithful in all their ways.


Many Christians reacted negatively when the issue of only 24 ready for rapture came, claiming that the standard God was demanding was too high. They claimed  the revelation  I received could not be from God, for this cause, the Lord chose to confirm through a source I did not even know.

Christian, make your way right with the Lord. Repent and consecrate yourself to do the will of God.

Sis. Toun

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0 #3 Olisa 2015-06-03 14:46
I believe in the prophecy. God help us to take everything concerning YOU very serious. To GOD be all the Glory.
0 #2 Michael Odey 2015-04-21 13:48
The Word of God is a mirror according to James 1:23.
This calls for self examination child of God(whether ye be in the faith) 2 cor,13:5).Belie ve it or not Jesus is coming for a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle. Ephesians 5:27.
0 #1 Alison 2014-12-13 07:44
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