A Call to Repentance

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Since 2014, God, by His grace, has been sending me to the Nigerian Church with various warnings. Unfortunately, some Nigerian Christians, particularly Church leaders, perceive one as a rebel. However, the reality on the ground repeatedly confirms that one is neither a rebel nor a troublemaker. I speak the truth in Christ Jesus. 

With reference to the attached letters from CAN and the Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN), (https://csmnigeria.org/blog/702-rebuttal-can-disclaims-csmn ) I wish to sound another alert to Church leaders that the Nigerian Church is facing Leadership Crisis. Boko Haram, Fulani ‘herdsmen,’ President Buhari, ISWAP, Islamists, and Bandits are primarily not our problem. They are symptoms of the problem of the Nigerian Church. Our problem is the Leadership Crisis within the Church. 

Any Christian leadership that falls short of Christlikeness, as demonstrated by the letter written by the CAN officials, and other documented and verified misconducts of the same officials is unqualified to lead the Nigerian Church in these troublous times. What the Nigerian Church is parading as Christian leadership today cannot enter the Holy of Holies to obtain deliverance for Nigerian Christians. In a divine visitation on 22nd May 2018, God revealed to the undersigned that the position of the President of CAN is the office of the Gatekeeper. I wrote extensively on this in 2019 in an article titled “Nigerian Church on Rebellion Course.”


It is disturbing that an impression is created that some Christian leaders are more determined to sustain the status quo in the Church rather than promote and execute the righteousness of God. Some of the consequences are what we are beginning to see as CAMA, the Hijab crisis, and the genocide against Christians. While one prays that evil shall cease in the land, it is imperative that the household of God be put in order. 

Scripturally, whenever Israel sinned, God demanded repentance and based on genuine repentance, God often raised a LEADER for His people. At the beginning of 2021, I delivered a video message titled “Who Is On The Lord’s Side?” The message stated clearly that God was asking for Repentance and the Fruit of Repentance from the Nigerian Church.  


I am sending this letter to selected Church leaders in Nigeria with an appeal that they resolve the Leadership Crisis in the Nigerian Church. The attached letters confirm that we have serious problems with Christian leadership. If Joshua and the leaders had tried to protect Achan in demonstration of ‘esprit de corps,’ Israel would have perished in the wilderness. 

The problem of Christianity in Nigeria is inside the Church. The symptom is the ongoing genocide. Repentance and reorganization of the Church is the solution. We cannot continue in sin and hope that grace will abound. 

Thank you, sir, and God bless you.


Your brother in Christ, 


Bosun Emmanuel 

12th April 2021 

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