Pre-Judgement Final Warning

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Emphasis: This Is From The Lord! They Are Already Here!

[In the] early hours of Sunday, 11th April 2021, about four (4) captains of separate destructive troops from the LORD came into the country. They had a warrant from the LORD to kill without mercy, without regard and without restraint. They had all kinds of weapons to destroy all categories and calibres of people.

But they were told to wait while I was commanded by the LORD to “RUN” in haste with this message of His Final Warning. He said, “Go to the highs and lows with this final warning from me”.

Then I said, “Ah LORD, but I am insignificant and irrelevant, how can I reach them and how will they listen to me?”. But He replied, “you must go and whether they will listen to you or not. Or else, if you don’t, I will go ahead and smite but I will require the blood from your hand”.

Therefore, hear O Nigerian church, and let all the high mountains and little hills of the Christian faith in Nigeria give ear. Two days earlier, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Isaiah chapter 10”. Then, the message was in bits so, it wasn’t clear to me. But now, I understood that He meant God is about to give us over to an alien tribe to smite us utterly. This thing is from the LORD and it is determined by His divine justice. Nigeria is about to be consumed by God’s judgment, only a few Christian remnants will be left. Many shall die, adults, children and infants, rich and poor alike.

Emphasis: This Is From The Lord!

They Are Already Here; to smite the land of Nigeria.

I asked the leader among the four captains if they were sent to all the world or to Nigeria specifically. “Not to all the world now, but to Nigeria”, he said.

Their next action will be determined by our response to this message of final warning!

The LORD is a just and righteous judge!

THE CAUSE: SIN; Sins of the Nigerian people and sins of the Nigerian church.

The LORD with a strong voice said unto me, “Write out their sins”,

Then I said, “I don’t know their sins (I mean ours)

“I’d rather you tell me that I may write only what you, LORD, mention.”


1.            They know that almost all the congregation that assemble before them are rebellious sinners who continuously grieve my spirit which is among them, yet they love it so continuously. They know that the heart of a great number of their pastors and church-workers are evil and deceitful yet, they love it so. And when they have grieved my spirit and I become silent among them through their wicked ways, they ignore me and begin to assume the function of my spirit. And so, they put my spirit out of the church”.

2.            “They know that my return is now most imminent and that their congregation is far from being ready, they surely know that their members are not ready for my return yet, they suffer them gladly. They ignore the proximity of the Man-of-Sin and his pressure on my church – they know!”

3.            They know the enormity of the bloodshed in their country by their countrymen; they know the effect of the blood of the poor innocents upon the land. And if I have made them Fathers of the Nation (which indeed they are), inasmuch as the situation continues and they do nothing about it, when I will visit, I will surely require it also at their hands”.

Those were the words of the LORD. And please note that He kept repeating that “they know!”. He will actually not hold them chargeable for what they didn’t know but, of course, what they know and didn’t do.


Then I asked in a pleading tone, “LORD, what then can be done, I know it is not your delight to destroy your heritage”.

In response, He referred me to Jeremiah chapter 18 from verses 7 to 10. This speaks of and calls for the church general repentance. The church, from the pulpits to the pews has greatly sinned. That is what God has asserted and that makes it the truth because God cannot lie.

Therefore, except there is heart-rending repentance from the pulpits to the pews in all the churches across the nation, the LORD God Himself has sent His destructive troops to smite both the nation and the church within her.

Please, take this seriously, the only remedy is repentance and turning from our wicked ways with all our hearts.


1.            Do not gather an assembly to pray against this, it will be reckoned unto you as further rebellion.

2.            Do not pray for mercy and forgiveness without repentance, it is a breach of divine ordinance.

3.            Do not ask God to give peace in utter unrighteousness, for peace comes by righteousness (Psa. 72 vs. 3, 85 vs. 10) and prosperity by obedience (Isa. 1 vs. 19- 20, Deut. 28 vs. 1 -14).


Please, pray to confirm this message and when it is confirmed, please do all in your power to bring about the will of God in this regard. If a national conference is necessary, then let us have it.

May the LORD grant us the heart of humility, obedience and repentance in Jesus Name. Amen.



Joshua Fray

11th April 2021

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