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At the end of my write-up in the No. 20 of this series of search light into the activities of the Nigerian Church as God had mandated me to write from the year 2010.

I mentioned that while praying in Abuja the capital of Nigeria as God had instructed me to be doing from the year 2006, God showed me  at the end of 2019 several visions of fire being unleashed against the church.  Also, a sword of judgment being unleashed against the church. He said I should not pray against these judgment that the church is like the butcher’s knife that has become blunt and needs to go through the heat of sharpening so it can be used for its divine purpose. Also on January 18, 2020 God showed me a vision of the map of Nigeria totally barren and Abuja the capital black which signifies death. I sent out text messages concerning this to some of my spiritual friends to pray against bareness and death in the nation and capital. Some of my friends said they have seen the this revelation in 2012 and that indeed some things were about to happen that will shake the church and the nation. Then the outbreak of the corona virus that was highlighted from about March 2020 as it affects the country and has led to the closing down of churches all over Nigeria caused some people to remind me of what I wrote in 2015 in the No. 9 edition of this series where I said that there will be global rampage by the enemy which no nation can control no matter what military might they have and that it will happen in the 2020s and indeed it is happening in the 2020s.

Then in April this year after the lockdown of the churches, as I was reading what I wrote in my spiritual profile I did concerning the middle East in 2010, I took note of what I had written about the Late Muhammed Gadaffi about the broadcast he did on Rwanda radio sometimes in the 80s that Africa is for Islam. That people should shout it out and work towards making Africa an Islamic continent. I prayed against it and declared that Africa is for Jesus not Islam.

That Africans in Africa and in Diaspora had suffered enough in the past several centuries through slavery, colonization and economic oppression by nations. That we cannot afford to be Islamic and end up in hell which means eternal suffering in hell fire. Then I learnt that Africans and descendants of Africa are the highest number of victims of the deadly corona virus in America, Europe, West Indies, Africa. Then I started to pray for freedom for Africans in Africa and in the Diaspora. That God should in His mercy destroy the virus and release the nations including Africans from its stronghold. Then I  saw myself in a dream trying to kill a cockroach which to me represent the virus, but I could not do it. Later I saw the cockroach dead and placed in a bowl and a wrist watch was placed upon it. I believe this means that God is about to destroy the virus at his appointed time. Then the story about George Floyd, the black American who was brutally strangled to death by the police in America and then the black lives matter movement which came out of the issue and caused Africans all over the world to protest against the way people of African extraction are being treated in nations caused me to pray more seriously about freedom for Africans. Then on the 19th June 2020 I saw in a vision a black man riding on a bicycle and in front of him was the flag of Liberia. I know that Liberia was founded by freed slaves from America and the name means Liberation.

I believe God is telling me He is freeing Africans and Africans in Diaspora from slavery and oppression. Glory to God! In order to encourage me about these issues, I had a conversation with a prophet of God Bro. Monday Ogbe based in Jos. And he confirmed some of these issues through the message that God revealed certain issues to him in May 2020 that pertains to the origin of the Africans. That we are descendants of Noah through Nimrod the son of Cush grandson of Ham and great grandson of Noah (Isaiah 18 & 19) Gen. 10:8-9 That they are the original occupiers of Egypt and Ethiopia. He said that in fact the occupants of Egypt during the 400 years slavery of the Jews were black Africans then known as Egyptians. The pyramids were designed and built by them together with the Israelis. That the first prophecy concerning the judgment on Egyptians (Africans) was foretold by God himself in. Gen. 15:13-14 where God told Abraham that his descendants will be slaves in a foreign land for 400 years and He will then punish those who enslaved them.

He said the Africans who drifted down to West Africa after the destruction of their hold on Egypt and Ethiopia as prophesied by Isaiah 18, 19 and the enslavement and restoration of the Africans as prophesied by Ezekiel chapter 29-32. That God had orchestrated the enslavement of Africans for 401 years that covered the period from the enslavement of the Africans from then till now. That the enslavement period will expire this year 2020 so that the Africans will be freed. However the purpose of their freedom is for them to take the gospel of salvation to nations that had enslaved them since God wants all races and nations to come into his kingdom. It is not just black lives that matter to God but the lives of all races. This prophetic revelation causes me to understand why God had always insisted that He wants to sue Nigerian Christians representing West Africa to lead other African Christians to preach the gospel in nations.

The above revelations which includes the constant revelation that the resources-human and material God has placed in Nigeria, He expects to be used by the Joseph generation the Abus, Ojos, Obis and Tubus He is raising from Nigeria and Nigerians in Diaspora unto whose Hearts He will put His wisdom and knowledge, who will shun occultic connections will not be greedy for money will be manifested after He has cleared the ground of the occultic robbers of the nation. Since it seems that many church organization in the country have been colluding with the decimators of the resources He has placed in the country and that the current rampage of the corona virus and its after effect is orchestrated by Him in order to straighten out the church and the nations. He said that He is going to use the situation to shake away the shakeables especially the looters and their collaborations in the church so that the innocent and the righteous will come forth in the church and the nations. I have been praying and have asked people to pray along with me that He should carry out this judgment speedily because many of the innocent people are suffering economically and that He should deal speedily with those decimators of the resources of the nation, especially the leadership of the church that refuses to repent and restore what they have stolen by destroying their empires and if necessary destroy them along with the work of their hands so as to discourage the younger generation who are beginning to veer into occultic, blood shedding activities in order to make money since job placements have been affected not just in Nigeria but also in the nations. Another important issue God caused me to ponder on is the activities of the fraudulent and occultist bad mouthers who bad mouth people in authority who may be serving God’s purpose righteously and with integrity especially when they see those in the position they are coveting. That God should silence them also and judge them accordingly so that the church and the nations can move into their God ordained assignment before Jesus comes.

Please pray along with me on these issues so that we can speedily fulfill our God ordained purpose in the nations before Jesus comes as has been indicated by many prophets of God who said that Jesus is coming soon. And as it was shown to me in 2007 when I saw Jesus standing in the sky and the Holy Spirit said to me that He is coming soon. So I should speedily carry our my God given assignment.Yours in His Assignment,

Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs.)
M: +2348035619236
E: victoriade2003@yahoo.co.uk

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