109 Villages Dislodged in Southern Kaduna

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...As Genocide Continues This Week




PRESS STATEMENT (19th August, 2020)


Yesterday, 18th August, 2020, amidst a rigidly imposed punishing 24 hrs curfew that is 63 days today, armed Fulani militia invaded Unguwan Gankon village in Gora ward, Zangon Kataf LGA and killed two people and burnt 7 houses. Wary neighbors, however, came to the rescue and the murderers fled. The name of the victim are Kefas Malachy Bobai, a 30 year old farmer and father of three and Miss Takama Paul, 16, a student.

Though armed Nigerian troops arrived a bit late after the killers escaped, their prompt response is very commendable as it in far variance with the past.


The previous day, 17th August, 2020, Mr Bulus Joseph, 48, father of 9 was murdered gruesomely on his farm at Sabon Gida Idon along Kaduna - Kachia road, in Kajuru LGA, by armed Fulani militia. He stood up to the killers so that his wife and 3 children could escape, which they did. But he paid the price with his life as he was sub-humanly butchered by the cold blooded murderers. The picture of his corpse is too horrid to be made public.


On the 16th August, Pastor Adalchi Usman, 39 and father of 2 was murdered. Pastor Usman, who was pastor of ECWA Church, Unguwan /Madaki, Maro ward, in Kajuru LGA in Southern part of Kaduna state, was ambushed while in a commercial vehicle he had boarded with three others. The killers came from the bush and just started shooting at the car. Also killed were, Mariah Na'Allah of Unguwan Madaki; Shekari from Unguwa Ali - a native of Anchuna village, Zangon Kataf LGA and Ezekiel Maikasa a native of Gadanaji in Kajuru LGA.

The driver of the vehicle, Danlami Dariya was abducted and at the time of releasing this Statement his whereabouts was still unknown.


Then on the same night of 16th August, 2020, Bugai village near Banikanwa in Kachia LGA was attacked by armed Fulani militia. The village Head, Dan'azumi Musa, 67 was killed. His siblings, Aniya Musa, 60 including his very aged mother, Kande Musa, 97 and junior sister Angelina Irmiya, 45 were killed. Four members of a family wiped out!

Six others sustained grievous injuries. They are John Dan'azumi, Danbuzu Anita, and Blessing Soja. The rest are Patricia Anita, Precious Friday and Mercy Yohana

Part of the villages was burnt after the attackers looted the village.


This is to further show that the siege on Southern Kaduna Communities is still ongoing. The genocide is still much on.

For Southern Kaduna, the past five years that Mallam Nasir el-Rufai has been Governor, it has been a grim horror tale of blood, destruction and hopelessness which we shall never forget!


Meanwhile, after el-Rufai has severally insisted that no square inch of Southern Kaduna has been occupied by Fulani militia and throwing several challenges to anyone to point out such a community, SOKAPU has come up with our findings:


Below are ingenious rural, christian communities of Southern Kaduna that have been sacked by rampaging armed Fulani militia and displaced to various communities and IDPs camps. These villages are now under the full occupation of Fulani some for over a year as listed bellow according to LGA and Wards.


1 KACHIA LGA (2020)

(i) Doka

Chikwale, Idum, Muruchi, Kwasau Legede, Kafeyawa, Amale, Chikwale, Unguwan Pa, Gidan Sambo, Gidan Para, Unguwan Muruchi, Unguwan Dutse, Baware kasa, Gidan Duna, Sabon Gida Duna, Opase, Gidan Sunday, Gidan Yarima, Gidan Auta, Bakin Garma, Gidan Ladan, Maigari, Gidan Wakili, Pago, Oshowodo, Gidan Peter.


(ii) Ankuwa Ward

Ungwan pah


(iii) Bishini Ward

Koron Kurmin iya, Ungwan Gwari KurminIya

(iv) Kateri Ward



Numbers of communities displaced in Kachia LGA = 32 Communities from 4 Wards


2 Kajuru LGA (2019-2020)



(i) Kallah Ward

Kihoro-Libere, Bakin Kogi, Umiko,Magunguna, Idazo, Ungwan , Galadima, Ungwan Guza, Etiss, Ungwan Ma’aji, Ungwan Dantata, Ungwan Araha 1 & 2, Ungwan Goshi, Ungwan Shaban, Ungwan Jibo, Ungwan Maijama’a, Ungwan Sako, Ungwan Maidoki, Ungwan Masaba



(ii) Tantatu Ward

Ungwan Makware


(iii) Idon Ward

Edanu, Ungwan Mudi, Ungwan Rana, Ifele, Ungwan Gora

Number of Displaced Communities from Kajuru LGA = 24 from 3 wards


3 CHIKUN LGA (2019-2020)


(i) Kunai Ward


Kudo (Dau), Sunusi Dnakwala, Galu, Aguyita, Galuko, Galiwyi, Atopi, Onkoru, Anguwan, Badole, Manini, Hayin Damisa, Anguwan Nyako, Badimi, Gnashi, Sarari , Giji, Dnapagbe, Badimi, Shelbula, Rafin yashi, Sabongida, Rafinyashi, Anguwan, Amos Manini, Hayin Dakachi Manini, Madalla, Abon, Kawuya


(ii) Gayam Ward in Birnin Gwari LGA Bordering Kunai in Chikun LGA

Rumanan Gbagyi, Rumanan Hausa, Malamo, Labi, Hayin Kozo, Muya, Shuwaka, Polwaya, Kaguru, Kasko, Nasarawa Kaguru, Dabbara Kaguru

Number of Displaced and occupied communities = 45

4 Kaura LGA (2019-20200)

(i) Zangan District

Adu , Kirmun, Kirim, Zangan, Dantie, Zadien, Mayi Abun, Katsak Tagan

Number of Displaced and Occupied rural communities = 8



As at today, 19th August, 2020 at least 109 communities scattered in 4 LGAs of Southern Kaduna have been displaced and taken over by armed Fulani militia unchallenged by the state.

There are at least 50,000 IDPs leaving in several camps in Southern Kaduna and with relations all because their villages are either too unsafe to return or have been taken over by Fulani militia.

It is our hope that with this information, government will begin the recovery of these rural communities back to the owners and the invaders apprehended and taken to justice.

We are hereby calling on all our members to give maximum cooperation to all the forces deployed to safeguard Southern Kaduna.

We shall continue to pray for peace and work with genuine stakeholders for return to normalcy to our troubled, blessed motherland - Southern Kaduna.



Sign: Luka Binniyat

Spokesman of SOKAPU