Herdsmen Assault in Yenogoa, Bayelsa State

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Situation report coming from Azikoro town: Fulani herdsmen are all over the bush of Azikoro town. They come out every night in groups to kill people. Some pretend to be military men wearing military uniform in the day but attacking innocent people at night.

On the 2nd of August 2020, two vibrant youths were killed. We thought they were cultists or just cult victims. On 4th to 5th of August, three vigilante members were also killed and we thought they were engaged in some criminal activities. Now on the night of 5th into the night of 6th, they came out to kill people in the church called Lion Of Judah Fire Deliverance Ministry.

The security man of the church and one male member of the church were attacked and killed by the [herdsmen] terrorists. While this was going on, a man who lives next door to the church came out with a [torch] light with his wife to find out what [was] going on and these terrorists [herdsmen] attacked and killed this man and his wife making it four people that [were] killed during this attack by these terrorists. They went ahead to burn down half of the church. Houses around the church premises were not spared as they also were burnt down to ashes. They even destroyed properties in the church. In fact, there were two churches close to each other that they also attacked, destroying [property].

These acts are too big for cultists. It has been confirmed by a young man who went to the bush to trap snail that they are [herdsmen]. Now this past night we couldn't sleep because we were hearing gun shorts all through the night. We don't know what news we are going to hear next.

We are calling on the international community to do something about all this. Shalom.

MERCY OGINI reporting from Azikoro Town, Yenagoa LGA, Bayelsa State

Edited by Tari Nemi