Miango Community Experienced Another Wave of Attacks

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Te'egbe, a community under Miango District was attacked in the early of 26th November 2021. The attack lingered for more than 2hrs from 12 am-2 am.

10 lives -- 6 out of which were from the same family, were claimed and buried on the same day. They are:

1. Gara Ku - 80yrs
2. Wiye Gara - 67yrs
3. Tala Gara - 68yrs
4. Rikwe BalaYoh - 65yrs
5. Tabitha Danlami - 8yrs
6. Sibi Danlami - 4yrs
7. Friday Musa - 35yrs
8. Daniel Mandi - 45yrs
9. Mweri Chogo - 86yrs
10. Ayo Balai - 6yrs

Three persons identified as;
1. Musa Kwa - 60yrs
2. Sibi Gara - 65yrs
3. Nma Weyi - 40yrs
Sustained some level of injuries and are currently receiving treatment.

278 residential rooms belonging to 114 households were burnt down completely; 57 food barns, with the exception of kitchens and bathrooms, were destroyed. This singular incident led to the displacement of over 690 persons in that area.

This calculated attack was carried out by the Fulani herdsmen who intruded from the boundaries of Kaduna-Plateau. Eyewitnesses have it that the attackers came en mass to carry out these devilish acts.

Nuhu B Nga
Public Relations Officer
Miango Youth Development Association (MYDA)