Reply to Governor El-Rufai: Villages attacked by the Fulanis

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When Mike Odeholanta of Desert Herald asked me to produce the names of the villages forcefully taken by Fulani militias, you asked Southern Kaduna Chiefs to give you, I told Mike Odeholanta, 'Why didn't you make the request open? You are asking your Chiefs who you can downgrade or even remove them if they furnish you with such facts and truth.'

If you care to know, Governor Elrufai, below is the list and I have not finished compiling them. This are in Kajuru LGA, Kachia LGA alone and only 1 in Sanga LGA .

Attacked and displaced Adara villages in Kachia LGA:

  1. Ungwan pah 1
  2. Chikwale Idum
  3. Muruchi
  4. Koron Kurmin iya
  5. Ungwan Gwari Kurmin Iya
  6. Rishi
  7. Kwasau Legede
  8. Kafeyawa
  9. Amale
  10. Chikwale
  11. Unguwan Pa
  12. Gidan Sambo
  13. Gidan Para
  14. Unguwan Muruchi
  15. Unguwan Dutse
  16. Baware kasa
  17. Gidan Duna
  18. Sabon Gida Duna
  19. Opase
  20. Gidan Sunday
  21. Gidan Yarima
  22. Gidan Auta
  23. Bakin Garma
  24. Gidan Ladan
  25. Maigari
  26. Gidan Wakili
  27. Pago
  28. Oshowodo
  29. Gidan Peter.

The villages are off Abuja road.

Attacked and displaced Adara villages in Kajuru LGA

  1. Ungwan Makware
  2. Edanu
  3. Ungwan Mudi
  4. Ungwan Rana
  5. Bakin Kogi
  6. Kihoro-Libere
  7. Umiko, Ifele
  8. Ungwan Gora
  9. Magunguna
  10. Idazo
  11. Ungwan Galadima
  12. Ungwan Guza
  13. Etissi
  14. Ungwan Ma’aji
  15. Ungwan Dantata
  16. Ungwan Araha 1 & 2
  17. Ungwan Goshi
  18. Ungwan Shaban
  19. Ungwan Jibo
  20. Ungwan Maijama’a
  21. Ungwan Sako
  22. Ungwan Maidoki and Ungwan Masaba all around Doka, Kallah
  23. Gefe and Libere towns.

Sanga LGA

Fadan Karshi - Hayin Kwanta


We are still compiling the list of the villages . What the Fulanis do is they have surrounded these villages, when the displaced people try to come back to their homes, the Fulanis scare them away with gun shots. They cannot go back to their farms this rainy season.

The Presidency and Governor Nasiru Elrufia said it is revenge the Fulanis are doing. I challenge the Federal Government and Governor Nasiru Elrufai since they are now the spokesmen of the Fulanis to furnish the public with just one Fulani village Southern Kaduna people destroyed and killed Fulanis in in the name of revenge or reprisal.

YAHWEH ELOHIM destroy the craftiness and Enterprise of every evil IN YESHUA HA MASCHIACH'S NAME. AMEN.

Azzaman Azzaman