The Martyr, Christ's precious soldier: Rev. Shuaibu has been killed

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We know that in these times it takes an immeasurable risk to be a Christian especially in the northern part of Nigeria!

While in the North, no one serving God in Christ, can be sure of living tomorrow. My brother, a soldier of Christ whose blood was spilt for the sake of his faith in Christ went to be with the LORD on the 22nd Sept 2021.

Rev. Shuaibu has been the Northeastern Evangelist of New Life Church and the CAN chairman of Sumaila Local Government Area of Kano state in Nigeria. He lived in a village called Massu where we went and pitched our work.

With him, we were able to mobilize funds to build a school for the indigenous Hausa Christian Children which has transformed the lives of Christian children who were denied access to western education earlier because of their faith.

Under his watch, we were able to raise funds and sank boreholes from which Christian communities which were denied government-provided sources of water could access water. I remember at some point one of the sources of water at the mosque was refurbished by us as our support to the Moslem community which we believed would foster peace and avert some of the obvious threats against the peaceful Christian brethren!

Recently, we have heard of how the growth of the Missionary base in Massu had been envied by the Moslems and the wish for its removal from the environment for no justifiable reason.

A few days ago, a young man who converted from Islam but has neither been going to church nor mosque fought with his brother's wife. In the course of the fight, he hit her with a piston and she died. The young man surrendered himself to the MOPOL in the area and was taken to the station for further prosecution. The place became so tense as people who heard the position of the Moslems in the area advised the reverend to leave the area for a safer place because the Moslems felt the young man who killed a woman in the fight is a Christian. They sensed that the Moslems may attack as usual; the reverend being the main target because of his obvious exploits.

He left for one of the neighbouring villages called Biri where he stayed for a night. The next day, he came back to vacate the school pupils to avoid any casualties knowing that if the school activities continue, the children could easily be targeted and killed.

Late reverend Shuaibu noticed that the tension was dowsed and he thought he could stay with his family and people. However, the Moslems mobbed him and macheted him badly. They burnt down his house, the church and the school. His wife was able to sneak out with the children in the midst of the mob since it was dark already.

The report reached the brethren in other villages and the vice CAN chairman called the police. Before they arrived, the damage was already done. They rushed him to the hospital, trying to resuscitate him, but he could not make it.

Reverend stood his ground for the faith even to death. He went to be with the LORD. The main problem here is the fate of the believers in that community and his family for which he left nothing to live on as he has served faithfully for years as a missionary.

This is the story of the life of a Christian soldier, the ambassador of the LORD, who was hunted and gruesomely killed at his duty. His wrong was that he was a servant of the LORD!

Reverend Shuaibu,
I dock my cap,
I salute you all night from 12 am of 23rd September 2021 till morning for your stand is great.
You fought a good fight and won the race, your crown awaits you!
Am sure we shall see you someday at the foot of the Master.

We are sad here but heaven rejoices over your return!

May the comfort of the LORD be available for your family.

Adieu Reverend Shuaibu!