Father Godfrey Chimezie of St. Theresa’s Parish, Abia State, was abducted by gunmen last week after attending morning mass.

“The kidnappers forced him out of his Toyota Corolla car and bundled him into their SUV jeep and escaped,” an eyewitness told The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

A displaced community from Lere Local Government Area in Southern Kaduna relocated to Miango District for safety, organized a fundraiser to support Pastor Adamu Musa, a convert from Islam who survived a bullet gunshot during an attack on July 31, 2021.

Armed Fulani militants in Nigeria’s Plateau State have killed 45 defenceless farmers, burned more than a dozen villages, and displaced 27,000 in recent months, even as military and police stood by, eyewitnesses told ICC.

Otesi IDP Camp, Benue State (Monday 4th October 2021): The Lay Faithful Trust Fund conducted relief distribution of food items to Christian IDPs in Otesi IDP Camp in Benue State. According to the Camp Chairman, there are over 35,000 IDPs in the camp.

We thank Bro. Moses and Bro. Yakubu for faithfully ensuring that the relief got to the persecuted brethren. We also thank all the brethren who faithfully and sacrificially donate every month to succour our persecuted brethren. God bless you all.

We know that in these times it takes an immeasurable risk to be a Christian especially in the northern part of Nigeria!

While in the North, no one serving God in Christ, can be sure of living tomorrow. My brother, a soldier of Christ whose blood was spilt for the sake of his faith in Christ went to be with the LORD on the 22nd Sept 2021.

Education. For some, the word represents a frustrating stop on the way to so-called “real life.” But for others, education means so much more—it represents new beginnings, hope, and a better future.

Sometimes this hope is realized, but for persecuted communities around the world, academics are often nothing more than a wish; a subtle longing drowned out by the overbearing realities of everyday life under religious oppression.

Christian Social Movement Of Nigeria (CSMN)

Lay Faithful Trust Fund: Tagama IDP Camp, Samaru, Kataf, Southern Kaduna relief distribution to IDPs

2nd October 2021: The Lay Faithful Trust Fund conducted relief distribution of cash and food items to IDPs in Tagama IDP Camp, Samaru, Kataf, Southern Kaduna. The relief to the persecuted brethren included:

The Plateau State Police Public Relations Office (PPRO) addressed the roadside killing of 22 Muslims in a press statement dated August 14. The statement was published just a matter of hours after the incident, in which youths attacked a convoy of Fulani travelling along a burial processional route being used by mourners burying their dead from recent Fulani-driven attacks in the Jos area.

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