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As we mourn our losses all over the country, let us not forget #ENDPERSECUTION. The innocent Christians were shot, maimed, killed, and driven out of their homes to live as refugees in IDP camps. Remember them … Heb. 13: 3 Donate to support persecuted Christians. Watch and SHARE the video. I STAND WITH CHRIST

Join us in supporting persecuted Christians as well as preserving Christianity for future generations. Each Christian is encouraged to donate minimum N500 monthly to a central Christian purse.

We Attempted to build the road to Goshen but we were refused for them to make more money -Bishop David Abioye The Reason for the Attack on the Church

An interdenominational memorial service held in remembrance of Christians murdered by Islamic insurgents.

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria held a webinar on the persecution of Christians in Nigeria and the government's lack of interest in ensuring religious freedom.

The Christian Social Movement of Nigeria convened a Press Conference addressing the religious crises in the country. Information noting the shortcomings of the Nigerian government were presented.