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Last year, Nigeria earned the title of Worst Persecuting Country at ICC's Persecutor of the Year Awards. Due to violent terrorist groups and government indifference, tens of thousands have been killed and millions have been displaced. Today, I want to share with you a message from the chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria Kaduna State. Breaking through the misinformation shared by the government, he zeroes in on the truth and shares an accurate picture of life for persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Fulani militants have been attacking Christian communities and stealing their farmland for years. In September, we received word about a particularly devastating attack that killed at least 40 Christians. In the midst of these attacks, the Nigerian government continues to spin the narrative that they are doing the best they can, but that the conflict is beyond their control. In reality, in most cases, the government is either incompetent or aiding and abetting the attackers.

Xi's China Church Crackdown Worse Than Under Mao

Throughout history, navigators used the sun and stars to make their way across thousands of miles. With time they began to use all kinds of other navigational tools. In our journey through life, we face hardships and must face harsh conditions as we brave the storms of life. I want to encourage you to have a north star.

After ADF challenged the unconstitutional policies, Georgia Gwinnett argued that Chike’s speech should receive no constitutional protection, changed its policy, and claimed it should be able to avoid any penalty for violating Chike’s free speech rights. Two courts agreed. Now the Supreme Court has agreed to hear Chike’s case.

Fulani Herdsmen attacked Gora Gan under Zango Kataf Local Government, Southern Kaduna on Thursday 17th Dec 2020. This is second attack in 2020. Innocent Christians were killed. In a particular family, father, mother, and three children were killed. This is genocide. Courtesy: Masky Media and Television

As we mourn our losses all over the country, let us not forget #ENDPERSECUTION. The innocent Christians were shot, maimed, killed, and driven out of their homes to live as refugees in IDP camps. Remember them … Heb. 13: 3 Donate to support persecuted Christians. Watch and SHARE the video. I STAND WITH CHRIST

Join us in supporting persecuted Christians as well as preserving Christianity for future generations. Each Christian is encouraged to donate minimum N500 monthly to a central Christian purse.